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LA Lakers player Ron Artest changes name to Metta World Peace, way to Do Dancing With Stars

Updated on June 27, 2015

Tough Looking Ron Artest Wants World Peace

Enough already with all the ridiculous name changes!

This years Dancing With The Stars member and LA Lakers player Ron Artest apparently did not like his given name and today Los Angeles County Superior Court approved to change his name to Metta World Peace. To us who do not practice Buddhism term "metta" describes loving kindness toward others.

What do I personally think about this move from media hungry Ron Artest? Frankly I think it is a brilliant move from him! This absurd story will be played all over the media right before the start of the super popular Dancing With The Stars TV show. ABC network just gotta love it! And what about the sports fans? I bet new jerseys for Lakers sporting "World Peace" will fly off the shelves like cupcakes!

It is all sweet and almost too naive to read Ron Artest reasoning why he wanted to change his name. He says he wants to unite the youth together all around the world. Yeah, right, sure... I'm thinking he is more likely hoping to unite all the new NBA merchandise going for big $$$ to be worn by the youth all over the world?

I personally don't care either way but must admit it sounds pretty wacky that it is reported that his 8-year-old daughter Diamond wants to adopt his dad's new name, maybe to buy more diamonds, who knows? Mother's comment about the issue was not available as of yet..

What do you think about the name "Metta World Peace"

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