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Legend of the Seeker Character Guide

Updated on May 15, 2009

Legend of the Seeker


In a mythical land, one man, Richard Cypher, discovers his true destiny as he, a mysterious young woman, a wise old wizard and a magical sword are all that stand between the evil tyrant Darken Rahl and his quest for total domination.

Legend of the Seeker premiered Novemeber 1st, 2008. Based on the world Terry Goodkind created in his Sword of Truth novels, The first season is a loose adaptation of the first book in the series Wizards First Rule and is beutifully shot in New Zealand.

Richard Cypher(Craig Horner)

Richard Cypher was once but a simple woodsman, an expert tracker and explorer of the trails that run through and around his home town of Hartland, located in the province known as Westland. He was well liked by the townspeople, and looked up to his older brother, Michael, the First Councilor. Their father, George Cypher, raised the two boys after the death of his wife.

Life was an uneventful series of tasks and duties for Richard, until fate brought him together with a mysterious and captivating female, Kahlan Amnell. From a seemingly crazed old man, Zedd, the truth was soon revealed to Richard. He is a child of prophecy, the first true Seeker the world has known in a thousand years, destined to wield the powerful Sword of Truth and defeat the evil tyrant Darken Rahl.

Kahlan Amnell (Bridget Regan)

She is one of an ancient order of magical women known as Confessors. Her people are sworn to find the truth, no matter how hard someone may try to hide it. But Kahlan herself is a woman of many secrets. And her mission was to locate the Seeker, the one prophesized to defeat Darken Rahl, an evil ruler trying to enslave all in his dominion. Kahlan risked everything to find Richard Cypher. But what she didn’t expect was to develop feelings for him.

With a single touch, Kahlan can make anyone confess the truth. And she can command any man to do her bidding. However, those who confess to Kahlan also fall hopelessly in love with her. It is her power. It is what makes people in the Midlands respect Kahlan. Fear her. And it is Kahlan’s curse, for she finds herself drawn to Richard, as he does to her. But theirs is a love that can never be fulfilled. For Kahlan must endure the lonely life of a Confessor. And her purpose is to make certain Richard realizes the destiny of the Seeker, to stop the ruthless Darken Rahl. Nothing else matters for Kahlan, not even her own happiness.

Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander (Bruce Spence)

To the townspeople of Hartland, Zedd was known only as a crazy old hermit who talked to his chickens and stood naked on rocks while gazing at the clouds. But what he was really doing was watch as Richard Cypher grew into adulthood. In reality, Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander is a wise and powerful wizard, and he has protected Richard all his life, hiding him from the forces of Darken Rahl. Prophecy showed that Richard would become the first true Seeker in a thousand years, destined to bring down Rahl’s growing tyrannical rule of dark magic. So Zedd made certain the child would live to realize his destiny.

With the prophecy revealed to Richard, Zedd teaches him the ways of the Seeker. He shows Richard how to control the magical power of the Seeker’s ancient weapon, the Sword of Truth, and provides the advice and training that his impatient and headstrong student will need to survive on his dangerous journey across the Midlands. Zedd commands magic bolts of wizard’s fire to protect them from attackers. And he counsels Richard on his growing feelings toward the mysterious Confessor, Kahlan Amnell. She is a woman with whom love is not an option. And Richard cannot afford to let anything stand in the way of his destiny, to confront Darken Rahl and destroy his growing empire. Zedd will do everything in his power to make sure Richard fulfills the prophecy, even if it ultimately costs the wizard his own life.

Darken Rahl (Craig Parker)

This is the embodiment of pure evil, in the face and golden form of a handsome young man. Darken Rahl wants nothing less than total dominion over all of the free world. He has expanded his empire of tyranny far beyond his homeland of D’Hara and into the Midlands, town by town, person by person. In the words of the wizard Zedd: "Rahl’s cruelty, his joy in the agonizing pain of others, is equaled only by the mask of gentleness he wears to draw his victims into his spell, and then enslave them forever."

Through the use of dark magic and sorcery, evil wizards, duplicitous collaborators and legions of soldiers, Rahl has stopped at nothing to achieve his ultimate goal. And nothing stands in his way, except the prophecy of the Seeker. This is the one man who can take down Darken Rahl, free the people enslaved under his rule and restore peace to the world. Now that Richard Cypher is revealed to be the true Seeker, Rahl has targeted him for death. Two men on a collision course with destiny. Only one will survive.

Chase Brandstone (Jay Laga'aia)

A mountain of a man, Chase is Richard Cypher’s closest friend. He is one of the Councilor’s Guards in Hartland, a small town in the peaceful province of Westland. His group is a detail assigned to protect Richard’s older brother, Michael Cypher, their leader, known by the title of First Councilor. Chase operates from a very straightforward code. He is very loyal to those he trusts, and acts decisively to deal with those who want to harm the people he protects. For him, there are no shades of gray, just good and evil.

Chase knows Richard is an honorable man, so he does not hesitate to help his friend, along with the mysterious Kahlan Amnell and the wizard Zedd, in their quest to defeat the forces of Darken Rahl. All he asks of Richard is that he live to attend the wedding of Chase’s daughter. After all, Chase Brandstone may have fists of stone, but he’s really a family man with a heart of gold.


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    • Raven4180 profile image


      7 years ago from Levittown, PA

      My wife really liked the show, as did I. It is a shame it was cancelled. But you can see all the episodes on netflix.


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