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Logan Review

Updated on March 17, 2017

The Wolverine trilogy stumbled out the gates with 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine regained some footing with 2013’s The Wolverine and hit full stride with Logan. Prior to its release, news came out that this would be Hugh Jackman's last film as Wolverine and Logan was an excellent final chapter. Directed by James Mangold, Logan had violence fitting for its R rating and was more than violence for the sake of violence. Each scene that involved gore was staged perfectly by Mangold. The kills are realistic from the blood spilling heads stabbed, to the disemboweled limbs from adamantium claws following in the footsteps of another rated R Fox X-MEN stand alone film 2016’s Deadpool but with a completely different tone. Logan had more than gory violence as well there was heartfelt moments that may have brought some to tears and some downright shocking moments. Logàn was atmospheric and dour in tone but still had small bits of humor splashed here and there. Jackman was incredible as Wolverine and I would even say he is deserving of a consideration for an Oscar nomination. To that point as well I think Patrick Stewart should get a best supporting actor nod also. There were no subpar performances in the film and Dafne Keen who played Laura/ X-23 has a bright future ahead of her.


Also, there are no post credit scenes instead opting for a pre-credit teaser for Deadpool 2

Now the spoilers………..

State of Logan

The opening scene tells Logan's current state perfectly you see him waking up in a backseat clearly hungover and in pain. He is now working as a chauffeur and when thugs try to strip his limo and he gets out unwillingly to confront them. We see during the fight that his powers aren't working as they once were. After he gets out of the Limo and extends his claws we see one doesn't come all the way out. The group proceeded to pummel Logan until he eventually gets angry enough and goes berzerk spilling a few of their guts and slicing a few arms off in a very gruesome fashion.

In Logan, Wolverine is a broken man who has given up on being a hero and is on the brink of suicide, he has an adamantium bullet that he is apparently planning to use on himself. Later in the film, it learned that Logan is sick because the adamantium in his body is poisoning him. He is in constant pain and his healing factor is moving a lot slower. He is done with mutants and the X-Men and has no desire to help until he is forced to. He eventually finds the desire when he has to protect the daughter he didn't know he had though it is hard because as he said: "Bad s**t happens to people I care about."

Charles Xavier

We find out that Logan is hiding Professor X, Charles Xavier, in Mexico as a safety precaution. He is Suffering from some sort of degenerative brain disease (he shows signs of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease) causing him to go into violent seizures that affect everyone within the area. Logan with the help of mutant tracker Caliban has been caring for him giving him medicine to suppress the seizures. It was mentioned that several years before the events of Logan Professor X had a seizure at the X-Mansion that killed several civilians including some X-Men which is why he and Logan had been in hiding.

The most powerful mind in the world being afflicted with a disease of the mind that he can't control is heartbreaking compounded by Stewarts' vulnerability in the role.


We first see Laura, X-23, after Logan who was a driver for a funeral is approached by Gabriella one of the nurses at the government genetic research facility where children are being made to be controllable mutants, Alkali-Transigen. Gabriella is part of a plan to get the kids free from Zander Rice the surgical head of Transigen and escapes with Laura who was is mutant made from Logan's DNA. At the time she meets Logan she is on the run from the Reaver a security force for the Transigen Project led by Donald Pierce. Logan declines to help because as I stated early he was done with the mutant business. She later manages to get him to agree to take her and Laura to Eden, a safe haven for mutants in North Dakota for $50,000 which Logan was planning to use to escape with Charles Xavier to the Sunseeker. After he informs Charles of the plan he returns to Gabriela hotel to find her killed and Laura missing. He manages to find Laura and after nearly being captured by the Reavers they along with Professor X make the trip to Eden.

Laura is a girl of few who you can tell has been through a lot of trauma in her short life thanks mostly to Keen's marvelous performance. The action sequences involved her were incredible as she was shown to be as rageful as Logan particularly in her first fight scene when one of the Reavers come into the abandoned plant that Charles and Logan were hiding out to capture her and she comes out of the building holding his severed head.


End of an era was one of the themes of the film and it was a solidified by some of the key deaths that happened. In this film, we lost Logan as well as Professor X at various stages of the movie both by the hands of a more primal clone of Wolverine X-24. The first major death came when Professor X, Laura, and Logan while on the run helped a family Corral horses and get them back into their traveling stalls in return the family offered them a meal and a place to stay the night. They were convinced by Professor X to accept it though Logan wanted to keep moving because they are on the run and time was of the essence. Charles, on the other hand, saw this is the first night of normal they'd have or will have in a long time. While Logan and the farm owner were away fixing a busted water pipe they were invaded by the Reavers and X-24. As Charles was remembering what happened in Westchester thinking it was Logan he was Stabbed in the chest by X-24. Logan returns to see the Charles bloody in bed and Laura missing. They were able to to have last words before Logan took his body to bury it on the bank of a pond.

After they buried professor X, Logan who wasn't able to say much at the funeral took all his frustrations out on the old Ford Bronco they'd been using on their trip and passed out. He was taken to the hospital by Laura who then drove them to Eden where she met up with her fellow runaways. Leaving Logan behind, the kids while making their way to Canada were intercepted by the Reavers and X-24. Logan died from being impaled by a tree branch defending the kids from X-24, who was later shot in the head by Laura with Logans' adamantium bullet.

"Don't be what they made you. Laura, Laura"


"This is what it feels like"


The last exchange between Laura and Logan as he lays dying. Don't be what they made you sums up the character of Wolverine throughout the series of movies. Comic writer Chris Claremont once said: "The essence of Logan's character is a "failed samurai." To Samurai, duty is all, selfless service the path to their ultimate ambition, death with grace." The actor who in 2000 before the release of the first X-Men was relatively unknown in this country and too tall to play Wolverine went on to embody the character of Logan. Laura changing the cross to an X on Logan's grave site was an emotional and fitting end to Jackman's ninth and final film as Logan. My one gripe is that we never got to see Hugh Jackman in the classic Wolverine costume.


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