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Last Resort -- Hostage Crisis

Updated on December 9, 2012

In this episode, we finally learn what King and the NAVY Seals were doing before they boarded The Colorado.

They were in Karachi, Pakistan. They rescued a nuclear arms inspector, Oscar Niels who was verifying that Pakistan had no nuclear weapons. Only Hopper was ordered to plant suitcase bombs and film fake finding them to give the US a reason to fire on Pakistan. Of course, the nuclear arms inspector had to be killed because he could challenge the US’s lie and declare they planted the fake weapons.

When Hopper shoots Niels, King doesn’t kill one of the soldiers who is with him. It’s a decision that comes back to haunt King in the present.

In the present, the family boat is coming towards island. Creepy Paul is sticking to Christine like flypaper. What no one realizes is there’s a sub underneath the boat piggy-backing on the boat.

Kylie contacts Sam. She tells him and Marcus that the Navy Seals helmet may contain what happened in Pakistan and what started this mess. Sam tries to find it, but Hopper buried the USB card that contains video footage so what really happened will never be discovered.

Paul won’t let Christine talk to reporter who says she and others believe in what Sam and Marcus are doing. No, he wouldn’t want that. He keeps pushing Christine about how she’ll tell Sam it’s over between them.

Sophie realizes there’s a boat beneath the family boat just as men invade the boat with guns and take it over. It’s the Pakistani Navy who says they’re prisoners of them.

Cortez goes to tip off her superiors about what’s going on, while Marcus goes out to meet the head of the Pakistani Navy. Marcus and head of Pakistani Navy meet on sub. He wants Marcus to fire on Pakistani’s enemy, only Marcus can’t because the key has been stolen by Cortez. To prove they mean business, the head Pakistani soldier has one of the people on the boat shot.

Marcus given 29 minutes until next person dies.

The Navy Seals offer to help rescue the people on the family boat and kill the Pakistani soldiers. It’s more to protect their own butts, since the head soldier can tell what really went down at the arms plant.

Sam gives Marcus his key before leaving with Seals to sneak aboard the boat. Marcus tries to bluff the admiral by saying if he releases half the hostages he’ll produce the other key. When admiral tries to get his man on the boat to stand down, the man shoots another hostage.

Sam and the Seals board ship. Unfortunately, things take a bad turn for Christine on the boat, as Sam is forced to watch helplessly, unable to do anything. The journalist that tried to talk to Christine is the next target because she’s Indian, so to save herself she puts the target on Christine, instead.

Cortez, who has an attack on conscious, knowing that Marcus can’t do anything but watch one hostage after another be killed because she has his firing key, leaves it behind in his cabin. Grace finds it and places in place, much to Marcus’ shock. Instead of firing on the country the admiral wants, he threatens to blow up the man’s hometown unless he releases the hostages.

Meanwhile on the ship, the soldier in charge shoots down Paul, when he claims he can help him. Sam watches as Christine kisses Paul as he lies dying. Then King kills the man, correcting the mistake he made by letting him live in Pakistan. While the hostage crisis seems over, things take an unexpected turn when one of the Seals, Fisher, kidnaps Christine, saying she’s his ticket home.

Marcus orders Admiral Assan turned over to authorities. He also now thinks Grace was the one who stole his key. He gives her a task to prove her loyalty. He tells her there’s a CIA plant, a mole working against him. He tells her to find out who it is to prove it isn’t her.

King wants to come clean about what really happened in Pakistan to Marcus. Hopper agrees to dig up the flash drive her buries says after they do this he’s getting away and never looking back.

Sam tells Marcus he’s leaving once he finds Christine. King tells Sam and Marcus what really happened.

Marcus finally realizes the COB is missing. Unfortunately, because of the crisis on the boat no one has started looking for him.

This was a really great episode. Unfortunately, some of the episodes haven’t been. Still I wish someone would pick up this so, since it’s a shame it got cancelled.


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