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Lee Yo Won and her latest Soap Opera, 49 Days, are you contented with the Ending or have other endings in mind

Updated on May 28, 2011

One of my Favorite scenes from 49 days

The ending of 49 days caused an uproar in the Netizen community. Everyone failed to guess the ending corrrectly... The mystery was focus on who among the main cast is going to die, and who will end up with who... emotions rose on Episode 19, when Jihyun told Yikyung that she is going to die again, and that was the end of 2nd to the last episode. leaving televiewers open mouthed and shocked, and sad... They just can't believe, They have been following the drama for weeks and they all witnessed JI hyun's hardships during her 49 Days challenge. NO one wants Jihyun to die, everybody was expecting her to comeback to life, then start a relationship with Han Kang and become Yikyung's friend.

The 20th Episode confirmed that indeed Jihyun is going to die, that is why she pretended not remembering or knowing anything especially with Han Kang's presence, but she, told the truth to Yikyung, and told her she can't tell Han Kang how deeply she falls for him because knowing will only hurt Han Kang more, she is going to die and will not stay long, so it's better to just remain a friend to him.

Another unexpected ending is the revealation that Yi Kyung was Ji Hyun's long lost sister. The drama is full of Twists and coincidences, and some viewers expressed rants about it. Personally I like 49 days, it never fails to excite viewers every week that all became addicted to it, reactions of televiewers are natural, some maybe went overboard reacting, but that was the impact that the writer successfully triggered.

Lee Yo Won in one of my favorite scenes in 49 days

Missing Lee Yo Won

If you're favorite actress is from another Country, you content yourself by watching her soap opera over and over again. You can't imagine how many times I watched Queen Seon Deok and Bad Love, and still looking ang digging for Lee Yo Won's old soap opera and Movies too.

When I was told by another LYW fan that our favorite actress will do another soap opera, I was so excited I can't wait for the first day of airing. LYW fans from all over provided me all the links that they know but the bests were the EPDrama and KImchidrama.

I would like to thank my friends at Facebook Lee Yo Won PHilippines for links and updates. Nikachan, Ninimi, Unni and also all my friends at Soompi for wonderful photos... Phetboe, QSD I miss you guys

Story of 49 Days

When I first read the synopsis of the story of 49 Days and another actress will be doing a role of someone in Coma, and her soul will use another woman's body (a role portrayed by LYW), my first question was, will Lee Yo Won get the lead role?or is she the lead character?

That made me more curious about how the story will flow... and watching the first episode, the story did not seem to focus on her but to Ji Hyun ( played by beautiful Nam Gyoo-ri), which is very understandable. To give impact to Ji hyun's life and how she got connected to Yi kyung (Lee Yo Won). but as I get deeper with the story, I can say it's really Lee Yo Won getting the Lead role because she was the one portraying two different characters, as SONG YI-KYUNG and as SHIN JI HYUN. And she is doing it very well, the Lively Ji hyun, and the aloof Ji Kyung.

She made me cried a lot of times as Ji Hyun especially before her father's surgery, she made me cried when she received her first tear. As Yi Kyung I was moved by her very aloof character, a woman of few words, her sad unaffectionate look is really very convincing, that I can feel the load she is carrying.

One of my first favorite scenes (in fact I recorded it in my cellphone) is when she received her first tear, the camera movements were dramatic, Jihyun cried for joy and the background music, Forever/ Always (49 Days OST) was just perfect. Of course Lee Yo Won's acting was great.... I admire her even more..

Admiring other characters

Just like what I have experienced in Queen Seon Deok, I came to like other actors or actresses in the the drama. Lee Yo Won always developed a good chemistry with her leading men that no wonder you will like them for her too or you will like them and consider them as your new favorite.

Jo Hyeon Jae as Han Kang

He is my favorite among the three guys in 49 days. He has a good chemistry both with Lee Yo Won as Song Yi Kyung and Nam Gyoori as Jihyun. He did good as the Character of Han Kang who is indifferent and yet has a soft heart... The way he protects Ji hyun and Yi Kyung made me look at him as a modern day hero, and women wish that in reality there is someone like Han Kang who will do everything to protect his love. Jo Hyeon Jae is not just good looking but he is a good actor, with good singing voice. His Song in the 49 days OSt is a real favorite.....

Love him with simple gestures of love that he expressed to Yikyung and Jihyun, remember that scene when he asked for a shake hand to Yikyung/ Jihyun and it took long before he let go of Yikyung's hand. He melted my heart in the backhug scene, When he confirmed it was Jihyun doing it, he held Jihyun's or Yikyung's hands with his two hands and said "Please tell Jihyun to tell me everything that she wishes to tell me when she wakes up, I want to hear it, and also not to leave without saying goodbye". .Good Looking actor, and Good acting... whose heart won't melt?

Love him too during his last date with Jihyun, pretending he did not know that Ji hyun will soon die, and instead teased her just like what he did during their highschool years.

I thought he will end up with Ji Hyun . But with the death of Ji hyun, I felt disappointed I can't see the two of them acknowledging their feelings for one another. but a good story is the one with the unexpected twist, the one that makes the televiewers react no matter how unfavorable it could be. The ending of 49 days left us to wondering whether Han Kang will soon fall in love with Yi Kyung/ JI min, but as the story showed it, they were very close, and almost have similar love story, and most of all both knew the secret of 49 days, and the power of love even beyond life...

YK holds Ys' hand to wake him up, he is sleeping during school time because of working late to pay for YK's tuition fee
YK holds Ys' hand to wake him up, he is sleeping during school time because of working late to pay for YK's tuition fee
Scene from Jinan
Scene from Jinan

Jeong Il Woo as the Scheduler and Yi Soo

Jeong II Woo had a very remarkable character as the Scheduler, As a Scheduler he was very funny even if he was mean sometimes... He and Jhyun also has a good chemistry, but in this drama they are not mean to be lovers. His Human character as Yisoo and the greatest love of Yikyung won the admiration of majority of televiewers, reminded me of the time of Bidam-Deokman love in Queen Seon Deok (I wonder who's got the most number of fans LOL), All his scenes with Yikyung were heartwarming, whenever Yikyung recalled the time that they were together (with the song Tears are flowing playing in the background) you can see how much he sacrificed for Yikyung.. Great love that started from childhood, from the time he gave Yikyung her name as Song Yikyung, to their teenage years when Yikyung pinned her ribbon/awards to Yikyung because he said he is Yikyung's Father, Mother, siblings, oppa and etc... Yi Soo and Yi Kyung growing up together, helping each other to become stable in life....Yi soo getting double jobs to pay for Yi Kyung's Tuition fee. One misunderstanding separated them temporarily but Yi soo was preparing to fix everything but death came his way, and all words were left unsaid, leaving Yi Kyung choosing to live a miserable life.

I can't forget their reunion, when you love a person too much you wish you stay with him forever, but if he begs you to go on with your life for him, do you have choice...? Just like what Yi Soo said,"you gave me reason to live, you are very precious to me so you will be precious to someone.... Repay me through that someone you are going to Love", then kissed Yi Kyung, and left her crying.....when he turned his back, he was crying too, I was deeply touched with his acting,. and for me that's  unforgettable.

Love this foursome
Love this foursome

Nam Gyoo-ri as Shin Ji-Hyeon

Nam Gyoo-ri is so pretty and her innocent look made the role Ji Hyun as perfect for her... I like her Highschool days scenes with Han Kang, and I like them together in their last date. I love her when she smiles, can't forget her smile in the place where Han Kang brought her to say their wishes.

She has a good chemistry with the Scheduler too and I guess one of the liveliest scenes in the drama was her communication with him specially when she panics. .. I nejoyed their scenes a lot especially if the scheduler called her the "trouble maker".  I always Love that part when the Scheduler let her rode with him in his motorcycle...

I always love the part that she called Yi Kyung "Unni", and was pleased with the idea that she chose to tell Yi Kyung that she is going to die again... I mean Unni became her a matter of life and death

I am one of those who did not like Jhyun to die, because I expect to see her with Han Kang once she woke up, but I guess some endings are made to make dramas or soap opera more remarkable and unforgettable for the viewers.

More Jihyun and Han Kang Photos of Last Date Thanks to Prissymom and Jo Hyuen Jae's Official Website

Bae So Bin as Min Ho

Saw him first in Shining Inheritance and did not expect that he will be the bad guy in 49 days. His past is pathetic, but his mother did everything for him to have good educational background, but for what ever reasons his mother became sick and needed to be confined in a Mental Institution.  He fell in love with Yi Kyung, and he later on regret everything that he did.

He is also cute, maybe a team up with him and Lee Yo Won will not be a bad Idea too..

The Ending

Though the ending is sad because Ji Hyun died, still it is not a tragic ending. Ji Hyun left with everything placed in its proper order, and it was a feel good drama because it shows hope to human race. If Yi Kyung died in the story, it will leave a negative ending that a miserable person can only get her happiness in the after life world. With her returning to a normal life, aren't we encourage that whatever disappointments that we encountered, there is always something good next to it, we only need not to lose hope.

Do I like the Ending, YES I like the ending.... In case I will be asked to change something in the drama, there is nothing I will change but instead I will add on the part of "finding" the long lost daughter. Maybe a bit more detail, like parents talked about it, more recollection on why they had hard time finding her until they finally lose hope and stopped searching for her and what convinced them to believe that their daughter died. Han Kang finding out about it must be more dramatic.... I guess that's the only part that I wanted to change.

Asking about hints in drama that Yi kyung is the lost sister, when she went to her parents' house for the first time and the mother said she felt something like connection to her... hope I just did not overlook that part.


An Invitation

49 days followers, and/or followers of the all the Lead Stars, please feel free to comment and share with us, what you think of the ending of the drama or if you have other endings in mind...Trully it is something to talk about

More photos to be uploaded soon

Pictures copied from Jo Hyuen Jae's Official Website Thanks Prissymom


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    • Maria Cecilia profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Cecilia 

      9 years ago from Philippines

      CB thanks for taking the time to comment this long I really appreciate it.. Yeah not everybody likes the ending especially those who are not LYW fans. But I do like the ending because Jihyun's death is not meaningless at all. But honestly I don't like stories with lead characters died in the ending, more so if that lead character is my Favorite actress.. LOL the child in me... I love Queen Seon Deok but her death broke my heart. Anyway QSD is still one of the bests for me, then 49 days and Secret Garden, these three really mesmerized me

    • cbguillermo profile image

      Caroline Guillermo 

      9 years ago from Bataan, Philippines

      I've already finished watching 49 days online and I can say that the ending is not sad after all. Most of the viewers who commented that the ending is sad may not fully understand the whole picture.

      They only see the ending was sad because one of the main characters died. Not all stories have a happy ending, even in real life, that's a fact. Ji Hyun's character's death is without a purpose and this is how I see it.

      Ji Hyun's character represents the will to live or survive while Yi Kyung was at that time is living a lifeless life and wants to end her own life. Yi Kyung thought that nobody wants her as she misunderstood that she was abandoned by her mother and Yi Soo. In 49 days, Ji Hyun finds out that life is not only as she sees it to be and that there is more to life she hasn't seen yet, this happened while she was trying to collect pure tears from her friends.

      When Ji Hyun has a few days left in her 49 days, she has prepared some things for the people she will left behind. In reality, people died unprepared because ofcourse people won't know when their time is up. I thought people don't need to know when to die to prepare for one's death. People can prepare everything one needs to as long as one is still alive.

      Ji Hyun's character is to show the viewers how to make one's life worthwhile especially when you know you were only given a short time. Her death also changed how Yi Kyung lives her life as Ji Hyun became a friend who encourages her to live. She is also the one who recovered Yi Kyung's box where the key to finding her identity was revealed. Many viewers find this suprising and unemphasized, but there are scenes shown where she is not really abandoned by her mother and that she is happy being with her parents in the end. I think that is enough and relieving.

      Many viewers got frustrated that Ji Hyun after surviving the 49 days is due to die after 6 days. That was something emphasized in the story, as the scheduler Yi Soo said in his dialogue, "Life and death is something uncontrollable".

      Ji Hyun, knowing her due death prefers to be cheerful in front of her loved ones even she is deeply sad because that's the way she can comfort them before she's gone. She took her early death in a positive light saying she is grateful that she have had 49 days so she was able to straight things out for the people around her. In life, staying positive in the most negative and difficult situation is so much of a struggle.

      Many in this world struggle to be alive, some live fairly while some hurt people just to get what they thought they want in life. But in the end, it was shown that the 2 antagonist regretted what they've done and have realized what is more important in life. It's the scene where In Jang was visiting Min Ho in the prison after 2 years and also when they've learned that Ji Hyun died.

      What Han Kang's character also thought in the last scene where he was visiting Ji Hyun's grave with now named Ji Min was also worth noting. He thought Ji Hyun's 49 days makes him live his life as if it was only 49 days. It was like the famous quote "Live your life each day as though it was the last".

      Over all, I'm satisfied with the ending because all through the episodes, we can learn a lot from it. Some says that the ending is sad when it's actually uplifting. Death is something we will all have to deal with sooner or later, it's not something to be sad about when you have your live your life fully when you're still alive. It is only physical death, who knows what awaits us behind it.

      Let us all live our lives well and without regrets.

    • Maria Cecilia profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Cecilia 

      9 years ago from Philippines

      Hi CB I watched 49 days on line, when it was actually showing because I can't remain sitting down waiting when I know that my favorite actress has a new soap opera, and I've waited for her for almost a year after QSD. 49 days is really good,it never failed to make their viewers sat at the edge of their seats every after 2 days of watching it 2 consecutive days in a week. I'm so proud of LYW in this drama, imagine that after QSD her next drama is just spectacular.

      oh I see the world within aired in the Philippines already.. maybe I can watch it on line soon

    • cbguillermo profile image

      Caroline Guillermo 

      9 years ago from Bataan, Philippines

      Hi again Maria Cecilia! The World That They Live in was shown in QTV Channel 11 last year but as you know in the Philippines that the title of foreign tv series are being changed, it was titled "Worlds Within". It was not a hit even in Korea because some are not so interested about the main plot, i.e. about the life of professionals behind the camera, specifically the directors. Both Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo were directors in the series and the story was not really focused on the love story itself, it was just like a side dish. The series though received positive comments from critics.

      What I love about 49 days is that the storyline is deeper than the typical tv series. It talks about life and the realities of life, the love story in it is not "commercialized" nor emphasized but it contributed on making the story more interesting.

      I usually watch Korean dramas online (though yeah the internet speed here in the Philippines is really frustrating), the Korean version with English subtitles, I hate it when it's Tagalized because they made it sound corny and sometimes even changed the actual dialogues just so the words can fit in every opening of the actor's mouth.

      I'm not sure if you can find original DVD copies of Korean drama in Audio/Video Stores in our country, it's more available in sidewalks (you know what I mean) but in our neighbor Asian countries like Singapore, I saw that they are selling many Asian DVDs (original ones) in malls.

      I first saw Haji Won as the lead actress in Hwang Jini where she won another Best Actress award, it was shown in GMA 7 in Oct 2007 with an impressive 26% audience share in its pilot episode. The ratings climb up to 30+.

      I usually browse through Korean blogs/websites to be updated on Korean dramas. I'm also learning how to speak and write Hangul on my own.

    • Maria Cecilia profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Cecilia 

      9 years ago from Philippines

      CB yes I have seen Kim sam sung when it was aired by GMA7 though I found Hyun Bin cute there I forgot him easily or shall I say not so into Korean Drama, only after QSD, but still I am limited to Lee Yo Won and Uhm tae wong. SEGA made me like Ha jiwon and Hyun Bin.. I am really curious about the World they live in, I know it didn't air in the Philippines and I wonder why? Song Hye kho is also popular, how come it did not click the way SEGA clicked outrageously? I wish to watch all of those that you mentioned, can you tell me where to find DVD copies of it? It's hard to watch on line..

    • cbguillermo profile image

      Caroline Guillermo 

      9 years ago from Bataan, Philippines

      I want to correct my statement in my first comment, I mistyped. The scheduler is Yi Song's deceased lover, I have written it as her brother..Sorry, heeh..

      Hyun Bin really acts good, I suggest you see some of his films like "A Millionaire's First Love" and "I am Happy". He is also good in the series "The World That They Live In", though the story itself is a little bit boring but the lead's acting is good. Have you watched "My Name is Kim Sam Soon", it's nice too.

      I also suggest you to watch the movie "A Moment to Remember" and the series "Personal Taste", they're good too.

      Haji Won also acts very well, she had won numerous best acting awards since she started her acting career.

    • Maria Cecilia profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Cecilia 

      9 years ago from Philippines

      cbguillermo Hi, well I came to like Korean Drama because of Lee Yo Won and Queen Seon Deok, her 49 days just made me like her even more. Now I also like Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin that's why you saw my comment on your Hyun Bin Hub. Just continue watching 49 days, abs cbn airs it monday to friday, but they changed the title to Purelove. thanks for visiting my hub.

    • cbguillermo profile image

      Caroline Guillermo 

      9 years ago from Bataan, Philippines

      Hi Maria Cecilia! You have made a comment on one of my hub and I got curious about you because you and my best friend have the same first name.

      I am currently watching 49 days online via, epdrama and others. I am currently in episode 10 and that's when I found out that the scheduler is the deceased brother of Yi Song, there was a scene that they were together in seemingly Yi Song's dream, the scheduler has a straight hair then that you might have not noticed.

      I began to love Korean films and TV series since 2006 and I can say 49 days is one of the most interesting drama I have ever watched. Learning how it ends from this hub, I feel a little sad about the ending but yeah, not all stories have happy endings even in real life that's a fact.

      You've mentioned that you love "Queen Seon Deok" and I smiled remembering one of my friend who used to tease me Queen Seon Deok because I look like her in one of my pictures in Facebook. I have also watched some parts of it, as well as Bad Love but never had the chance to finished them.

      I've once read in a Korean blog that Jeong II Woo was considered to play the part of Kim Joo Won in Secret Garden before the role was given to Hyun Bin.

      Lee Yo Won is now married to a professional golfer and they have one cute daughter.

    • Maria Cecilia profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Cecilia 

      9 years ago from Philippines

      Hi NIalee thanks for visiting, I am not Nikachan, Nikachan is also a visitor, she just post long comments out of love for Lee Yo Won... welcome, I too love koreans and their dramas

    • NiaLee profile image


      9 years ago from BIG APPLE

      Nikachan, thanks for the article, very instructive and interesting. I am happy to see that I am not the only Korean drama fan here. I jave watched Queen Seo Doq and many others. I appreciate the traditional dramas (kingdoms and royalty stories) and also the modern ones (the first shop of coffee prince, let's get married, shining inheritance, ou are so beautiful, etc...). I really really really like Yoon Eun Hye, Goong Yoo, Jeong Da Bin (RIP), etc...

    • Maria Cecilia profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Cecilia 

      9 years ago from Philippines

      Prasetio I am happy to see you again, thanks for visiting, all for Lee Yo Won...more to come...

    • prasetio30 profile image


      9 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Wow... she is so beautiful like you. Thanks for writing and share about Lee Yo Won. I love the movie trailer above. Cheers..


    • Maria Cecilia profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Cecilia 

      9 years ago from Philippines

      Jen I think ABS CBN won the bidding on who's going to air this in the Philippines... If you have time you can watch on line sa Lee Yo Won is a good actress and just like you she is also married to a good guy. May daughter na siya I think 8 years old na...

      she's very strict when it comes to her family that you can never see any pictures of her daughter at present. thanks for visiting jen

    • DjBryle profile image


      9 years ago from Somewhere in the LINES of your MIND, and HOPEFULLY at the RIPPLES of your HEART. =)

      Hey Miss Macel, thanks so much for sharing this tv series at HP. Honestly, I have not watched it and I regret not having the chance to watch it. Like what I have read from this hub, the story seem so interesting and worth watching. Maybe I could purchase some DVD of it... I think I am starting to fall in love with Lee Yo Won. Thanks for sharing! Voted up and awesome, because it is. =)

    • Maria Cecilia profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Cecilia 

      9 years ago from Philippines

      Nikachan, thanks for your very long comment feels like my hub has extension. but I understand you, when it comes to Lee Yo Won there are so many things that I wanted to say. This is the 2nd time that she hit me with her drama, imagine us in QSD how long before we get over hahahaha or did we ever get over? Maybe because of the shock we experienced in QSD, what happened in 49 days is much much more acceptable... because in a way, the characters were all happy leading a life with so much hope.Thanks again.... and please come back from time to time.. and hey I can't way for this in our Filipino version.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Hi Deokmaneu, nice hub. Loved it especially because it is dedicated for our lovely Lee Yowon. Ah... can't get enough of her & I can't get over my addiction to 49 Days yet. I just finished digging Youtube for 49 Days MVs & right now on my play list I have about 36 MVs, isn't it amazing???!!! So many MVs!!! I just selected the best ones, but I wonder if I could finish watching & listening to all of them... maybe I'll just camp in front of my computer tonight...LOL!

      About your question. Well, I was more than satisfied with the ending. For me, it was beautifully crafted, so profound & meaningful. Of course I was sad that JH died, but because of her death I have realized the depth of the message the writer wanted to convey. Like first & foremost we were reminded that we humans have no control over our life & our fate. It made me to reflect about my life & how I am living it. Also to think about death, am I ready to go to the afterworld anytime without any regrets? This drama was just not to entertain us, but for us to learn something.

      This is one of the best dramas I've seen. The cast were fantastic. I always like LYW & JHJ, but I was especially entertained by the SONG couple (LYW & JIW), they were simply awesome! Actually, I am not much into romance so I don't watch many romantic dramas or movies. The only romantic movie that I was hooked was Pride & Prejudice... & I only have Mr. Darcy & Lezie Bennett as my all time favorite couple. LOL... I am boring, right? But now I have another one, the SONG couple... LOL! I am very happy cause it's Lee Yowon & I just love her.


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