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Logan (2017) Review

Updated on October 14, 2017
Ross Tanenbaum profile image

Ross is a student at the University of Maryland. He is planning on majoring in Film Studies and English.

A Gritty Depiction of Wolverine That Sends Hugh Jackman Off on a High Note


There have been many times where a casting choice for a superhero has been perfect. Some of these include Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man or Chris Evans as Captain America. Hugh Jackman proves that he is the perfect choice for Wolverine and he can never be replaced.


Logan stars Jackman as Wolverine, once again. However, this time he is much older and he has lost some of his powers. His healing power isn't working like it used to. After he encounters a mysterious, young mutant, known as X-23 (Dafne Keen), he and Professor Xavier ( Patrick Stewart) must get her to safety while on the run from a secret organization hunting the mutants down.


As far as we know, this is the last time that we will see Jackman as Wolverine and he goes out on a high note. His performance in this movie is the best he has ever done as this character. He is a character who is just tired now and is done with society. He wants to get away from everything and is now stuck in this situation. He adds a new element to this character.

This is also the last time we will see Stewart as Professor X and he also does a great job. The subject that his character deals with is really depressing, but he does a great job at showing that Xavier is still there even in his current condition.

The biggest surprise in this movie is Keen as X-23. She does a really good job in this movie. She's a little kid who is very reserved but is also a straight up badass when she needs to be. I also enjoyed Boyd Holbrook as the villain in the movie. He had this interesting southern charm that mixed with a menacing villain and he managed to pull it off.


This movie is the third film in the Wolverine solo movies, which for the most part had not been that good up to this point. It may have something to do with the fact that this is the first Wolverine movie to be rated R. The director James Mangold definitely takes advantage of this. It was pretty funny to see Professor X dropping the F bomb, but the main thing that the R rating allows is great action scenes.

The action scenes in this film are expertly directed by Mangold. It is a good thing Fox allowed this movie to be rated R because the action scenes are brutal and gory but they match the tone of this movie. It also makes sense because Wolverine is an extremely violent and ruthless hero. The action scenes can be awesome and exciting, but they can also be haunting and chilling. The score in this movie can be very dark and creates a sense of dread at certain points in the movie, but it is also very touching at certain moments.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Logan is a tremendous movie and a great way to end Jackman's crusade as Wolverine. I think it is the best movie in the X-Men series and one of the greatest comic book movies of all time. It can be a brutal movie to watch at times but it definitely pays off in the end.

Rating: 10/10


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