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List Of Top And Best Relaxing Songs Ever (Part One)

Updated on February 9, 2015 | Source

For relaxing songs lovers!

Today, I've decided to make this article about the most beautiful relaxing songs sang by many creative artists!

I really recommend you guys check them out even if you wouldn't be familiar with the singer, you might really like them and by that you'd be adding more creative artists to your music library.

I really wanted to make an article especially about this subject before because of my big passion to music and all its genres.

I've been recently listening to soft and relaxing music and thought it would be nice to share them with you guys.

Note that the list may contain songs of more than 2 or 3 languages, just listen you won't regret it, right click on each name and click on " search Google for example ..."

You might wanna give me some feed backs if you liked the list so that I make a part 2 list!

Let's start!

Top Relaxing Songs:

1- Under The Moonlight - Grayson kessenich

Review : This musician is not well known but his voice is super and his music genre is soft and classical in general, check this song out!

2- Indila - Derniere Danse (French)

Review: This song will make you fall in love with it after listening to its first beats! you'll love it! It's very sensational and lovely, the video clip is also creative. Check it out!

3- Lana Del Ray - Once Upon A Dream

Review: I'm sure you've heard of this great musician before! She's quite popular and most of her songs consist of the same genre. This song was also made especially as a theme track for the great Disney productions movie " Maleficent " the movie that starred the great actress Angelina Jolie. This song will take you to another world!

4- Lykke Li - This Trumpet in My Head

Review: The singer in this song doesn't sing so much or let's say the song is not really focused on lyrics here it's focused on the melodies more, I say you better check it out because it's really great and relaxing!

5- Colbie Caillat - Bubbly

Review: This singer has won many oscars for the great music she makes! I'm sure you've heard of her, also most of her songs are relaxing.

6- Dillon- Thirteen Thirty Five

Review: This song has many beautiful meanings! It would make you shiver! If you've never heard it before then you really need to hear it right now!

7- Cara Dillon - High Tide

Review: This singer has a very soft and relaxing voice! I love her voice and I bet you're going to love it too! I wonder why her songs are not viral although she's a very skillful artist.

8-Sade- Love Is Found

Review: If you've never heard this song before then you should really hear it! it's such a great song! It's quite famous and I'm sure you know it or even familiar with it!

9- Ellie Goulding - I Wish I Stayed

Review: Ellie is well known for her great relaxing music and her amazing and soft voice! This is my favorite song along with " Lights ". This song is perfect for car rides on an empty big highway under the beautiful shiny sun!

10- Piers Faccini The Beggar & the Thief

Review: This song tells a beautiful and creative story about a beggar begging for help from a thief, you definitely got to check it out! I feel sorry it's not very viral but that's the idea of making this article anyway!

11-Har Taraf aapki - From the Hindi Movie ( Mere Jeevan saathi)

Review: This song is Hindi, it has beautiful beats and the singer's voice is very soft and enjoyable! I imagine myself sitting on a field full of flowers when I listen to this song, you too can imagine the same if you listen to it, or maybe imagine something else.

12- Toygar Isikli - Sonunda (Turkish)

Review: This song is very expressive if you understand what it means,however,it's very sad and it might really make you cry especially if you're sad but I definitely recommend you listen tot it! The melodies it has are the best melodies I've literally heard in my entire life! It would really make you shiver! Just listen and be the judge!

13- Dana Nalbaru ft Calin Goia - Te iubesk (Romanian)

Review: This singer got a very soft and passionate voice! The song as well has great emotions and it mostly talks about love as the major title of it " te iubesk" means I love you. Give it a shot and listen to it! You will love it for sure!

14- Ahmad el sharif- wetwadana ( Arabic)

Review: The title of the song means " And we said Good bye" sang by a Jordanian musician who has won in a one of a program's seasons called -Star Academy- that was launched and shot in Lebanon. This song is great and relaxing, you should absolutely listen to it!

15- Birdy- Shelter

Review: This great artist is known for her shiver-provoker songs, she's one of my favorite artists and you should - without hesitation- listen to her great songs! She will become one of your favorite artists as well! I'm sure.

This is the list for this article, if you found it useful and brilliant then please send me your feed back and I will be ready to write another list of other great songs by other great and creative artists! I also have great lists of Pop, Metal, R&B and Rap.

There are many other songs for great artists that I should have mentioned in this list as well, but I will leave that for later at the mean time, I hope you enjoyed and liked the list. I will soon put an update of whether I added a new list here on this same page and that would be according to the feed backs that I will be receiving, so make sure to bookmark this page and to visit me regularly!

Have a great day.

Author: Rana Km.

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