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Let me be free, let me be me, let me be happy and Happy Halloween

Updated on October 31, 2014

Happiness, to be free and to be me.

Allow me to be myself.

In all the years of dress up for Halloween, my favorite has been the Crow.

The film the Crow is one of my favorite films. So each year I dress up as the Crow for Halloween.

Yes, so it may not be so feminine and as I am 5 feet and 8 inches tall with the boots, I am probably as tall as 5 feet and 10 inches tall.

Yes, of course the character the Crow was a man, but I just love the film.

It may not be your typical love story, but part that is about love shows that even after death and someone is gone, the love still grows strong.

Now I know dressing up as the Crow, well it really isn't feminine at all, but like I say I love the Crow and part of dressing up for Halloween is having fun, dressing up and not being yourself.

We have forgotten the spirit of Halloween. Yes, I shouldn't condemn any women that wear those, well you know those costumes they cut in half.

Right now, since I lost weight, I literally could wear those outfits too. I could choose to wear a half out fit of anything and well I don't know if you could say that would be me.

I enjoy the character very much and I have written before, in honoring Brandon Lee today, a son of a man who had graced the world for very little time and yes both of those men had grace the world with such a tiny amount of time.

I mean when I am dressed up, I am covered from head to toe and I put together myself and do my own make-up, so I'm really putting a lot of thought together as I am doing it.

I have gotten into arguments before about the things I dress up with guys because it doesn't seem like I am dressing up like a woman in a costume.

To me Halloween is a time and it really didn't start out where we were all running half naked for the holiday and yes you can see it is a holiday.

I remember as a kid and teenager, dressing up and I was always fully clothed.

No I am not thinking old fashioned, it is just Halloween has always been my favorite time of the year and I think the costumes I choose to do, I just put a lot of thought into it.

The face make-up, when applying takes a while for most of the costume I have been. But mostly I do the Crow.

I am not harming anyone, just dressing up and yes the make-up comes off after the day is done.

On a few occasion I have dressed up like the Crow and also Kato and other characters to keep honoring the "Lee" family.

I even has a Kato costume.

It is a lot of fun for me to do these costumes and I feel happy.

Today was funny because I went to work and walking down the street to work, a few people got a little freaked out, a few people did rubber neck in the cars, while in the building at work near the elevator I caught a few people off guard. So yes it was a fun filled day dressed as the Crow and going to work, just to come into work today for the costume contest they held, and I don't work on Fridays, so it was fun.

You think in this day and age, just because you dress up as a character for Halloween or for a few events it wouldn't freak people out.

It shouldn't freak any guy out really that I dress as the Crow.

I am just comfortable doing it and I enjoy it.

If we are suppose to live our lives the way we truly are meant to live our lives, than just know it matters not what anyone says, and especially any guy that I dress as the Crow.

I am not lurking to go out and get drunk, but to watch some awesome horror movies and enjoy a great dinner.

Of course working out in between on Halloween is not so bad and maybe that is not how everyone lives their life, but that is how I live mine.

I learned that life is just too short to care what people say and if anyone doesn't like that I dress up as the Crow, well what can I say, because I am going to just do it anyway.

If live and let is a motto for most people, why don't they mean it?

I mean, after I wear the costume, and take off the make-up I am still the same person.

Even when wearing the Kato Costume, after I take it off I am the same person.

It is just something that I put on the outside and wear for a little while.

Why must it be pushed upon me that I must wear a half costume and show more skin and that be accepted as the norm now for Halloween?

I mean come on, look at all the scary movies like Halloween, and Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street and many horror films that are meant to scare us, where the characters are fully dressed and scare the heck out of people. It is fun to don the whole entire costume and put on the make-up because it takes a lot more effort to do the costumes

Halloween is about having fun and people that want to wear full costumes and women that want to wear full costumes, even as a "male" character are having fun and that is what the true spirit of Halloween is about.

Oh yeah I can goggle up and post the real spirit behind Halloween and tons of the things about Halloween, but the whole point of what I am writing:

I am comfortable in what i am wearing and yes, I too can wear half a costume now and run around half naked if I choose to, but I choose the costumes I like, like the Crow, because it makes me happy.

Wearing the costume the Crow, I don't think like a man, but think of what the Crow thinks in the film and that is to right the wrong of the wrong doer's and that is half the fun.

So in doing my characters like the Crow, let me enjoy my time on this earth, because life is too short to worry about what others think and well if it is not lady like to dress up like the Crow, what can I say?

I am going to still do it anyway.


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