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Legendary Women: TV's Outstanding Women

Updated on April 10, 2012

As a child of the 90's, TV has been a constant companion and has a great impact on my life. Social decisions I made were sometimes influenced by movies and television. My first foray into a Christian life began after watching "The Color Purple" for the first time when I was eight. Stumbling upon two federal agents entrenched in an alien conspiracy had me looking at a career in the FBI. The nerdy best friend of a certain Chosen One's magical journey spurred research for a paper that led me on a path that feels too right to step off of, and spurred my curiosity on the inter-workings of computers. A couple of JAG lawyers turned around my negative connotations of the military.

The leading women of television provided me with a guiding light at times when positive influence were few and far between. And I am not the only person to notice the dramatic turn around of the women's role on TV.

First inspired by the epic journey of Chloe Sullivan of "Smallville", of which I am also a fan, they have branched out, turning on a spotlight on other positive female influences in the media, "to counteract the negative representation of women in the media, as well as to empower and promote women in their everyday lives and endeavors."

They are only getting started in their mission, and have only begun to spotlight the heroines in media.

In honor of them, I would like to showcase my own female fictional mentors.

Harriet M. Welsh

She is the first in the list of many, the one that started it all. Journeying with her allowed me to satiate my boundless curiosity and search of knowledge without shame or guilt. To know everything, to do everything, to be everything was possible. At nine years old, I could be a spy, and keep the men with hats at bay. It didn't hurt that she was portrayed by one of my favorite actresses, Michelle Tractenburg.

Dana Scully

Probably one of my best and most appreciated guides. At age thirteen, I discovered her and her partner, and was forever changed. Smart, short, and unwilling to back down from what she believed in, she lent me her strength through some of my darker times, and provided a light out of the black abyss in which I had fallen. There's a reason she has a cult following.

Willow Rosenburg

Another fiery redhead in my repertoire. Most might expect me to choose the perky cheerleader, but this girl spoke my language. Not popular, not noticed, not socially astute, but smart, courageous, and loyal, she was me on another coast. Her growth was mine and I cheered and cried with her in her journey. Yellow crayon, anyone?

Faith Lehane

The Bad Girl from Boston. Of the Chosen Two, I choose her. Not from the best family, wasn't well off, her struggles and circumstances forced her to grow up before her time. She did what she wanted, when she wanted, with no expectations of getting help from anyone. Though she lost her way for awhile, she's back, with no chance of going away anytime soon.

Max Guevera

A convoluted family tree I can relate to. Between her loyalty to her family and friends, ripping around on her motorcycle, and a wit faster than her bike, she can't lose. Opinionated, in your face, and unapologetic, she suffered no fools.

Zoe Washburne

Though no specifically in charge, she provides the voice of reason, and aggressive support for her Captain, but stands her ground when she is in the right. Unabashed in her use of force against those that threaten the safety of those she cares about and protects, she provides a pillar of strength. This Warrior Woman has been shaken, but still stands.

Temperance Brennan

Heavily book smart, socially inept, and unabashedly honest, her conscientious nature was one I recognized right off, and was endeared by her utter lack of ego or political correctness. Emotionally closed off, but infinitely compassionate, loyal to a fault, and concrete in her morality.

These are some of my Legendary Women.

Who are yours?


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    • davenstan profile image

      Katina Davenport 

      7 years ago

      Cicely Tyson is legendary to me.


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