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Libra Compatibilities You Need to Know About

Updated on April 27, 2013

Libra Compatibilities

People who are born under Libra zodiac signs are known to be well oriented when it comes to details, because they don't usually allow imperfections in everything that they do. They have the passion to do charitable work, because they believe in helping people who are in need. On the other had, they can become too eager to achieve popularity in their own fields. This can be annoying at times because they usually do everything that they can to gain the popularity that they think they deserve.

Libra people are fond of socializing because they love to mingle with everyone they know. They also love making friends with people that they meet, which makes them popular to some degree. They are always the center of attraction at every party because of their communication skills.

Below are the love compatibilities of Libra to other zodiac signs.

Libra With Aries

The combination of Libra and Aries would be great when it comes to business. The reason behind this is because Libra is good when it comes the marketing the business, while Aries will take good care of the customers. Unfortunately they won't be able to have a good marriage because they are no other good things about their relationship.

Libra With Taurus

The combination of Leo and Taurus is good when it comes to bed. They also have the love for art and music, which makes them somewhat compatible. Unfortunately these are the only things that they have in common. Marriage may be possible but it won't typically last.

Libra With Gemini

The Libra and Gemini combination is a reflection of a happy and exciting couple. Their passions for each other will be controlled by them. When it comes to interests that are artistic and intellectual they are both very compatible. Marriage is highly possible for the both of them and may truly last.

Libra With Cancer

The combination of Libra and Cancer may be nice at first because of their good sex lives. The problem will start when Cancer starts to ask for more affection and love from Libra. Libra is not the type of person who is affectionate and this can hurt the Cancerian's feelings. Their relationship may be good but a lasting marriage is impossible.

Libra With Leo

The Libra and Leo combination is good because they both have the same interests. Typically Leo is more sensitive, while Libra is more of an emotional person. Fortunately they can manage each other's traits well, so a good marriage and a lasting union can definitely be seem in their futures.

Libra With Virgo

The combination of Libra and Virgo may not be as good as the other signs because of the traits that the Virgo has. Typically he would like to live with the plans that he has, while Libra will choose to live her life one day at a time. Libra always wants to have sex, while Virgo prefers making money than staying in bed with his partner. Marriage is typically unsuccessful for the both of them.

Libra With Libra

The combination of the same Libra signs would be nice because of the many positive traits that they both have. They both love enjoying the small and big things in life. Both of them are very passionate about each other, which is of course good in every relationship. Marriage may be possible but they need to start becoming more mature for this to last.

Libra With Scorpio

The Libra and Scorpio combination may not be ideal because of the Scorpio's jealous traits. Scorpio may also make mistakes and careless things when it comes to bed, which is why Libra will start going further away from him. Libra may end up looking for someone who can love them and give them the freedom that they need in life. This combination is typically not ideal for marriage.

Libra With Sagittarius

The combination of Libra and Sagittarius may be good because they are both very adventurous. They have the passion to travel and be adventurous, which makes them a very exciting couple. Unfortunately Libra is looking for someone who can be loyal and faithful to them. If Sagittarius can manage this, then marriage will probably work for the both of them.

Libra with Capricorn

The combination of Libra and Capricorn may be good at first because of the sexual desires that the Capricorn has for the Libra. But when it comes to money, Capricorn may tend to make money more than spend time with their Libra partner. Marriage may not be possible for them, because they don't have other common interest in each other than sex.

Libra With Aquarius

This Libra and Aquarius combination is good because Libra will enjoy the company of an Aquarian. An Aquarius is a very jolly person, which will entertain the Libra often. They may irritate one another at times but they will get through it in the end. Marriage is highly possible for the both of them.

Libra With Pisces

The combination of Libra and Pisces may be good for the first few months or years. But as they get to know each others' personalities they tend to move further away from each other. Libra will feel tired with the Pisces' traits, while Pisces will start looking for another partner. Marriage is not recommended for this combination.


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    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 4 years ago from Arizona

      Well now i am married to a Pisces and I am a Libra. We have been happily married for 27 far so good.