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The King's Avatar is the Best Animation Series From China (全职高手 Quan Zhi Gao Shou)

Updated on May 28, 2019
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I enjoy Chinese animations as well as English comics. Hope to introduce my favorite Chinese anime to a wider English speaking audience.

The King's Avatar

The King's Avatar is a anime TV show about how a legendary China based professional game player is forced to quit through underhanded machinations and his journey to rejoin the league.

In my opinion a better translation of the Chinese 全职高手 title can be something like "The Elite Professional", but that doesn't really detract from our enjoyment of this amazing landmark Chinese anime of 2017.

King's Avatar
King's Avatar

As a background, the Glory is a game that comprises of an MMORPG portion and a team based professional gaming league. The lead male character Ye Xiu used to be one of the best legendary players but was forced to leave the pro league through underhanded means.

This Chinese anime's source material is from an internet novel of the same name. Initially fans of the novel were unsure how their favorite novel would translate but this anime manage to keep old fans happy while becoming one of the poster boy for China's increasingly popular anime industry.

A Chinese Anime with Loads of Depth and Eye-Candy

This Chinese anime has loads of depth in terms of the interesting characters as well as being stunningly beautifully. Each anime episode brings to life the characters that long time fans of the novel have grown to love.

Its just stunningly how beautiful it is from the in game character depictions, the artistic city night scenes to the amazing magic spells effects and fight choreography. Something unique to this animation series is the depiction of the tactical and strategic aspects of gaming from things like allocation of skill points, cool-down periods and the important of team work in boss fights and league matches.

Season 2 Trailer (The King's Avatar)

Meet Ye Xiu 叶修 the Coolest E-Sport Legend

Our main protagonist is associated two game character identities.

The first is his legendary professional gamer ID named 一叶之秋 yi ye zhi qiu, which loosely translates to Autumn Leaf. The second is his casual gamer ID aptly named 君莫笑 jun mo xiao which means "Gentleman Who Laughs Not".

One of the Best Battles in this Anime (with English Subtitles)

This has to be my all time favorite Chinese anime to date and I hope it will become yours too. The good news is that the in terms of the content, the anime is no even quarter way through the novel source material. So far there is the completed season 1 which debut in 2017 and the SP special episodes in 2018.

So let's cross our fingers for what for the 2nd season will bring hopefully in July 2019.

While searching for the latest content and news for The King's Avatar, you might want to search for 全职高手 which is the anime's title in Chinese, or Quan Zhi Gao Shou which is the pinyin (phonetic type) version of it. For the SP special episodes search for 特别篇.


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