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Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow, in Le Marches, Italy.

Updated on June 18, 2012

More than head high.

Inconvenient, Frustrating, and Fun for the Family!

This last two weeks has bought an enormous amount of snow to all Italy,and here in the Marches it has caused havoc to businesses, homes and travel.Every morning we look out of the windows of the third floor apartment we are in and see more. The snowploughs work hard, and even men with wheelbarrows go around throwing spadefuls of salty sand to try and make it safer to walk. The town is full of little cobbled alleyways and narrow roads, and although some are cleared enough to get cars and people through the most are covered waist to head deep in a uneven , but soft looking white blanket., driven right up to the top of doorways in places by the strong winds that get funneled along between the houses.


Now Comes the FUN!

Snow makes things beautiful, and ,for children and grown up children it can mean only one thing....Fun and Games. Even the littlest members of the family will happily ignore the cold and wet once they realise that falling into it does not hurt at all and if wrapped up warmly they throw themselves down it it time and again, laughing, shouting with joy and giggling madly when their siblings and parents do the same.

A good snowball fight is immense fun, but rushing down a slope on a sled is the ultimate fun, to be repeated again and again and again. Even falling over when crawling back up the hill is occupianied by fits of laughter and broad smiles.

Its a joy to watch, and a joy to be part of.

Montefalcone Appeninno in the summer


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