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Let Me Fly - Recommendation

Updated on February 6, 2012

CD Cover - Sara Kempe

Good Listening

I listened to the wee bits that Amazon allows you to hear to get a sprinkling taste of a particular track. I went through the songs of a CD known as "Let Me Fly" and received a favorable impression.

So, I bought the disc, and am very pleased with my "gamble." I'm playing the CD to death.

If you have a fancy for that unique blend of old-Irish/Celtic tunes interwoven with pop (Celtic Woman, Meav, Orla, Lynn Hilary, Hayley Westenra, Alex Sharp and even the Welsh singer Katherine Jenkins), I think you ought to give this CD a chance. I love discovering new talent like this, and I hope Sara Kempe is able to do a second CD. The title song "Let Me Fly" is addictive. Once you've heard it a couple of times, you'll be hooked.

There are so many female singers coming out of Ireland, it makes me wonder whether we have similar talent hiding somewhere inside the US. Yeah, we have loads of pop singers, but few of them can sing (well). I enjoy some of them even though they'll never be singing opera at the Met).

Heck, I even enjoy the band Within Temptation, though they are predominately a heavy-metal/goth ensemble (and they too originated from Ireland, if I'm not mistaken).

If there are any US bands/groups/soloists whose focus is fine folk tunes, quality vocals (perhaps mixed with contemporary sounds) that I've overlooked, let me know.

Within Temptation
Within Temptation


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