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Les Miserables Movie Review by Scott Logan

Updated on February 16, 2013


I went to see this with my ex-girlfriend. I have to admit she had to drag me a bit. Even though I love every actor in this move, the word "musical" generally makes me flee. But I'm really gad she got me to see it. I loved nearly every minute of this rather long movie. Every actor gave it all for their roles. Jackman seems like a completely different person than we know during several scenes as Jean Valjean, it would be easy to not know it's him if you didn't already know. Russell Crow, Anne Hathaway, et al. each give masterful performances in their roles. I had never read the book, or seen any screen or stage versions of this story before this. I'm not sure if that made me unbiased or uneducated. I was in awe pretty much from beginning to end. The redemption stories of Jean and Javert; the sweeping epic mix of love stories and revolution drama; the humor at times (especially the Cohen and Carter's characters); they all kept me spell bound. My favorite non-Jackman role of the movie was the beautiful, sympathetic and poignant Eponine; played by Samantha Barks. I was truly hoping she'd somehow get her heart's desire, even though I knew it wasn't going to happen like that. Had a stirring urge to put my arms around her and protect her form the violence. And that's what great movies do. Make you deeply feel and care for fictional people. We go for pure fun, action or whatever too, but i think on a deeper level we go to feel something. The same of great music.

I can't think of any downsides to the movie. The music and singing were all amazing. The effects were epic. The story, dialog, everything. Maybe fewer people I like dying in it, but it is an epic, and one set during a war, for that matter. This movie will win many awards, and it deserves them.

Humor: 6 Suspence: 8 Music: 8 Dialog: 9 Acting: 10 Story: 9 Action: 7 Efects: 9 Humanity: 10 Overall: 10



Director: Tom Hooper

Stars: Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway


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