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Learn Piano Keys and Learn to Play Piano

Updated on September 10, 2011

Learn the Piano Keys

I've always been looking for a way to enable me to learn the piano keys and to learn to play the piano.

Before I found this method I had been unable to learn the keys on the piano keyboard. I looked at music sheets and saw they were so complex with all kinds of signs I didn't understand. Therefore I always thought it was some complex task to figure out how this magical instrument works. I was wrong.

As with everything we wish to learn in life, we have to go step-by-step. With the piano, I understand the first thing to do is to learn the keys on the piano keyboard. I hope the story that helped me will help you too.

Learn the Piano Keys with Ease
Learn the Piano Keys with Ease

Requiem For A Dream on Piano

Silent Hill

A Method to Learn the Piano Keys with Ease

An easy way to learn the piano keys (names of the keys on the piano keyboard):

When you look at a piano keyboard, you see black and white keys. If the black keys were not there there wouldn't be any difference in the white keys. But with the pattern of the black keys we can easily tell the white keys apart. There is a pattern of two black keys and then three black keys up and down the piano. And this pattern is constant.

Let's imagine now that the two black keys are the walls of a house. And with your hands you can build a roof over this house. This is the Doghouse. In-between the two black keys anywhere along the piano is the D, the Doghouse.

The letters on the keyboard are in alphabetical order. Thus, next to the Doghouse on the left is the C, the Cat. And on the other side of the Doghouse is the E, the Elephant. It's the same with all two black keys along the keyboard. There is the Doghouse and then there is the Cat to the left and the Elephant to the right.

Now, let's look at the three black keys, which are also the walls of a house. With your hand you can build a roof over this house and you have a two-car Garage. The word 'Garage' begins with the letters 'G' and 'A', so the key to the left is the G car, the Geo and the key to the right is the A car, the Audi, both parked inside the Garage between the three black keys. This is the same with all Garages on the keyboard. Garages need doors, so next to the G car is the F, the front door. Next to the A car is the B, the back door.

Now, you know all the white keys on the piano. The black keys have no names. They are either a sharp or a flat for the white keys. If you sit on something sharp, do you go up or down? So sharps go up. If you have a flat, your car goes down. So flats on the piano go down.

So find the G car and the front door, and the black key that is in-between them. Play the F, the front door and go up to the black key. You have now played an F sharp, because the sound went up and sharps go up.
No play the G and play the same black key in-between the F and the G. Now, this key is a G flat, because you took a G and flattened the sound.

Now you know all the keys on the piano. Of course, the story works best when you are looking at a piano keyboard and try the keys as you learn. I've shown this to some of my friends for fun and found that it works on adults as well as it does on children.

Video Tutorials to Learn to Play the Piano

Below are some of the best YouTube video tutorials that will help you to learn the piano keys in various ways.

Learn the Piano Keys Video #1

Learn the Piano Keys Video #2


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    • profile image

      LollyPops 5 years ago

      i just got myself an electric keyboard,i love piano but i have no experience in it whatsoever so i don't know where to start!

      this is a great article

      wonder if u have more like this

      thx :D

    • profile image

      bob 6 years ago

      i already know this dumbo i hate this website

    • Haunty profile image

      Haunty 6 years ago from Hungary

      Thanks for the song. :) I don't remember what I wrote in this hub, but if you can do it, good.

    • To Start Again profile image

      Selina Kyle 6 years ago

      Holy cow! I get it!! I think I can remember this-I have always wanted to play but don't know how and thought I couldn't learn. This I can do--I am dedicating my first song to you. nice tutorial :)

    • profile image

      learn piano 7 years ago

      Excellent starter advice for learning the piano. I love the videos too.

    • Teresa Laurente profile image

      Maria Teresa Rodriguez - Laurente 7 years ago from San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

      Hello Haunty, is this you playing?

      I studied piano for 3 years during hi-school taught by German Benedictine nuns. It was my mother who wanted me to learn. I still play the piano only to while my boredom not because I love playing it. Although, I admire the ones who play well and those who love to play.

      Great hubs, I must say. Congratulations.

      More power.

      By the way, I will be going through a lot of paper work, thesis, problem solving, and so much research and writing from February until May. I hope to find time when I can in between these periods.

      God bless you.

    • Dao Hoa profile image

      Dao Hoa 8 years ago

      I always wanted to play the piano. I will try it after I memorize the names of the keys. Thanks.

    • Haunty profile image

      Haunty 8 years ago from Hungary

      lol I am sort of an accountant too then. ;) Thanks, a.

    • akirchner profile image

      Audrey Kirchner 8 years ago from Washington

      Cool idea - I have tried to teach my husband to play but he got hung up on the idea of why isn't it CENTER A - he is an accountant so what can I say? ANY way that you learn to play the piano - or keyboard - awesome!

    • Haunty profile image

      Haunty 8 years ago from Hungary

      Yes, habee. It's pretty sad though if you say the film. Thanks for stopping by. :)

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 8 years ago from Georgia

      I've always wanted to learn to play the piano. I can play chords, but that's about it. I loved the piece from Pan's Labyrinth!

    • rsmallory profile image

      Rebecca Sue Mallory 8 years ago from Central Texas

      love it thanks!

    • profile image

      Master Piano 8 years ago

      It really isn't that hard. Just a pattern if you use the groups of two and three black keys.

      The white key closest to the left of the two black keys is C. Between the two black keys is D, to the right is E. To the left of any group of three black keys is F ... just work your way up.

    • Carmen Borthwick profile image

      Carmen Borthwick 8 years ago from Maple Ridge, B.C.

      Thanks for this, Haunty. I've always wanted to play piano so if I ever acquire one I'll come back here. Cheers Carmen

    • awsydney profile image

      awsydney 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      I wish all this existed when I started playing the piano many many moons ago.

    • Haunty profile image

      Haunty 8 years ago from Hungary

      Hope it helps some. Have fun! :)

    • profile image

      ftgfmom 8 years ago

      Thank you for this hub. I love the piano, but I get overwhelmed with all the keys and I just figured that I would never be able to learn, but I can do this!!

    • pinkhawk profile image

      pinkhawk 8 years ago from Pearl of the Orient this is really cool, i am not a musician but i enjoy and like music and when i see this hub, it tickles my excitement about music, it gives me hope to learn something new!!...thank you very much Sir!!! :) :)...this is great! :)

    • Haunty profile image

      Haunty 8 years ago from Hungary

      blondpoet - thanks, I'm trying my best :)

      ralwus - lol, I thought this hub was gonna help people rather than confuse them. If you are familiar with the old fashioned way that's the best thing though. :)

      Oh yes, some people have talent, or just a different approach. I find that too much concentration may be harmful while trying to play in a relaxed state always helps. :)

    • profile image

      ralwus 8 years ago

      LOL, you have confused me. I am used to the old fashioned way. Nice try though and I do hope it helps someone. I recently gave my old piano away. Amazing how some blind people just pick it right up.

    • blondepoet profile image

      blondepoet 8 years ago from australia

      Hi Haunty this is a great hub coming from another piano player. Woo hoo. (hugs)

    • Haunty profile image

      Haunty 8 years ago from Hungary

      Thanks, Alison. It's a good advice. I'll keep that in mind.

      So you play the piano. That's great. Good for you. :)

    • Hawkesdream profile image

      Hawkesdream 8 years ago from Cornwall

      Hi Haunty, I have played the piano for as long as I can remember, in fact I can't remember not playing.

      For anyone learning to play, you give sound advice for learning the keys, with this accomplished, play with your heart and not with your eyes to achieve the emotion.

    • Haunty profile image

      Haunty 8 years ago from Hungary

      I used to do that too when I was a child. Pretty amazingly I never learned the keys that way. But that's just me. :)

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 8 years ago from London, UK

      Very handy. I used to stick letters on the keyboard when I was learning. Need to read your hub a few more times to get the hang of it. thx.

    • Haunty profile image

      Haunty 8 years ago from Hungary

      Thanks, NT. A friend told me this story a few years ago. I've been having two hubs in the works for weeks. Really interesting topics and a lot of pictures, but I just can't get around to write them. The funny thing is these unpublished hubs are lifting up and down between ranks of 55 and 75.

      And then I was on youtube and I had an idea to write about eerie soundtracks for movies. I knew that if I did it, it would be terrible, cause I'm just unable to write at the moment. Then I found the piano version of Silent Hill OST and this keyboard thing came to mind. It was easy to write at least. :)

    • Not Telling profile image

      Not Telling 8 years ago from Eastern Nowhere

      I love the way you put this hub together. Informative and entertaining. The piano is a very useful instrument. Eventually every musician must learn to play it at least functionally well.

    • Haunty profile image

      Haunty 8 years ago from Hungary

      Thanks, Dynamics. It's good news that your son is confident with the keyboard. I'm sure he'll love the lessons. Watch out for the teacher, though. :)

    • DynamicS profile image

      Sandria Green-Stewart 8 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Haunty, very educational! I took a few piano lessons as a child, but stopped because my piano teacher was scary. My parents should have found another... I should have stuck with it...

      My daughter took piano lessons and loved it then she discovered basketball and stopped...

      My son has a key board and sometimes he thinks he's mozart as he plays. I am planning to send him to lessons. I am optimistic that he'll love it and continue with it.

      Thanks for sharing. I am going to read your hub again and see if I can learn something...