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Less Classically Beautiful by Who's Standards?

Updated on October 8, 2014

Define Beautiful...

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” A common and popular phrase known by many. Who’s to say that I’m not beautiful? Or that you are not beautiful? Who’s to say that someone is more beautiful than you or I?

We continue to be labeled. We continue to be defined by the opinions of others. It is the consistent prejudices of the person attacking the attractiveness of another person who happens to be the ugliest of all. Their mentality is ugly. Their character is ugly.

Reading yet another article from so called established writers with reputable magazines and or organizations got me shaking my head yet again. Twitter posts from People magazine bit more off than they could chew during the premiere of two shows that have non-white leading ladies: Viola Davis and Kerry Washington. Now today I sit back and read yet another post about how Times writer, ‘Alessandra Stanley’ critiques Viola’s looks and the Twitter and Facebook pages of many fights back.

Growing up being dark skinned I didn’t feel attractive and the words that lashed out at me by bullies didn’t help, neither did the lack of support from those around me. I was never told that I was pretty and or beautiful. As I grew older I realized that I had missed out on a lot. Being self-conscious about how others saw me kept me hidden from the world, to never embrace the beauty of having dark skin and beautiful features.

Looking at magazines there wasn’t a face I could relate to when looking at those that society saw as being beautiful. Are their standards to high? I don’t think so for the standards that society has are unrealistic. No one can define a person when standards are set by a bias society.

Personally I wouldn't call these articles and or posts 'racist' they are more on the line written by people with no real clue on what truly defines beauty. I say fight back with a smile on your face. Kill them with kindness and keep it moving. Everyone now has their eyes opened to the craziness of our judgmental society thanks to 'Social Media'.

To Viola Davis and many others I am thankful to see you grace the covers of magazines and I am proud to be able to share in your talents when I watch you perform. You are more than beautiful, you are talented, graceful, well spoken, intelligent and most of all you are all Queens.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder


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