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Listen To Lounge Music Online

Updated on September 2, 2011

What is Lounge Music?

I can't believe most people don't know what lounge music is! All too much I get asked, "What is Lounge Music?".

I have created this hub to cover what it is by showing you some examples of music videos, artists, and radio stations to better explain. There are a bunch of youtube lounge videos on my playlist and I have included a few of them at the bottom. Lounge radio stations can be found on many websites and I have also listed a few here.

I hate when people ask me what kind of music do I listen to. Most of the time the people that ask, listen to country,rap or something on the top 40, so it's hard for me to relate anything that they might know. When I vaguely say lounge music. They tend to ask, " like elevator music ? " or they just say oh, that's cool but really have no idea what lounge music really is. It's more then just a song and lyrics. It has feeling, something that your mind and body can both enjoy.

I think that the slogans at Magnolia.FM and are perfect descriptions.

LOUNGE-RADIO.COM - enjoy this light summer-plate consisting of downtempo and fresh beats of nujazz - dipped into the warmth of brazil electro and finely served with a breath of ambient

Magnolia.FM - Melodic Chillout Ambient Downbeat for the Mind, Body, and Soul.

Some of My Favorite Lounge Music Video's from Youtube

I included a few different styles. Hope you enjoy! 

Some Famous Lounge Music Artist's

  • Bebel Gilberto
  • Groove Armada
  • Theivery Corporation
  • Soulstice
  • Zero 7
  • Gotan Project
  • LushLife Project
  • Broadway Project
  • Vincenzo and Rivera
  • Bitter: Sweet
  • Coldcut
  • Fila Brazillia
  • Flanger
  • Funki Porcini
  • Innerzone Orchestra (Carl Craig)
  • Jaga Jazzist
  • Shawn Lee
  • Nostalgia 77
  • Quantic Soul Orchestra
  • Skalpel
  • St. Germain
  • The Cinematic Orchestra
  • Hooverphonic
  • PREFUSE 73


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    • Midasfx profile image

      Midasfx 6 years ago

      Thank you Green Baron! I have already added your link to the list above. I checked it out and have been enjoying what I hear. I saw a few different radio stations and i chose this one called Dream. I think this is my favorite one. Enjoy ^_^

    • The Green Baron profile image

      The Green Baron 6 years ago

      ~ Great Hub MidasFX, I enjoy listeing to this russian style lounge radio ~

      Hope you enjoy it!