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Learn To Sing - 3 Effective Steps To Learn To Sing

Updated on April 14, 2015

How Singing Lessons Help

  • Higher/ Longer Notes
  • Sing on Key
  • Stronger Voice
  • Use Diaphragm.
  • Voice Recovery Tips.
  • Timing and Rhythm
  • Stamina
  • Harmony
  • Voice Range

Learning To Sing

I was invited to go out to on karaoke night and it turned into a disaster. Part of my song turned into instrumental and I literally start singing alone! It scared me as much as it terrified my audience. Someone grabbed the mike and saved the day; I moved my mouth until the song was over but nothing came out... I was relieved when it was over!

I wanted to be the person that sung and saved the day...

Everyone has a voice but not everyone knows how to use it. I took it for granted that any voice could be trained. I always believed that those that came out of the womb singing were the true singers. But this was far from the truth; just watch American Idol.

What Made The Difference?

The difference with the singer that saved the day was that she practiced when ever she could, even if it was a song in the shower. She went to her choir practices 2 nights a week since she was 5. She sang in recital and at family and friends functions. Singing was very familiar territory for her and karaoke night was just for fun

There are people that are truly gifted with naturally wonderful voices and those that worked very hard to develop the singing voice they have. They could have been introduced to singing in the glee club at school, church choir or karaoke nights, either way they all practice to stay sharp.

If you have ever dreamed of singing or reaching that high note to your favorite song you can start your practicing right online today. You can stop the embarrassment and shyness about your voice once you erase the past with lessons.

Today there is no excuse not to sing better or to hold that note longer. Enjoy this hub and be inspired to improve your singing voice. Be inspired to be dedicated to improving your singing voice by practicing everyday with the right singing lessons.

Step 1. Choose Singing Lesson

FREE and Paid Singing Lessons

Singing lessons can be free to the very expensive. You can practice with your own singing lessons on tape from the library or pay the price for an in person voice instructor. It's up to you and your budget.

  • Join the Chorus - Joining the choir in church or your community chorus will provide you with free lessons and practice as well as new friends.
  • Library Singing Lesson - The library is full of free information although there may be small fees to check out singing lessons on DVD and Cassette tapes.
  • YouTube - You can always go to YouTube to learn almost anything. But finding the right person to teach you in the beginning is someone that will teach you about controlling your voice, voice exercises and finding your range.
  • Singing Ecourse - You can order a singing e-course with planned training and videos. This will cost some money but if you are serous about being a professional singer you will need professional lessons.
  • Music School - Live singing lessons with a professional will allow you to be trained with the consideration of your own voice strength and weaknesses. You will learn how to hold notes, control your voice, proper breathing techniques and vocal exercises.

Step 2. Practice Singing Lessons

Singing Basics For Beginners

Before the actual learning begins there are basics that must be taught. Below are the basics to improving your voice. And always remember the old adage " Practice makes perfect".

  • breathing exercises- Learning to fill your diaphragm with air is a skill. Breathing is your vocal foundation.Breathing exercise gives you control and long note staying power. A voice without breathing control is like a house without a strong foundation.
  • vocal exercises- Eeeee Oooooo eeeee ooooo! Practice vocal exercises everyday to enhances your sounds and chords.
  • stomach strength- Hit that gym. Improving your stomach strength gives you power to sustain long notes. Physical stomach exercises are important to build your core muscles.

FYI: Learning pitching and ear training will teach you to hear and sing on key.

Step 3. Protect Your Singing Voice

Singers Voice Tips

  • You must keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Drinking 2 tps Braggs Apple cider vinegar, 2 tsp honey and 8 oz water in the morning and night will help keep bacteria and phlegm out of your body and throat.
  • Eliminate foods that are harmful for your body and voice such as sugary foods, chocolate, alcohol and caffeinated drinks which can cause dryness in your body and throat and is harmful to your voice.

Voice Exercises To Improve Your Singing

Singing Trick: How to Reach a Higher Note Without Cracking

Your On Your Way!

Don't go back to being too embarrassed to sing. Be the person that saves the lost soul on karaoke night. Move forward and learn how to turn your ordinary voice into something beautiful. Everyone's voice has great potential and no matter how old you are you can realize yours with voice training and much dedicated practice.

It doesn't matter what type of music you like, there is a vocal coach or singing medium just for you. Whether it's opera, rock country, gospel and even rap! Whatever you're into you can reach your goals with the right plan for your budget and time.

  • Take a lesson
  • Change your eating habits
  • Exercise
  • Practice

After making the time to find the right voice training for yourself, good habits can help you turn into a more confident singer that will finally have you singing like a real entertainer. Every great artist began were you are today.

What ever is good for our top entertainers is good for you! The main thing is practice, practice and more practice. Practice in front of the mirror, then family and social events; you will then be on your way to building confidence and on a new journey to singing for money! If you want that is...OK I got excited.

Find the best way to learn to improve your singing voice online or try Free Singing Lessons with a virtual vocal coach today.

Good Luck with your singing journey!


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    • Elearn4Life profile imageAUTHOR

      Darlene Matthews 

      8 years ago

      You should first sing for yourself in front of a mirror, than record it and put in you Youtube. This way you will get "very honest feedback" and not actually be in front of live people. That is the way I broke my fear in front of people. I took on YouTube and slowly gained more confidence. Now I speak to others with only a little fear before speaking and then it goes away as I continue with ease. I hope this works for you. Good Luck!

    • profile image

      alexus hoy 

      8 years ago

      I want to sing but i got fear and i am trying to not have one so what do i do please comment back


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