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Longest Hollywood Marriages

Updated on July 1, 2016
joanne woodward and paul newman
joanne woodward and paul newman
Warren Beatty
Warren Beatty
Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman
Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman
Karl Malden
Karl Malden
James Stewart and Gloria McLean
James Stewart and Gloria McLean
Meryl Streep
Meryl Streep
Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner
Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner

Celebrity Couples

One thing that many actors have in common is multiple weddings and divorces. The average person does not marry more than once or twice in their lifetime, but it is not unusual for some celebrities to wed several times.

However, there are famous celebrity couples who remained happily married for many years. This article is about some of the longest Hollywood marriages, including one that lasted just over 70 years.

Some of these couples had earlier marriages that ended in divorce, before they found lasting happiness with someone else. The lack of privacy likely puts a lot of pressure on a relationship and being photographed all the time, even when they are just going about their daily business. The press is a lot more intrusive today than they were years ago. There are many celebrity news programs on TV, not to mention dozens of magazines. There is a lot of fascination with celebrities and their private lives.

Warren Beatty and Annette Bening

Warren Beatty seemed to be the perennial bachelor. He became a Hollywood heartthrob more than 50 years ago, with his role in Splendor in the Grass.

His many relationships with Hollywood stars attracted a lot of attention. He was romantically linked with various actresses over the years and didn't seem the type who would ever get married.

So it was a big surprise to many when the notorious playboy wed Annette Bening in 1992. They met on the set of the movie Bugsy, and married in 1992. He was in his 50s, and she is 21 years younger than he is. So while many may have thought the marriage would never last, they have now been husband and wife for over 20 years. They have four children.

Beatty has not made a movie since 2001. However, Bening continues to appear in films.

Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman

This popular couple had one of Hollywood's longest and most successful marriages. They first met in 1953, however, it wouldn't be until a few years later that they would become a couple. In 1957 they were cast in the movie The Long, Hot Summer. Newman divorced his first wife and wed Woodward in 1958.

Over the years the couple appeared in many movies together. Joanne also starred in some films where Paul directed but did not have an acting role.

They had three daughters together. Newman also had a son and two daughters from his previous marriage. His son Scott died of a drug overdose in his 20s. He opened a center in his son's name, with the purpose of helping to educate others of the risks of drug and alcohol abuse.

Paul Newman was devoted to his family and the marriage was a happy one. They were both involved in charitable works and started the Newman's Own line of food products where all proceeds go to worthy causes.

They lived quiet lives away from the studios, and did not live in Hollywood. He died in 2008, months after the couple's 50th anniversary.

Who Had the Longest Hollywood Marriage?

The couple who were married the longest were Karl Malden and Mona Greenberg. She had never been involved in acting. He was 26 at the time of their marriage in 1938, and they eventually had two daughters. He died in 2009, six months after their 70th anniversary.

Bob and Delores Hope almost matched their record. They married in 1934, and stayed together until his death in 2003, just weeks after he turned 100.

Bob Hope was known as a womanizer, and this apparently did not change even after he wed. However, the same was not true of Karl Malden.

Gregory Peck and Veronique Passani also had a long lasting Hollywood marriage. They were together from 1955 to his death in 2003.

James Stewart and Gloria McLean

James Stewart was a popular star in the 30s and 40s, who put his acting career on hold to serve in the military during World War 2. After he resumed his career, he met and later married Gloria McLean in 1949. He was 41 at the time, and it was his first and only marriage. He adopted her two sons, and they had twin daughters together.

He was one of the best loved actors in Hollywood, due to his kindness and generosity. Stewart is considered one of the icons from the Golden Age of movies.

A new generation of people have discovered his movies, particularly the Hitchcock films he appeared in. Vertigo and Rear Window are classics.

His wife died in 1994 from cancer.

Meryl Streep and Don Gummer

Meryl Streep and Don Gummer are couple that currently have one of Hollywood's longest marriages. They married in 1978 and have four children. Two of their daughters are also acting, and their only son is a musician. Gummer is a sculptor and has never been involved in acting.

Meryl, of course, has a very public profile as one of Hollywood's most acclaimed actors. However, it's nice to know there still are some famous celebrity couples who have long lasting marriages.

Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner

Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner were not married very long, due to her sudden and tragic death, but I thought they were worth mentioning.

Natalie was a young and popular starlet in the 1950s, and went out on dates arranged by movie studios. These dates were likely arranged for the publicity it generated. However, one date that had been arranged on her 18th birthday turned out to be life changing. She met Robert Wagner, and the couple was smitten.

They married in 1957 while Natalie was still a teenager. Her mother was said to be very opposed to the marriage. Whether this had any affect on their relationship or not, the couple ended up separating in 1961. Possibly the pressures of their career and all the publicity they endured played a part as well.

In later years they married other people and had children. However, they found their way back together after those relationships ended. The couple reconciled in 1972 and married that same year. They had a daughter together and were married at the time Natalie died in 1981. She was only 43.

They seemed to be the perfect couple, and the love of each other's lives. It's not very often that a divorced couple remarry and are happy together once again, as Natalie and Robert appeared to be.


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