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Long Live Rocky

Updated on October 23, 2011


"Rocky" the Original
"Rocky" the Original


The following blog was originally written December 26th, 2006.


I'll never forget seeing "Rocky" when I was a kid. The original is my ultimate favorite movie!!! If you're as old as I am (late 30's) you'll recall how aggressive America suddenly was after "Rocky" was released. Man, I just saw "Rocky." Don't mess with me. I'm all fired up. I'm so glad Sly made just one more film, "Rocky Balboa" to bring the whole 'Rocky' experience to a full circle, ending with a truly inspirational script. I love the ending credits with all kinds of people and kids of all ages running up the library stairs. That 'can do - go for it' feeling comes back and re-strengthens even more. That awe-inspiring music composed by Bill Conti rounds out Rocky's soul...and mine. I look at Sly training to be in that AMAZING shape at the age of 60 as an equivalent to his earliest will, determination and fight to be the lead actor in "Rocky" when the studio wanted a star. Sly championed the will and opened the doors for other actors to get better work by writing parts for themselves. Rocky is that lovable romantic, passionate about fighting as it's all he's got. The character of Rocky is what the American spirit is about. People fight their way to their dreams. Sly may have had some rough career moves. Like he says in "Rocky Balboa," life is about taking the blows and coming back from them. All Rocky wanted to do in the first bout with Apollo Creed was to 'go the distance.' At the 49th Academy Awards in 1976, Sly was nominated for both Best Actor and Best Screenwriter. He personally did not win an Oscar, but "Rocky" won Best Picture. That's 'going the distance.' It's the same in "Rocky Balboa" and in Stallone's life. Rocky's character may have thought he was a nobody, but Sylvester Stallone will always be a somebody. Thank you Mr. Stallone for rekindling that American spirit and sending a positive message to another generation of kids. I'm off to the gym.

Long live ROCKY! Go for it! "Gonna Fly Now"



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