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Can You Be Hypnotized? The 'Eyes' Have it

Updated on September 3, 2015

Are you up for an experiment?

This hub is written for those brave souls who have taken the plunge, stepped onto the stage, delivered themselves into the waiting presence of a hypnotist and returned to their seats in defeat to watch the remaining participants cavort about for the audience's enjoyment.

I'm not saying this is a bad thing. After all, these people willingly joined the crowd, whether in the hopes of being hypnotized, or to prove to themselves and the hypnotist that they were immune to his powers of persuasion.

College Hypnotist Erick Kand


First let me address the people who set out to prove to themselves (and to the entertainer who claimed that he could hypnotize anyone) that they were immune to mass persuasion.

Obviously, you succeeded. You showed everyone present that you were too strong willed to be swayed into believing that you were a race car driver or barnyard animal. But were you pleased with your success? Was there some small part of you that wanted the entertainer to prove you wrong? Were you actually looking for proof that indeed, anyone could be hypnotized?

I understand that some people attend these events with the express purpose of showing they are mentally 'stronger' than the "Great Mysterio". It's a challenge they can't ignore. However, many of these participants are shocked when their friends tell them that, yes, they were indeed hypnotized and have recorded the event on their phone to prove it.

Hypno Dog

Is it real?

I have been told that a person cannot be hypnotized to do anything that is uncomfortable or goes against their morals. I have no idea if this is true or not, and there are many videos circulating that show participants engaging in any manner of different 'activities'.

Hypnosis is also used for purposes other than entertainment. I'm sure many readers have seen advertisements to stop smoking or lose weight through hypnotism. It has also been used to help reduce phobias such as a fear of flying, reduce pain and help soothe anxiety.

This is called Hypnotherapy or Medical Hypnosis. Medical Hypnosis has a long and controversial history, beginning in the 18th century. By the 1950's doctors developed and researched a measuring system that was more reliable and able to bring hypnosis out of the parlors and into the field of medicine.

This research has allowed hypnosis to gain validity and credibility in medical and psychological journals that agree its usage for pain relief and certain addictions can be instrumental in treatment.

That being said, can anyone be hypnotized? Is it simply a matter of finding the right connection between participant and hypnotist that makes it work? Is everyone susceptible to subliminal messages?

Take the challenge...

For those of you who are still in doubt that hypnosis works, I have prepared a small presentation below. Not to worry, it is harmless, and strictly for fun. I can pretty much guarantee that everyone who reads it will have a laugh or two.

I know I certainly had fun writing it. I am not a hypnotist of any kind or caliber, but it was enjoyable pretending that I had the gift.

I'm sure that many readers dabbled in hypnotism with their friends when they were young, or maybe I was just one of those 'weird kids' everyone hears about. Either way, I doubt that what we did as youngsters came close to the real art.

That being said, what follows below is my interpretation of hypnosis. Enjoy!

"Trust in me...just in me..."

Look deep into my eyes...closer...closer...feel yourself relax...warm, pillow-soft clouds envelope you, cradling, soothing, comforting...relieving your stress. Allow yourself to sink deep within the clouds, deeper, and protected. Take a slow, measured breath in...exhale...good. And another slow, measured breath...

Let its calm, cooling essence fill your being...cleansing your body...releasing the tension from your limbs...your arms...your legs...the last vestiges of stress dripping from your fingertips...evaporating into nothingness...leaving only a calm, gentle, peace...


Let your mind drift...see your thoughts gently spiral upward...

Allow yourself to draw the swirling kaleidoscope of images closer, gliding nearer...softly...lightly...reaching...slipping to the surface...floating, wave upon wave...gently caressing the edges of your consciousness...

Focus on my eyes...

Let go of the shackles that bind your conscious mind...set free your senses...feel the essence permeate your being...

tenderly caressing...draw its warmth deep into your body...infusing your mind and body with its smoldering intensity...deeper...deeper...

Open your mind to me...

Release your emotions...feel them surging from your body...wave upon wave dissipating into nothingness...emptied from the confines of your mind...





slow, measured breath in...exhale...embrace the essence...feel the warmth enfold you...cradling...holding...caressing...cocooned within the soft glow...gently rocking...replenishing your soul...renewing your senses...

Reveal your innermost thoughts...

Let yourself fall into my eyes...the willingness to slip into their vast shadows...feel the ebb and flow as the warmth of my words gently guides you...smoothly sliding beneath the layers of your conscious mind...the syllables heat, drawing back the curtains of darkness...

words tumble from my lips, witness their glow swelling outward...revealing the gateway...the treasure beyond...

plumb the fathomless depths of your subconscious...gently probing...its furtive secrets released...roiling upwards to freedom...your thoughts to mine....

release them all to deepest secrets...your darkest desires...

release guilt...anxiety...doubt...feel my strength...calming...caressing...healing...rocked within a cradle...lovingly

feel the power revitalize...refresh...rebirth...

now sleep...deep, sleep...let my words carry your dreams...floating...gently drifting...sleep...sleep...

When you wake you will remember nothing...nothing of my words...nothing of your sharing...only a deep profound serenity...cleansed...whole...your spirit will be peace...

And should, by chance, you ever hear my name spoken again...

you will stop whatever you are doing...

step through the nearest doorway...

and bark like a chicken....

Have you ever been hypnotized?

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    • Enelle Lamb profile imageAUTHOR

      Enelle Lamb 

      8 years ago from Canada's 'California'

      All the better to see you with my dear.... (evil chuckle...) :D

    • lorlie6 profile image

      Laurel Rogers 

      8 years ago from Bishop, Ca

      A twisted sense of humor? Me? Oh, yeah. BAAWWK!

      Loved this!


    • Enelle Lamb profile imageAUTHOR

      Enelle Lamb 

      8 years ago from Canada's 'California'

      Thanks saddlerider - glad you enjoyed it - funny I was thinking of Reveen when I was writing this. I thought he was amazing :D

    • saddlerider1 profile image


      8 years ago

      I don't know about anyone else but I sure felt those feathers starting to come through.ha..I went to see a famous hypnotist many years ago by the name of Reveen and he made people do some amazing things on stage and in the aisles.People were making like every kind of animal in the barnyard. I especially liked the routine of the smoking hooker, made her pretend she was a hooker and had to come up from the audience right to where he was standing,take a pretend cigarette from her lips, throw it on the floor in front of him and squish it out with her shoe. Too funny, really liked those eyes...Great sense of humor Enelle.

    • Enelle Lamb profile imageAUTHOR

      Enelle Lamb 

      8 years ago from Canada's 'California'

      Careful mythbuster - you might start liking corn or have the irresistible urge to scratch in your neighbour's lawn...I think a nap might are getting sleepy...sleepy...

    • mythbuster profile image


      8 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

      AAAAAWK - did it again when I re-read this one. *rubs eyes* I'm not sure whether or not I need a nap now. This hub rocks, Enelle Lamb! Unique and fun! Bah-gaaaaawk!

    • Enelle Lamb profile imageAUTHOR

      Enelle Lamb 

      8 years ago from Canada's 'California'

      LOL! So glad you enjoyed it mythbuster :D It was a lot of fun to write! I will have to come up with a doozie to follow it...

    • mythbuster profile image


      8 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

      *floored* That was awesome, Enelle! Do another one soon, okay? I am so wide awake from laughing now. I was really getting relaxed and eye-fluttery while reading for a couple of moments tho'.

    • Enelle Lamb profile imageAUTHOR

      Enelle Lamb 

      8 years ago from Canada's 'California'


    • HubCrafter profile image


      8 years ago from Arizona

      baGAWK! LOL.

    • Enelle Lamb profile imageAUTHOR

      Enelle Lamb 

      9 years ago from Canada's 'California'

      Hi Dottie - I wonder if I should put a disclaimer up LOL! So pleased you enjoyed my words, it's always great to see you.

    • Dottie1 profile image


      9 years ago from MA, USA

      hahaha, loved your eyes that drew me in and loved your words especially "words tumble from my lips, witness their glow swelling outward...revealing the gateway...the treasure beyond..." that is profound! thanks Enelle.

    • Enelle Lamb profile imageAUTHOR

      Enelle Lamb 

      9 years ago from Canada's 'California'

      dinkan53 - thanks so much! Glad you liked the eyes ;) they are mine - just photoshopped a bit LOL

    • dinkan53 profile image


      9 years ago from India

      interesting, nice work.Those eyes are cool!!!!

    • Enelle Lamb profile imageAUTHOR

      Enelle Lamb 

      9 years ago from Canada's 'California'

      Hi Stacie, thanks for stopping by : )

    • Stacie L profile image

      Stacie L 

      9 years ago

      neat hub;very entertaining.....

    • Enelle Lamb profile imageAUTHOR

      Enelle Lamb 

      9 years ago from Canada's 'California'

      Aww shucks Peggy...and here I thought they were pretty LOL...well if you hear a lot of barking chickens, you will know why...

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      9 years ago from Houston, Texas

      If I had to look at eyes like that I would have nightmares! LOL I absolutely loved the ending. You have a great sense of humor.

    • Enelle Lamb profile imageAUTHOR

      Enelle Lamb 

      9 years ago from Canada's 'California'

      Wait...cindy....come was just a dream....

    • cindyvine profile image

      Cindy Vine 

      9 years ago from Cape Town

      aaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiii, can't look at those eyes, gives me the creeps!

    • RedElf profile image


      9 years ago from Canada

      Well done again, Enelle...any time. Killer eyes...

    • Enelle Lamb profile imageAUTHOR

      Enelle Lamb 

      9 years ago from Canada's 'California'

      dr c; Trust in's painless...let go of your fears....

      RedElf; Thank you so much for your hard work (hard for me, fun for you...) Love the photoshop!

    • RedElf profile image


      9 years ago from Canada

      kewl - love it! Great me in...

    • dr c profile image

      dr c 

      9 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area

      ha, ha - I like your sense of humor


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