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Laughter, Does It Help?

Updated on June 7, 2023
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I have three children and seven grandchildren. I worked full time while raising my family. I have been there.

Boy do they look happy.
Boy do they look happy. | Source

Does Laughing Help

Laughing seems to do so much for our feelings, but is it real, or is it just in our heads, so to speak? The truth is, the effects of laughter might actually be in our heads, but not the way you might think. Ever notice how much better you feel after laughing at something? It seems to put your whole body into a different plane of consciousness. But that can't be true, can it?

This look says it all.  "I don't laugh because it causes wrinkles!  Besides, I meant to do that, whatever it is I did.
This look says it all. "I don't laugh because it causes wrinkles! Besides, I meant to do that, whatever it is I did. | Source

A Story About Laughing

I was typing away at my computer and feeling stressed as time ticked by because I wasn’t done with my work and I might not make the deadline. Suddenly I felt a claw in my back. I turned around and saw one of my cats reaching out as if for a hug. I grumbled something about being busy, leave me alone and returned to my work. Suddenly, there was a cat on my keyboard glaring at me and flicking his tail furiously. I tried to shove him off so I could finish my work, but he fought me. I picked him up and he immediately began to purr. *SIGH* that always gets to me.

I took a few moment's break to pet my cat and then I turned back to my work surprised and angry to find that his weight on the keys had typed out several lines of gibberish that I had to delete before I could get back on track. I was deeply involved in the work once more when I felt a claw in my back again. I turned, expecting to see my cat once more wanting attention, but what I saw nearly made me fall off my chair. Standing with his back paws on the very edge of the table (which seems to have moved back from me) and reaching out to me, was my cat, as expected. However, he was stretched to his entire limit and was struggling to remain upright. He let me go, tried to balance himself on the edge of the table and fell in a rather embarrassing heap on the floor. He lay there for a moment, looked up at me with his little devil smile and began to wash himself as if he had meant for the entire event to happen for my amusement. I burst into laughter at his look and instantly felt much better. I went back to my work with a lot more energy, a feeling of confidence and another reminder of why I have cats around.

"Pushy cat, he didn't even wait for me to completely empty the bag!"
"Pushy cat, he didn't even wait for me to completely empty the bag!" | Source

So I Ask Again--Does Laughing Help

Many studies have been done on the subject to see if laughter really does make a difference in your life. A study done at the University of Maryland Medical Center found that laughter caused the inner lining of the blood vessels to dilate which increased blood flow. This aided the heart by making the blood easier to pump and opened up tightened and blocked blood vessels. Studies done both with primates and humans show that laughter has been found to lead to reduced production of stress hormones. Also, the brain releases endorphins during laughter that can relieve physical pain. Laughter has also been linked to the release of antibody-producing cells which helps to strengthen the immune system.

Laughter also appears to be contagious. Meaning once someone hears another laugh, they can’t seem to help but laugh or at least smile themselves. Laughter also helps the brain to return to a better focus and gives the body a needed boost of relaxation. When we are busy with our daily routines, when we are concentrating on work, when we are trying to keep up with deadlines, our muscles tighten with the stress. Laughter allows the muscles to relax their grip, so to speak, and eases tension.

Laughter gives you a positive feeling and allows you to enjoy life a bit easier. Laughter gives the body much needed energy and it helps to give you a more optimistic outlook when in difficult situations. Laughter allows you to feel better, happier, and more positive. So, does laughter help? What do you think?

Hey, are we still playing hide and go-seek?
Hey, are we still playing hide and go-seek? | Source

Funny Signs To Make You Laugh

  1. On a New York convalescent home: "For the sick and tired of the Episcopal Church."
  2. On a Maine shop: "Our motto is to give our customers the lowest possible prices and workmanship."
  3. At some military base: "Restricted to unauthorized personnel."
  4. On a display of "I love you only" Valentine cards: "Now available in multi-packs."
  5. In the window of a Kentucky appliance store: "Don't kill your wife. Let our washing machine do the dirty work."
  6. In a funeral parlor: "Ask about our layaway plan."
  7. In a clothing store: "Wonderful bargains for men with 16 and 17 necks."
  8. In a Tacoma, Washington men's clothing store: "15 men's wool suits, $10. They won't last an hour!"
  9. On a shopping mall marquee: "Archery Tournament-Ears pierced"

Did you at least smile at some of these? I know I did.

Did you know that by smiling at one person you can make ten other people smile? Besides, by smiling, you can make others wonder what you are up to and that would make me smile!

Jokes Compliments Of AHAjokes.Com

  • Why did the dinosaur cross the street? Give up? Because chickens hadn’t evolved yet!
  • (There were) some race horses staying in a stable. One of them starts to boast about his track record. "In the last 15 races, I've won 8 of them!"
    Another horse breaks in, "Well in the last 27 races, I've won 19!"
    "Oh that's good, but in the last 36 races, I've won 28!", says another, flicking his tail.
    At this point, they notice that a greyhound dog has been sitting there listening. "I don't mean to boast,"says the greyhound, "but in my last 90 races, I've won 88 of them!"
    The horses are clearly amazed. "Wow!" says one, after a hushed silence. "A talking dog!"
  • A man went to visit a friend and was amazed to find him playing chess with his dog. He watched the game in astonishment for a while. "I can hardly believe my eyes!" he exclaimed. "That's the smartest dog I've ever seen." "Nah, he's not so smart," the friend replied. "I've beaten him three games out of five."

Did these make you smile? Or have you heard them before?

Laugh, grin, smile, enjoy, smell the roses, savor, whatever it takes to make the moment a happy one. Laughter can help you live longer. Laughter will enhance your life for the better. Laughter really is good for you!

Laughter Does Help

I hope I have not only helped you to understand the value of laughter but have also made you laugh. Or perhaps a smile or two. Keep yourself positive and always laugh, because it really is the best medicine.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2012 Cheryl Simonds


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