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Laughter is good for the soul

Updated on June 3, 2011
People laughing together
People laughing together

Relax and enjoy the moment

Laughter is good for the soul because its a form of therapy, and it can fill an empty space, for example; when I don't know what to do or say in response to a given situation or conversation I will revert to laughing or smiling to deflect the appearance of being stupid or foolish, and feeling inept.

Laughter is a quick cleanser for the soul. When I am feeling hurt, angry, jealous, fearful, self conscious, or nervous laughter keeps me balance or sane, it helps me to combat those feelings above and leave me feeling good inside, so I do not get sucked into the negative feelings and places where these emotions can take you.

Laughter when appropriately done is a magnet to other people because laughing is attractive, energizing, and it's also polarizing. People tend to gravitate to other people who seems friendly and laughing, it shows your friendliness, it disarm intimidation, and lighten the atmosphere around you. Setting people at ease and making them feel comfortable help bring out the warmth in a person, it is also  an effective tool to use and diffuse disagreements and opposing views.

Why do people laugh?

Several things come to mind such as being happy, joyous, when something is funny, love, being nervous or anxious. Laughter is usually an emotional response; the dictionary state that laughter is an audible expression or the appearance of happiness, or an inward feeling of joy.

What usually makes you laugh?

this is the causative agent that evoke the response or emotion of your laughter; such as people place or thing for example; the act of being tickle, when you are being flirtatious, a comedy show or event, being surprised, or when you are given a gift.


Laughter is a very powerful tool, it can break through any barrier and lower one's defense, it can also change your mood and attitude.For me humor can break my anger instantly because when I laugh my heart is soften and its hard to go back to the harshness of anger, Before my relationship with the Lord and during my marriage I used to be a very angry person and my husband had a knack for bring the worse out of me. He used to bring that anger out in me in the worst way possible so I would ask for his help in getting out of that state of anger, The method of choice was humor, the way to help break my anger was to make me laugh. I knew that much about myself but I needed help to conquer my anger and if he wanted to end the argument he only had to make me laugh and it would be over, I could not stay angry and laugh at the same time, those are two conflicting opposite emotions that can only operate one at a time.

One can see humor in any given situation, it all depends on your perception of things; this is the way you view things. Remember one mans funny might not be your funny so please keep that in mind when you are laughing especially in the presence of someone else because laughter can be intimidating, offensive and hurtful also.

I love to laugh, I got that from my mother, (she is deceased) but she had a terrific engaging and infectious smile and laughter which she will always be remembered for. Laughter is apart of my personality but It came under fire recently and I had to re-evaluate my laughing. My laughter was apparently making someone I loved very uncomfortable because the timing of my laughter was viewed to be in appropriate by that person and I did not realize that it was having a negative effect on them and it was the last thing I ever meant to do.

Laughter can be viewed as a negative because some people are very sensitive, self conscious or negative. When people don't understand you, see the humor of a situation, or know the reason for your laughter they tend to project it negatively towards themselves, and they automatically jump to the wrong conclusion that you are laughing after them and they become defensive.

I enjoy a good laugh and you will not get that out of me, but now I try to laugh more responsible by taking other people more into consideration and making sure that my laughter is appropriate for the occasion, laughter is enjoyable so go for it and have fun.

My friend wrote this funny item and it made me laugh a lot because I get the humor in it. I taught I would share it with you because it was so creatively funny and I hope you enjoy the humor of it also; it was called "Do You Know Your Hymns."

Dentist hymn--------Crown Him with Many Crowns

Weatherman's Hymn----------There shall be showers of blessings

Contractor's Hymn-----------The church is one foundation

The Taylor's hymn-------------Holy, Holy, Holy

The Golfer's Hymn------------There is a green hill far away

The Politician Hymn-----------Standing on the promises

The Optometrist's Hymn-----------Open my eyes that I might see

The IRS Agent's Hymn-----------I Surrender All

The Gossip Hymns---------------Pass it on

The Electrician Hymn-----------Send the light

The Shopper's Hymn---------Sweet Bye and Bye

The Realtor's Hymn----------I've got a Mansion, just over the Hilltop

The Massage Therapists Hymn-------He Touched Me

The Doctor's Hymn---------The Great Physician

For those who speed on the highway:

45mph--------God will take care of you

65mph--------Nearer my God to Thee

85mph--------This World is not my Home

95mph-------Lord, I'm Coming Home

100mph-----Precious Memories


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    • jagandelight profile image

      jagandelight 7 years ago from Florida

      Wilderness, Thanks for the support. I love to laugh and you are right laughter is very contagious, it puts you in a good mood.

    • wilderness profile image

      Dan Harmon 7 years ago from Boise, Idaho

      I agree with you - laughter is one of the more important facets to our lives. I love it when my grandchildren visit and the house rings with children laughing. It is contagious and I nearly always end up joining in.

    • jagandelight profile image

      jagandelight 7 years ago from Florida

      wow, thanks for the compliment. I am learning everyday, and what is a challenge for me is to stop writing the way I speak, especially when the Jamaican side comes out.

    • Honorablewoman profile image

      Honorablewoman 7 years ago from Georgia

      I agree,laughing is something I do every chance I get. I am learning a lot about writing by reading your hubs. They serve as a great example for me to follow, writing my own hubs. Thanks

    • profile image

      leegal 7 years ago

      very nice, and well written