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Let me Introduce you Tarja Turunen

Updated on December 31, 2013
Tarja Turunen in London 2009
Tarja Turunen in London 2009

For people who like heavy-metal, name Tarja Turunen is already well known. However, to many music lovers it might be yet a totally new name. So let me introduce you Tarja Turunen – a beautiful woman both outside and inside with stunning classical voice.

“…Sharp is the edge of all discovery,
now I see.
A scar without suffering, impossible.
I'll wait until my last day with no shame.
Who's to blame?
Shaping the signs left for me…”

Tarja Turunen comes from Finland, but her voice is loved by people all around the world. Tarja’s style is a mix of symphonic metal and classical music. Imagine powerful rock guitars with a breath-taking female classical voice and an orchestra to deepen the atmosphere, this is exactly how Tarja’s songs sound like. Tarja had been the first vocalist with classical background engaged in symphony metal and later became an inspiration for other female vocalists in metal scene.

I discovered her amazing voice in 2005 when after splitting up with band Nightwish, where Tarja had been a vocalist for 9 years; she pursued her long term dream and became a solo artist. It took Tarja and her new team two years to put material together and record her first solo album “My Winter Storm”, which came out at the end of 2007. The album had quite a dark mood, though it attracted listeners with its strong theatrical and dramatic concept. Album had a good reception and was highly rated by the critiques. “My Winter Storm” became double platinum in Russia, platinum in Finland and golden in Germany and Czech Republic.

Tarja Turunen with band in London 2010
Tarja Turunen with band in London 2010

Tarja has a light lyrical soprano voice with vocal range of three octaves. However, to fully appreciate the strength and the beauty of her voice, one needs to hear it live. I realised this fact after I attended her concert for the first time in October 2009. That concert was part of a “Storm World Tour” in support of the first album. It was the biggest event of the year for me as I was dreaming about it for a long time.

Tarja Turunen singing live
Tarja Turunen singing live

At her concerts Tarja sings with incredible ease at the same time jumping and moving around the stage. She has a great connection with the audience and likes to communicate with people at her concerts. Tarja managed to gather an excellent support band of international musicians (one of them is an American legendary heavy metal drummer Mike Terrana) with whom she goes on tours and also records her albums. Together they deliver great, unforgettable performances, which always leave audience wanting for more.

Tarja Turunen live in Poland 2012
Tarja Turunen live in Poland 2012

In 2010 came out Tarja’s second album “What lies beneath”. Being much brighter than the previous album, “What lies beneath” was received even better. The album not only showed Tarja’s great skills as a song writer, but also a producer as she was taking part in the creating process from the beginning to the end. As her big fan I certainly love all the songs from the album, but among my very favourite ones are: “Anteroom of Death”, “Until my Last Breath”, “River of Lust”, “Archive of Lost Dreams” and “Naiad”.

As a big compliment to Tarja’s voice and beautiful orchestral arrangements are the lyrics of her songs. Tarja likes her listeners to find their own meaning in every song of her. Some of the lyrics in her songs are implicit and have a fantasy theme, whereas others are more explicit and reflect upon Tarja’s personal experiences in life.

"...We send our inner fears to the ocean to score,

Waiting it takes them all away from the shore.

Deepest beliefs from billions of souls

Longing for our wishes to find the way back home..."

Tarja’s voice and music are truly magical. So many times it helped me to survive through the darkest moments of my life. I’m very grateful for the day I discovered this very talented lady and I’m honoured to be leaving in the days of Tarja Turunen and her fantastic music.

Some facts about Tarja Turunen:

1. She was born on 17 of August 1977.

2. Her zodiac sign is Leo.

2. Tarja plays piano from the age of 6.

3. Tarja was bullied at school by some girls who envied her voice.

4. Tarja’s inspiration was Whitney Houston.

5. Tarja has been married to Marcelo Cabuli since 2003, who is also her manager.

6. Tarja’s second home is in Argentina where her husband comes from.

Mike Terrana
Mike Terrana

7. She performed at more than 30 countries.

8. She gives both Metal and Classical concerts.

9. Tarja’s voice is described by critiques as exceptionally powerful and emotional.

10. Tarja is not only a singer, but also a song-writer and composer.

11. Tarja is a perfectionist by nature, she constantly working on improving her vocal skills.

12. First song Tarja written herself was “Oasis” from the album “My Winter Storm”.

13. Tarja has a huge collection of CDs and she is a collector of movie scores.

14. Tarja’s fans love her sweet Finnish accent when she sings and speaks English.

15. She loves scuba diving; it helped her to fight her water fear.

16. Tarja is fascinated by sharks and has swam with them on many occasions.

17. Tarja’s favourite drink is red wine from Chile.

18. Her favourite dish is meat stake with simple salad.

19. Tarja is petrified of spiders.

20. She can speak fluently in five languages: Finnish, English, German, Spanish and Swedish.

21. Tarja' favourite colour is black.

22. She loves sound of water.

23. Jasmine is the smell Tarja loves.

24. In 2012 Tarja became mum, she gave birth to a baby girl called Naomi.

Tarja's songs

What is your favourite song by Tarja Turunen?

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    • Dina Blaszczak profile imageAUTHOR

      Dina Blaszczak 

      6 years ago from Poland

      @FatFreddysCat Haha, not all covers work out well ;)

      Thanks for reading, and commenting, much appreciated.

    • FatFreddysCat profile image

      Keith Abt 

      6 years ago from The Garden State

      Beautiful gal, great voice, but man, I can never forgive her for her wretched cover of Alice Cooper's "Poison"...

    • Dina Blaszczak profile imageAUTHOR

      Dina Blaszczak 

      6 years ago from Poland

      @Docmo Thank you for reading my hub and voting, I'm very pleased you love Tarja's voice! :)

    • Docmo profile image

      Mohan Kumar 

      6 years ago from UK

      I always love discovering new artistes especially the emerging European singers like Tarja- love her voice. Thanks for introducing her to me so well. Voted up!

    • Dina Blaszczak profile imageAUTHOR

      Dina Blaszczak 

      6 years ago from Poland

      @spartucusjones Thanks a lot for reading, I'm pleased you enjoyed the hub!

    • spartucusjones profile image

      CJ Baker 

      6 years ago from Parts Unknown

      Thanks for the great hub!

      She is not someone I'm overly familiar with, so I found your hub to be quite informative.

    • Dina Blaszczak profile imageAUTHOR

      Dina Blaszczak 

      6 years ago from Poland

      I'm glad you discovered Tarja now and you like her voice. Seems to be the purpose of my writing reaching the aim :) Thanks for reading!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I had never heard Tarja Turunen, despite listening to similar bands like Theater of Tragedy and Lacuna Coil.

      Turunen's voice is so much better than those. Cool hub!

    • Dina Blaszczak profile imageAUTHOR

      Dina Blaszczak 

      6 years ago from Poland

      @Saleen18 I should admit it wasn't an easy task as I wanted to create a hub that would tell the world about Tarja, but wouldn't look like a biography. Looks like I managed to get it right ;)

      Thanks a lot for reading and commenting.

      P.S.Thank you for the link as well, I haven't seen that performance.

    • Saleeln18 profile image


      6 years ago from Illinois

      Cool hub, good job with putting in all these facts about her.

      I didn't discover Tarja until a few months ago actually, I was listening to live performances and cover versions of one of my favorite songs, 'Child In Time' by Deep purple and I saw her version of the song as well.

      She really does have a beautiful voice and she did the song justice, the original vocals were groundbreaking and epic in the world hard rock and heavy metal music, and to have incorporated her own style of singing into it was very impressive.

      This is her version of the song:

      Anyways, great job I enjoyed it.

    • Dina Blaszczak profile imageAUTHOR

      Dina Blaszczak 

      6 years ago from Poland

      @TheHeavyReview I just couldn't resist to write a hub about Tarja and let more people know about her great talent! Thanks for reading and voting, much appreciated!

    • TheHeavyReview profile image


      6 years ago

      So I pull up Hubpages and I see a hub about Tarja Turunen! What a great day for me. I didn't know all of this stuff about her! Tarja is my fave female singer, she's miles ahead of a lot of the other female metal singers in my honest opinion. Voted up!


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