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Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve Song List: HED KANDI Best Club Compilation

Updated on March 11, 2015
Black and Silver Sexy DJ Angel
Black and Silver Sexy DJ Angel | Source

I am not sure if you were one of those people who at the last minute before the midnight struck on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, the only thing you were doing was sitting in front of your computer and searching for List of Christmas Songs or New Year's Eve Song List. Well, I was. I was searching youtube videos and streaming at the same time for the songs I will play on Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Hed Kandi Ibiza 2011 - Mini Mix

Midnight Playlist Blues

It was such a sucker because, with the internet already jammed and overloaded a few hours before midnight, I was not able to stream the entire song. Worse was that, because I was preoccupied, when they were playing, they stopped in the middle. The streaming was unable to continue. There was a sudden silence in our full on speaker mode sound system. That was bad trip! The supposed to be upbeat ambiance while going on to the midnight party mode was suddenly cut-off. I needed to flip the web pages just to play the next song. I tried downloading from free music downloading websites, but it took more time than just streaming them. In the end, the playlist was like a jagged short playing album. Incoherent sequence and long pauses before the next track was played.

Party Must Have: Hed Kandi CD Club Compilations

That event happened again on New Year's Eve. When midnight was about to strike, I had no more songs to play to keep the mood going. I wanted to go out to the terrace and join my family in the celebration but all I had left is to repeat the playlist I prepared a couple of weeks ago. My savior at that moment was my three CDs of HED KANDI: THE MIX 2008. That was equivalent to more than three hours of adrenaline pumping beats. I bought this two years ago when I came to know Hed Kandi. They have the greatest collection of club compilations. Having owned several albums of Hed Kandi, it had always been in my party must-have. It never fails to deliver and the tunes never goes outdated.

Why Opt for CD?

Good thing I have the CD. Because a few months ago, my laptop hard disk crashed on me and all my files were gone. Including one album of the HED KANDI: DISCO KANDI I bought from itunes. It's been months that it wasn't repaired yet. Even if it will be repaired, I won't be able to get my HED KANDI: DISCO KANDI album back.

Songs for Any Occasion

What's good about their compilation is that, they fit any occasion. Even if you just want to fill some lull moments in you friday night dinners with a few friends, the beats would keep them going. But it won't mess with your eardrums. You can also have these into your ipod when you hit the beach this summer.

Some say CDs are so outdated. But hey! CD saved my New Year's Eve party celebration.

If you are looking for more traditional yet eccentric and not-so-popular choices, you might be interested in the selection in the Best Christmas Songs Out of the Christmas Hit List.


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    • anjperez profile image

      anjperez 6 years ago

      Gypsy Rose, you will never go wrong with Hed Kandi albums. I had mine for two years already. I prefer the Mix and the World Series of Hed Kandi. I don't get the same excitement when I listen to the Disco mixes. Maybe the Disco era was little too pronounced and loud for me. Good thing about house music, they get you into the groove yet it doesn't mess with our eardrums. Enjoy!

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 6 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Thanks for the info. Playlists are the way to go for parties and I'll check these out.

    • anjperez profile image

      anjperez 6 years ago

      Cagsil, I also have a playlist prepared that was kept in my computer. however, my computer crashed on me. It was late October last year. Even if it will be repaired, I wont be able to get back all my files (it will be reformatted coz it was the hard disk that was busted). Then I have to rebuild my playlist again. so I need to download, purchase and arrange my playlist. that was very time consuming. and considering that I am not a club music expert, i could only last less than an hour of songs. and limited only to the songs i can remember. more so, it was very difficult to arrange songs that is somewhat coherent. otherwise, i'd practice professionally and make money out of it. The HED KANDI cd was not on my mind came this new year. But I ran out of songs to play. I just scrammed our cabinet where the CDs where just lying (untouched for a long time). then this hub was born. It's been two years since I bought the CD, but it still is working. Good thing about it was,the song collection fits any occasion. If there was anything more from this hub, it is about the HED KANDI albums. I have noticed that even if they sell digital formats, they haven't stopped selling CDs. there must be a reason why.

    • Cagsil profile image

      Cagsil 6 years ago from USA or America

      Interesting hub. I have my own playlist of music I play year round. Holidays such as Christmas and New Year's do not change my music selection. I might increase the size of my playlist so it plays longer, but I don't play cds considering I don't actually have any musical cds. I never bought any. All the music on my playlist is on a piece of software I have on my computer. :)