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Looking For New Music? Try This Artist, It May Change Your View On Music

Updated on June 30, 2016


He is an aspiring artist from Milwaukee. He didn't grow up having everything handed to him. He went to Minnesota to go to a media school. He wanted to accomplish his dreams and prove everyone he couldn't do it, wrong. So far, he is doing that. He is booking shows mainly in Minnesota. On July 23rd, he has a show in Iowa.

He will be preforming this last show, then will focus on making money, to continue doing shows. Once the link is ready for the tickets I will post it!

He has many supporters, but the more he gets the more shows he can make. Maybe even come back to his hometown! Just like, share, or even talk about his songs. He deserves to be recognized.

If anyone has any big dreams, take it and do everything to accomplish it! No one can ever bring you down, the harder you push the better reality you will have! Everyone stay strong!


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