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Lifeclass with Oprah and Deepak

Updated on April 29, 2012

I watched Oprah's Lifeclass with Deepak Chopra last week and I must say that it was a learning experience. I have always been a fan of Deepak Chopra's. I admire his insights and philosophies. He teaches spirituality without being preachy. The first topic that was discussed was defining spirituality. For me, spirituality is believing that there is a Supreme Being. You commune with your supreme being and internalize his or her teachings. It's not religion, but it's believing that there is someone powerful that guides us all. According to Deepak Chopra, spirituality is a journey to self-awareness, finding out who you really are. In my opinion, with the help of your God, you become aware of your actions that may be beneficial or harmful to others. When you practice the teachings of your God, you become aware of your wrongdoings. You realize that you can improve yourself by learning from your mistakes. Oprah had Perez Hilton as her surprise guest. Hilton, who is known for dishing the dirt on celbrities on his blog had a 180 degree turn when a teen committed suicide. The teen was bullied and he realized that he was a bully himself. His words could be hurting and lethal. They discussed a term called "Karma". For Americans, it's the golden rule. "Don't do unto others what you don't want others do unto you.The negative energy he put out into the universe, came back to him a hundredfold. He started having changes in his body, he became rude, and kept on saying nasty remarks. He took full ownership of his actions. As a result, he apologized in his blog. People didn't buy that, but he understood that it's hard for people to trust him after all the things that he did. He is now talking the talk by being cautious of what he's writing.

Staying positive is always a struggle for most of us. Chopra shared steps on how to maintain positive thoughts. We are not our thoughts. By having negative thoughts, we are enslaved by our past. He shared an Indian aphorism that struck a chord. "I use memories, but I don't allow memories to use me." This means that we cannot move on if we dwell on the past. A lady who joined the discussion said that the opinions other people may have of her, don't define who she is. We can't let other people define us because they are just perceptions. We know ourselves and we should not let other people put us in a box.Deepak Chopra also mentioned that we should create a soul profile. We should be asking ourselves the following questions:

1. Who am I?

2. What is my purpose in life?

3. What do I want?

4. What are my unique skills and talents?

5. What do I expect in a meaningful relationship?

It doesn't involve what you do or what role you play. We should ask meaningful questions in our lives. If you can answer those questions, then you are on your way to a path of spiritual journey.


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