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Opposites Attract: Kamikaze Girls

Updated on April 25, 2012
Kamikaze Girls
Kamikaze Girls | Source

A Pretty Girl and a Delinquent

Friends come in various packages. Some are obnoxious, some are annoying, some are sweet, some are quiet, and some are so opposite to you that you wonder... how did we even become friends? Of course, this doesn't mean you hate that friend, you just get intrigued often with that one weird friend's quirks and oddities. A good example of this would be... say a friendship dealing with a lolita and yanki. A lolita is someone who wears Victorian era fashions, thus donning the 'lolita' style fashion. A yanki is a delinquent youth. So... a girl in frills and a girl riding a motorbike, sounds like an unpromising friendship, right? Not really.

Meet Momoko Ryugasaki, a girl who is obsessed with lolita fashion and wishes she was born in the Rococo period in France. She is aloof and friendless, but believes firmly that her frilly clothes and ribbons will make her happy.She feels that she has no need for human companions, just her expensive dresses from Baby the Star Shines Bright.

Meet Ichiko Shirayuri, a tough rough yanki from an all girls biker gang. She wouldn't dare to be caught dead in a frilly outfit. But despite her rough cool exterior, she's loyal to her gang and can be a bit naive at times. Nevertheless, one can say it was sheer fate or luck how these two girls meet.

Kamikaze Girls is a Japanese film based on the light novel , Shimotsuma Monogatari by Novala Takemoto. It displays the relationship between these two peculiar characters through their weird adventures. It's a great film for any foreign film buffs and for those who have the patience to deal with subtitles and a slow paced but entertaining plot. With countless laughs and some deep thoughts, not to mention a bit of action and even more weird characters, Kamikaze Girls is a great film just to watch and unwind, and reminds us that people can be friends despite their differences. Maybe that old adage is right, opposites attract?


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