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Lost Ending: Explained

Updated on June 1, 2010
Lost: The Complete Collection
Lost: The Complete Collection

According to the cover, "All The Mysteries Will Be Revealed"


I just watched the series finale for ABC's hit television sci-fi/drama. Like the rest of you, I'm sure, not all of the mysteries that I wanted solved were covered. Surprised? I'm not.

As I had expected, the final episode only invoked more questions on it's viewers. Especially with it's ending scenes, we were all left to wonder what exactly the "flash sideways" time line represented. While everyone has their own theories, I'd like to take the time to quickly express mine.

From the beginning of the show's final season, the recurring flashes that took place in every episode appeared to be happening in a universe parallel to the "island present" time line. We were led to believe that this was the result of the nuclear blast that ended the previous season, and it had somehow torn time into two separate paths, one exploring what would have happened had Oceanic flight 815 never crashed onto the island. By the end of the series finale, this theory was flushed down the toilet.

In one of the final scenes, Jack finally acquires the memories of his life on the island as he touches the coffin of Christian, his deceased father. Jack then opens the coffin only to find it empty and Christian standing behind him, very much alive. When he is asked by Jack how such a thing is possible, Christian simply reminds Jack that he is also dead. In fact, Jack had died from his stab wound in the "island present" time line after restoring the light in the cavern.

Christian continues to explain the "flash sideways" time line by telling Jack that everyone from the island had died at some point, whether it was before Jack's death or after. The world in which the plane crash had never taken place was a system set up by our characters to find and remember one another. He also added that the time that Jack had spent on the island was the most important time of his life.

From this, we can only assume that the "flash sideways" time line is our characters' afterlife, or possibly a "waiting room" of sorts before moving onto their afterlife. Notice that not all of the Lost characters were present in the church reunion that happened at the end of the show. These characters, like Jack, valued the time they spent on the island as the most important time of their lives. They wanted to be together in the afterlife, so they set up the circumstances to make this happen.

Why they couldn't remember each other to begin with is another one of those bits of information the Lost writers threw in there to drive us crazy. I could go on to guess that there were some kind of rules in the making of this afterlife, possibly from a higher being. If this is the case, they figured out a loophole. If not, the genius' behind Lost have definitely given us fans a way to keep the series alive through our own predictions, discussion boards, and possibly more?

Let me know what you think of my version of the Lost finale explanation. I look forward to hearing yours.

Lost: The Complete Collection
Lost: The Complete Collection

According to the cover, "All The Mysteries Will Be Revealed"



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    • profile image

      JailbreakKing 3 years ago

      im not sure if anyone mentioned this since theres too many comments but the last season was two places the island and the world but if you remember what ben said to hugo that he can do things differently and at the end said he was a good leader and ben was a good number two. ben did not leave because he is in charge and was not ready to give up command since he had some more penance to do. And Hurley did things differently which means the parallel life was the new island. Instead of making the island the purgatory of sorts, hugo made it like the real life with everyone connected to find each other, with them all stuck until every last one of them realized that they were dead. I think they did a very good job but could have did a touch more explaining at the end. Hope this helps

    • profile image

      Nita 4 years ago

      I saw Lost only recently, 3 years later. One thing that upset me. Bad Ben get to live for hundreds of years so that he can "atone" while Jack becomes the martyr. I think the writers should not have let Ben live.

    • profile image

      sven 4 years ago

      Maybe everything happend , happend .. this doesn't mean that it really(like in IRL) happend , if you believe in afterlife then you know that everything what is there also really exists ,,, Maybe Jack´s death(or life flashes before death or alternative life or something like that) was one or most important things in his life..

    • profile image

      diyato 5 years ago

      I think everything happened because christian said to jack that some of them died before him and others after him. There is the people who died biefore jack on the island and the people who died after him like hurley sawyer ben or kate. And the rest of it is the afterlife

    • rjbatty profile image

      rjbatty 5 years ago from Irvine

      In actuality the show "Lost" was pretty shallow. It didn't really teach us anything. The show was fun because the writers just made up stuff as they went along. They had no long-term plans. They never thought the program would last more than one or two seasons. Thus, they made up everything "on the fly." And they got rather good at it. Consistency was thrown out the window. The show started out as a kind of thriller and ended up being the missing gospel from the Bible. What MADE the show was the amazing performances of the actors who had to do all kinds of silly things. We tuned in because we liked the characters, which was dependent upon the acting ability of the individuals. The writing became smartsy-fartsy past season two. But, it didn't matter because the show kept maintaining the highest ratings for its time slot. Most of the time the story line didn't make any sense whatsoever -- despite the ardent interpretations of dedicated fans who looked into the show as if it were a crystal ball.

    • profile image

      Dane 5 years ago

      I can't believe i have survived 2 years without Lost

    • profile image

      zen 5 years ago

      Before Jack closes his eyes in the finale, he smiles. Does he smile just because he is satisfied that the plane took off and Kate is leaving the island or is it also because a bit like Juliet he also get a glimpse that he will meet Kate in afterlife? If that's so, the ending of Lost is not that a sad ending...

    • rjbatty profile image

      rjbatty 5 years ago from Irvine

      Confused User: You have to forget about the detail of who died on the island or not. The final party takes place after all the characters of significance have departed, regardless of their location. I see the final party in Heaven (where else?) as a slap-dash attempt of the writers to reconnect all the players of the show. I thought the attempt was contemptuous of the viewers and ultimately pretty corn ball.

    • profile image

      Confused user 5 years ago

      I don't understand. If they all died on the island and never left then how come you see them back on the "main land" for 3 years ? While sawyer Juliet and miles are stuck in a time warp. But when the oceanic 6 returns to the island the time warp stopped? No. I did not. Jack, Kate and all the others got to meet some of the people from the 70's then the whole nuclear explosion happens and they are still alive. How is it that "the others" we're able to see them the whole time? If they "died" on the island. Rose and Bernard never left the island, so why are they in the church in the finale? Why didn't Ben enter the church isn't he dead? If it shows Richard, Miles, Clare, sawyer, the pilot and Kate leaving the island, how are they dead? If they all died on the island and never left how come they didn't show how they died and when? ALSO. What was mind blowing was the very last scene where jack closes his eyes, notice how he had that cut on the side like how he did when Kate sewed him up in the first episode and he is also wearing the same clothing. Im just so confused I even cried cause I got so fustrated at the fact that NOTHING MAKES SENSE.

    • rjbatty profile image

      rjbatty 6 years ago from Irvine

      Why would Jack's father have greater insight to the "big picture?"

      Season 7 was a mad rush for the writers to make all the disparate storylines converge and make sense. This was an impossible task because they had taken their characters well into "The Twilight Zone." I felt season 7 was kind of slapped together and unworthy to its audience that had made the show a success.

    • profile image

      Jih 6 years ago

      Omh. Lost ending suvjed

    • profile image

      Elle 6 years ago

      I understand it fine, yes there are some subplots that are not explained in the end, and are left for us to try to figure out, but the show is called LOST for a reason.

      One of things i don't understand is that when the MIB was thrown in the light he died, but howcome Jack didn't die, he woke up by the water?

    • profile image

      G-man 6 years ago

      This is messed up. Did the people die from the plane crash 815 (which at the end it showed nobody survived it) or did they die from the Island Present time? LOST YOU JACKASSES EXPLAIN! now o_o

    • profile image

      Mick 6 years ago

      FAIL. Lost started as a very promising show and ended up with a...FAIL!I'm pretty sure that LOST will be a solid and sound "case study" for future scenario writers in order to learn what to avoid when writing one,or how one can mess up with a scenario and end up literally nowhere...I feel cheated by you (producers),so get LOST!

    • profile image

      Chris Hester 6 years ago

      Walt goes back to the island. Hugo and Ben take him out of the mental institution that Hugo and Libby were in before. I guess he helps Hugo run the island. How do I know this? There's an EXTRA episode of Lost on the Series 6 DVD!

    • profile image

      Chris Hester 6 years ago

      Sorry, my question should have been: where did Jacob get his brother's body from when he laid it to rest next to his mother's? He flew out of the cave as the smoke monster but we never saw what happened to him directly after that.

      Later the MIB admits it was him that led Jack to the water, not his real Dad. This could also mean it was him telling the original Locke to "move the island". And showing Locke the wheel in the well.

      So many questions! The more you think about it the more you come up with. Like didn't Jack mind Sawyer was with his wife in the church? In the alternate reality he was married to Juliette! But she reunited with Sawyer at the vending machine.

    • profile image

      Chris Hester 6 years ago

      I just watched the ending on DVD. I have many questions! Here's just a few I wrote down:

      If Widmore had planned to use Desmond to stop Locke, how come he ended up helping him instead by unplugging the light? What else was he intended to do that would stop Locke?

      How come no one else noticed the really bright light in the opening to the cave, nor could find it easily?

      When everyone meets up at the church, wouldn't they each look like they did when they died? Ie: Hurley and Ben would be much older etc. (Or did they die not long after Jack?)

      Coming soon: LOST 2: The Hugo Years!

      How did Jacob get his brother's body out of the light cave?

      How did Jack get out of the cave? He was in the pit at the source of the light, lying in the water. Next he appears lying on rocks outside!

      How was Jacob's mother able to stop him and his brother from killing each other? She said she had made it impossible.

      What was the Man In Black's name as a boy? Surely he had one?

    • profile image

      andy 6 years ago

      i have just this question: If they were all dead before entering the church, why could they drive cars? or when Sawyer bought something from the vending machine, how could he do that if he was already dead? He remembered Juliet and so did she, but then they could use vending machine?

    • profile image

      dean  7 years ago

      u guys are pathetic

    • profile image

      Jamie 7 years ago

      Hi guys, I think we finally got there in the end, i was still confused until i read all these posts but to me right now it makes perfect sense. The plane at the end that Jack sees fly over head and away to safety probably did make it home and back to the civilised world. The people who died on the island died for real as the island was a real place. The reason i think (and i agree with Previous post from Jack here) that hurley and ben and the people that didn't die where still in the end scene together were probably because they all did eventually die later on in life. Possibly 10-15 years after which is why Jack has a grown son around that age, or atleast that is what i am taking from the ending at the moment.

      I do think it would be great (even if they do not want to make a movie) if shortly the writers released a documentary dvd with clips from the show (not unlike episode 0) titled something like Lost - What really happened, or the true meaning of the end. It would make more money for the franchise as im positive the fans would all buy it as they want to know what really happened more than anything, I know i do.

      One thing i do want to say is that we don't know why jacob and MIB(smokey) know what they know about the island especially Jacob but he does say that the but not the exact words to a tee but he says that the island is the plug that stops the otherworld from spilling into earth so maybe when desmond took the plug out a bit spilled out creating the other parallel reality where jack has a son and desmond maybe got it right it let him go back and bring all the losties together in one place but it could only happen when they where all dead which is why jack has a grown son as it took a while for the rest of them to die.

      Remember the theme throughout the show they had to do it together or it wouldn't work, it was the same all thru with regards to getting back to the island and the fact that they weren't meant to leave as they didn't all go together. Live together or Die alone, and they sort of done both, jack certainly died alone apart from the dog lol an well they all got together in the end. Walt wasn't there because he was still alive, michael was stuck on the island that was his punishment, remember the island is a link to the otherworld, prob the same with mr Eko which is why there are a lot of whispers, Alot of ghosts. Well i hope that helped a lot of people who are confused like me. I think i have a lot of it solved in my head although as i said before it would be great for us and for the lost series esp money wise if they helped us by explaining the ending officially after all they are the writers. Tell us what happened.

      Please guys let me know your comments on what ive written, id like to know thx.

    • profile image

      Jack 7 years ago

      I've just watched all the box sets of LOST again and when i first watch the ending i didn't really like it and felt robbed of a good ending but now after watching it all again tbh i quite like the ending, its so obvv if you listen, the events on the island happened, that was there life 'the most inportant people in your LIFE' and that the alt timeline was purgatury! Even though Jack died on the island that wasn't the end it carried on, we just don't see it, so Kate, James, Ben and Hurley died at some point 'some before you, some after you' so for them life carried on hence when Ben says 'you made a great number one' so he must have lead the island for sometime after Jacks death, its pretty simple.

      For the directors point of view they obvv didn't want to explain everything cause that would take the fun out of LOST and they wanted everyone to still think about where Jacob came from etc long after the show ended.

    • profile image

      lost guy 7 years ago

      Hell of a series and hell of an ending.

      Lot of things left unexplained so, people can talk about it years later...

    • profile image

      Dan 7 years ago

      How did Sawyer, Kate, Clare, Miles, Richard n Frank die then? The last we see of them is the plane flying safely over the Island as Jack is dying. And what about Bernard and Rose, They didn't die in the show but all aforementioned characters were seen in the Church at the end, but Christian said everyone there was dead!

    • profile image

      Russ 7 years ago

      @ Frank

      Haha good idea think i might too! I cant decide if i like the ending or not! :s

      besides what the hell am i gunna watch now...

    • profile image

      Frank 7 years ago

      Your explanation is correct. This second existence that we believed them to be in turned out to be purgatory. There were earlier mentions in the series that they could all be dead, but I was hoping they wouldn't resort to that, as it is extremely hokey and I'm not a fan of "the afterlife" or "heaven".

      A more satisfying end would have been to maintain this alternate, second existence where the group was able to just enjoy the fact that they had technically lived "2 lives" and moved on. Or if they want to throw a kink in the very end, they could have had one existence for the same person meet the second existence. For instance, Kate in 1977 could have met alternate Kate in 2004.

      But, whatever, they decided to go for the cheese instead. I'll pretend that the last 5 minutes didn't exist and enjoy my own ending. ;)

    • profile image

      cor 7 years ago

      According to the cover, "All The Mysteries Will Be Revealed" - and for the low low price of $229 they will answer NOTHING.

      after watching this series i can say its like a drawn out Sherlock Holmes story, but without Holmes to solve anything..

      I really get the feeling the writers didn't know what they were doing ether.. like kids telling 'scary' stories by a campfire and not quite knowing how how to explain the incoherent clash of ideas to their friends..

      the 'sideways flashes' were superfluous religious rhetoric that added nothing to the story; news flash: WE KNOW EVERYONE DIES, and i for one don't need their childish take on an afterlife. I was interested in the story of the island and in the characters LIVES, i see now that nether were thought out properly and all the 'mystery's' were nothing more than vague ideas dreamed up for ratings and episode filler, with no direction or coherency.

      i would like my money back and to be compensated for the time 'lost', but that's not going to happen, my box set will be on ebay by the end of the week.

    • profile image

      ispyy 7 years ago

      the side flashes and the island time were extremely far apart. the side flashes covered a couple of weeks after they got off the plane, island time showed years.

    • profile image

      Tim_S 7 years ago

      I agree with the others who said that much of what happened was a metaphor for the lives of all these characters whose fates were intertwined in some way, no matter how small. The parallel storylines perhaps represent the choices that the characters made in their lives and the people they touched along the way.

      In one of the final episodes, Jacob mentions that the six candidates are or were all flawed. Many of the people on the island were flawed and plagued by personal demons from their past. Sayid, Kate, Jack, Mr Eko and so on. Their time on the island was for me a figurative representation of their lives, their dreams and their fears up until the point they died (whenever that may have been).

      There are of course a great many pseudo-religious overtones to mainly (Christianity & Buddhism from what I could see). I think it is in Buddhism that it is believed that we are continually reborn (i.e. returning to the Island) and only when we are ready to 'let go' can we move on.

      Notice how in the last few episodes, the characters seemed to be helping one another to 'move on' in some way? One by one, they left by remembering and finding peace through the friends and loved ones that they had 'lost' perhaps in a previous life. Jack helped John Locke by freeing him from the wheelchair and came one step closer to freeing himself before Kate helped Jack by helping him remember. Desmond who had been on the Island before the first 'plane crash' was in the last few episodes a much more assured character. A far cry from his first time on the 'Island'. In his latter 'lives' he had made peace with Widmore, met Penny and ultimately was the person he wanted to be. Take Jack for example - his earlier 'parallel/previous' lives were torn with bad choices, regrets and self-pitying destruction. In his later parallels, we see a much more contented and happy Jack, with family - still a broken one but better than before. His storyline with his son to Juliet was what could have been but ultimately, it was Kate who told him she loved him and brought him to the church at the end. Notice also that she didn't go in at the same time as him? Perhaps a hint that she went (died) later. Of course there are unanswered questions and side plots, but aren't there always in life? Who can honestly say that they have all the answers?

      For me Jacob represented fate (the force which brought) them together in life (or to the Island) if you you will. And the black smoke? All the things we fear - death, uncertainty, chaos & evil intent.

    • profile image

      Matthew683 7 years ago

      At what point did hurley die ??? If the island was destroyed by the nuclear explosion why did jack,Kate,soyer, and hurley wake up around the crater of the blast. You could argue that's where they all died but jack later died of a stab wound how how how how ???

    • profile image

      Dee 7 years ago

      My theory

      They all died in the first episode. The island was limbo and they were spirits trapped between heaven and earth. Not sure if this is correct but I like my theory.?? figured this, when they found the plane in the bottom of the ocean. All the bodies were there. So yeh. That's my paradigm of LOST! Sad to see it end but what an ending hey!

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      Watch the Twilight Zone episode The Incident At Owl's Creek it's the same crap, but it only takes 30 mins to make it's dumb point versus 6 seasons. If you want to waste a bit more time and get the same ending, then watch Jacob's Ladder. OH wait "Jacob"'s Ladder?!

    • profile image

      Lost! 7 years ago

      What about the 2 Black guys and his son! Why wasn't they in the Church?

    • profile image

      Rand0m 7 years ago

      The whole story was about Jack purifying himself so that he could move on. It's all in his head.

      He didn't do this completely until he became like Jacob and sacrificed himself.

    • profile image

      LOSTguest 7 years ago

      I think the whole thing was dreamt up by the dog, that's why he was shown at the very end sniffing around Jack.

      Gutted I invested so much time and seemingly all for nothing.

      It was called 'Lost' cos I lost so much of my life watching it!

    • profile image

      Akkers 7 years ago

      Some of them died and a handful made it off the island. 3 stayed behind to take over the role of Jacob and Richard etc.

    • profile image

      Yuniel 7 years ago

      soo what happened ?? did they get out of the island ?? or what happened ?? plzz tell me i couldn't watch it

    • profile image

      Jack 7 years ago

      I'm jack. The ending was bullshit.

    • Systememperor profile image

      Systememperor 7 years ago from UK

      I was long resisting on watching the Lost, but finaly I gave it a go. I did the right thing. I really like this series. But some episodes could be better. My favourite is the first series, especially the very first.

    • profile image

      lozzie  7 years ago

      exactly.don't know how they are going to make a movie out of it though.suppose they could call it lost again or still lost or even completely lost. what do you think.

    • profile image

      Akkers 7 years ago

      Which means more sales of dvds.

    • profile image

      lozzie  7 years ago

      re: davos. in my last post that is what i said that the show was about life in general. i may not have used the word metaphor but the meaning was just the same. i tried to explain that the best way i could and by giving examples of how it applies. perhaps you have not read it or misinterpreted what i was saying. but yes lots of people have come to the same conclusion and are happy with it whereas others will always have to have an answer to everthing.i'm happy with my own conclusion but i'm also happy to listen to other peoples i guess that unless the writers tell us exactly what they meant we just have to be satisfied.they are probably having a good laugh now looking at these boards and all the debates going around and thinking it worked,because one things for certain people are looking through episodes/clips of lost and trying to work things out,just i assume what they wanted us to do all along,it could well end up being one of the most debated shows of all time.not bad going i'd well done to all involved,in my opinion you achieved success.

    • profile image

      Akkers 7 years ago

      If you just take the events on the island at the end (forget the ALT universe) then you realise it was a great action-packed ending rivalling any feature movie. In the end we got a bit extra with the ALT life. I think the hunger for Lost is not going to go away and we may see a feature movie in the future - I hope so.

    • profile image

      Davos 7 years ago

      Ok, take a breath and I'm going to throw a word out there 'Metaphor'!

      I don't think anybody has said that the writers decided to use the island as a metaphor for life in general. Everyone in life is a little bit LOST and in life crazy weird and wonderful things tend to happen. Of course we don't shoot polar bears or see ghosts (or most of us don't) but these are metaphorical for the trials that we suffer through life. The flashbacks in the early seasons are there because in life what we have done affects who we are today. The flash forwards because in life we are always thinking about what might come next. The flash sideways because we always think about what could have been. The ending is where they die there life ends they realise what was important the people around them during life the ones that helped them get through it.

      Anyways that's what I take from it. So sad it's over.

      That's my take anyways.

    • profile image

      TooComplex 7 years ago

      I think the writers were trying to deliver a good story with a ton of mystery, but in the end made it too complicated for their own good. If you look back there are a ton of questions that remain unanswered toward the end and a ton of events that seemed to only serve as shock value. I think they had too many plot holes and contradictions to deal with in the end and just said screw it. It would have taken another two seasons to wrap it all up.

    • profile image

      lozzie  7 years ago

      my interpretation is this :the show was meant to throw up plenty of questions which we were all meant to find our own explanation for whether we followed the religious themes all of which were covered from christianity to hinduism or we could to choose to follow a scientific theme e.g.time travel.but the point is this we are all born innocent,clueless or lost if you like we all follow our own path in life ie; religion,work,right or wrong good or bad.its our the time we choose a path we think it to be the right one until we are proved otherwise,but the conclusion is this there are not always answers to what is right or wrong,good or bad and this has been proven in life many times for example when someone has found a vaccine or a cure for something how often has that cure then thrown up its own problems such as side effects.some people choose to follow religion others don't that's not to say either person is right or wrong they are doing what is right for them,and that is what in my opinion the show was all about,making us see that there is no black and white in life we are all born lost we choose our own way we can strive for perfection or what we see as right but as was mentioned in the show by jacob and his twin that it always ends the same, you die.hence the sideways timeline it was just about what could have been,if only they had not crashed,lived,died,you decide.there are never answers for everthing just individual opinions this is just mine,feel free to disagree after all that is life we don't all agree and we don't all live in peace and harmony and wouldn't the world and life be boring if we did.

    • profile image

      Frank 7 years ago

      So the writers say it was all about the characters... Bullpucky I say. Whenever I was watching lost and they were in the Alt timeline, when it went back to the Island I would sit up and take alot more notice because personally I found the Alt timeline stuff a bit boring.

    • profile image

      Akkers 7 years ago

      Sorry, should have said flight 815.

    • profile image

      Akkers 7 years ago

      The flight 615 at the beginning of last series was not the original flight 615. For a start it had different people. Shannon was not on this flight. Desmond was on this flight but was never on the original flight (he was already on teh island pressing the button). So I do NOT believe that the parallel universe is where flight 615 never crashed and everyone went home and lived happily ever after.

    • profile image

      lozzie  7 years ago

      re: leah i agree with your post about purgatory.can someone clarify for me what christian said because i thought he said what happened, happened, not that what happened was real.there is a difference.

    • profile image

      Leah 7 years ago

      Here's a definition of purgatory:

      Chiefly RC Church: a state or place in which the souls of those who have died in a state of grace are believed to undergo a limited amount of suffering to expiate their venial sins and become purified of the remaining effects of mortal sin.

      Sounds like the Island to me.

    • profile image

      Brett Gab 7 years ago

      Watching Lost from down here in Australia and reading your comments, I think I've finally made peace with the Lost ending.

      I think the pergatory theory the only way you can accept all the craziness and lack of explanation thereof. As he lay there dying, Jack's life flashed before his eyes, and he brought with him his family past, present and future, such as sons he never got to have. Those that met on the plane (the main characters) shared their experiences in pergatory.

      The Lost writers added enough to make everyone argue whether the island was real. They may have crashed on a real island, but to me, all the strange happenings on this island are a metaphor for the unpleasant place pergatory is, the fears of lost souls who are ill at ease and can't let go. When Christian Shepherd said the island was real, he was saying that pergatory is real.

      The alternate reality is just each individual making peace with themselves. It's a happy place they finally find as they slip away. They need to help each other reach this happy place.

      I think the writers always planned the purgatory theory, but threw-in plenty to keep everyone guessing after the ending, as we have done throughout the show.

      It know it's easy to get angry not having an explaination for everything. I also know that you could easily discredit my ideas, but is it possible to come up with an irrefutable theory? The answer is no, so I hope you can make peace with Lost too.

    • profile image

      answer? 7 years ago

      At the end of the day this is just a tv show and it is likely that the writers don't know what it represents themselves but have written it in such a way that we talk about the meaning of lost for years without coming to a conclusion. The more that people talk about it, the more it will sell, so it would have been in the writers interest to keep us guessing.

    • profile image

      RE: lozzie 7 years ago

      Yes of course not everything was answered and the religious symbolism is undeniable, but I always thought that the reason that Jacob could only be seen by who he chose was because he drank from 'the cup' and again because of the properties of the island, was given power in a similar way that smokey was. But at least the BIG questions were answered, we are no longer clueless of MIB and Jacob as we saw an entire episode (probably my favorite) just on their history. The island had a good explanation as well, although I dislike when they started bringing 'the light' into it without a good explanation, so the only thing I could link it to was the electromagnetism. Oh yea the children, remember the giant statue? In Egyptian symbolism it meant either birth or rebirth, I can't quite remember, anyway it was only once it was destroyed, most likely by MIB that women couldn't give birth. There's a full explanation of it somewhere including why Claire had her baby no problem ect. Yea the God thing is pretty good, since Bernard and his wife said they were neutral and were living with Vincent, it's the same as God loving all equally ect ect and them living alongside God neutrally. Makes sense.

    • profile image

      lozzie 7 years ago

      re: the last post you are forgetting some other things that we were told about the island like the fact that children born on the island don't survive or stay there if you prefer to put it that way and also jacob was not visible to everyone suggesting that he was already dead not immortal and that it was his sprit or soul that was unable to pass over perhaps because of the fact that he killed his twin brother his mistake if you like,and only when he had his ashes returned and burnt was he then allowed to go/move on and was no longer seen.there are still unanswered questions about the ending and all we can do is guess or percieve it as we think but just one other comment jacks imaginary son was called david the 23rd psalm as mentioned in my other posts was in the book of david.too many coincidences for me and i'm not religious.i had also worked out what john had posted that when jack lay down to die the dog found him and that dog spelled backwards is god.

    • profile image

      Questions were answered! 7 years ago

      Lots of people are saying that every big question was left unsolved, but this isn't the case. If you're still confused about "smoke monster", WTH that was explained directly in the show, to those who didn't understand, when Jacob threw his brother into the light, the 'monster' was the result. Jacob admitted that this was his mistake. About the "afterlife", I don't see it as an afterlife, I see it as a parallel universe that was the result of Juliet bombing the island. "Time is like a river and it can fork, split into two" ect, watch Michio Kaku on youtube. As for "who is Jacob and MIB ect", they were obviously born on island, and became immortal due to its special properties, electromagnetism and what not. The mother was from the civilized world, but got killed, the killer represents humans always thinking, what was there before God, she was there and also came from somewhere, it goes on forever. I personally am disappointed with the ending, not because of lack of answers, but lack of smoke action. I thought that Desmond would turn into smoke as well and fight it out with MIB, but instead I got a lame fist-fight, a stab and a gun shot. The best part of the show for me was the sense of mystery, Jacob delivered this in a great way. Final opinion = best drama ever but ending could have been much better.

    • profile image

      Troyston 7 years ago

      @Scott - About Jack bleeding...I think that was Jack remembering his death. Since he was all cut up and bleeding on the island when he started to suspect that something wasn't right some of the wounds from the island would show.

    • profile image

      Troyston 7 years ago

      Originally I was a bit confused by the ending of Lost; I liked it but didn’t love it.

      I watch Lost because I love the story of the Island and the mystery of it.

      I think if you watched Lost for the character stories you probably loved the ending.

      I felt the ending where everyone was in the afterlife almost downplayed the story of the island. I couldn’t figure out how the afterlife was important to the story of the island.

      It was almost as if the Losties could have landed on any random island or deserted place, developed great friendships, found their purpose, and developed an afterlife for themselves, all independent of the island and its mystery.

      But here’s my thoughts on why the island is so important to the afterlife ending.

      In some religions and cultures many people believe that when you die you soul returns to the source.

      We’ve heard the light in the cave on the island referred to as the source and we’ve heard “Mother” (Jacob and Man in Black’s mom) say that every person has a bit of what’s in the cave inside themselves. So I think they’re basically saying is that the light on the island is where all souls go to rest when a person dies.

      I also think that when Desmond was flashing to the sideways timeline that he was basically dying for a few seconds and going to the afterlife and then he would come back to his consciousness.

      Now what’s important to note is that when Desmond removes the cork of the island down in the cave he thought that he would flash to the afterlife but he never did.

      I think what this means is that if the island was destroyed that there would no longer be an afterlife for anyone and anyone in the afterlife currently, would cease to exist.

      I think that’s what Widmore is really saying to Jin when he says that if the Man in Black gets his way and destroys the island that everyone you know and love will cease to exist. What he’s saying is that when your loved ones die their soul will have no place to go, they won’t be able to go to the afterlife, so their soul will cease to exist, which means you’ll never be able to go to the afterlife or heaven and see your loved ones again.

      This is why it was so important for Lost to end the way it did…basically the Losties are benefitting from all of their work protecting the island and keeping it safe. So Jack died protecting the island so the rest of the world can live on in the afterlife.

    • profile image

      Fat=Flavor 7 years ago

      Pretty disappointed in the ending and lack of answers. It's obvious to me that the fans put way more thought into the plot than the writers. If everyone at the end died in the plane crash, who were Desmond and Penelope, and Widmore, etc.? Oh forget it...naïve to have hoped the questions would be answered.

    • profile image

      Amanda moo 7 years ago

      Confused???????? So many questions!!!!!

    • profile image

      Scott 7 years ago

      Can anyone explain why jack kept bleeding in the flash sideways, I figured it was because he was actually dead but wonder why he was the only person it happened too??

    • profile image

      -medusa 7 years ago

      They used talented, good looking actors and interesting themes to keep us watching. They used tantalising red herrings to keep us watching and make us feel like we're achieving something. The producers made us feel like we were winning but we were all lost in their madness. Who cares about the ending - it's all bs anyway.

    • profile image

      Homer J.  7 years ago

      I really have the feeling that the writers kinda said:

      Hey, they are not paying us for a new episode? Right...

      Than, how about we take a big steaming dump on the people watching this show, who are overall the costumers of this TV franchise. And they totally did it.

      After this stolen and lame ending I have to say with all due respect: screw the whole Lost series. With a tiny little bit of work it could have been the greatest TV show ever.

    • profile image

      AAAAAAAAARRGGHJGH 7 years ago


      what about the images of the island already under water??

      the bomb that "worked"???

      what was widmore's deal with the island??

      the time travel?¿ and the place where widmore picks up locke when he leaves the island, which was the "picking spot"¿?¿?

      what about everything¿?

      this ending was so lame,

      i felt like i was watching a cheesy telenovela, with all those "moooooooovingggg moments,

      my god

      i was ashamed of being so exited about something, and having to tolerate such thing.

      i felt i was reviving a sad "6th sense" plot

      too bad.

    • profile image

      jonny 7 years ago

      for people going on bout vincent been there at the time of jacks death.. dog spelt backwards is god, in the flash side ways jack was in a church with his dad, as all the things have been similar in both time lines then its pretty ovious that it was meant to represent jacks dad as god, boom

    • profile image

      Kullgrav 7 years ago

      My only question is where the hell is the new plane going now? Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Frank, Richard and Miles all get on the plane leave the island and survive. Do they live out their lives like Penny and somehow end up in the church anyways? Why the hell would Penny be in the church and not Mr. Eko, Michael and Ana Lucia?

      There is no way to plug these holes it is just arbitrarily written.

    • profile image

      truely Lost 7 years ago

      I watched and watched and well.... I am still lost. The ending had nothing to do with the beginning. It is a shame cos I was hoping for something that I could really understand and feel for, but instead I am lost. what about Clares baby, where is Aaron?

      I have read the comments, which kinda lead me in the general direction that I guess we are expected to go towards. When was the whole church scene? just loads of random gatherings at the end , which was nice but ultimately nothing.

      Wish there was another ending.. or Cluedo endings so we get to choose which makes sense.

    • profile image

      adam 7 years ago

      if you think about it, in the first ever episode where jack woke up in the bamboo feild ( the same bamboo field where he laid next to vincent in the same clothes and watched the ocanic 815 fly over him in the last episode) and had that huge cut on the side of his belly ( the same side that locke cut him)and kate stiched it up. its all a lope. for the flash side ways, they where to show what they would do if they never crashed and how they would get back.

    • profile image

      Homer J. 7 years ago

      Frankly, the ending got nothing to do with the original story. The writers were simply lazy, and they made the same move as in a recent 2008-2009 movie titled "Passengers", where there is a plane crash, everyone dies, but they continue to "live" their daily lives until ghosts come back from their past and they move along together. It had than the same message in 80 minutes than Lost had in 6 seasons, so these guys have just stolen the idea from the movie Passengers?

      That was than cheap and dirty, this is why PERSONALLY I HATED the ending (with any other original idea I would have been happy). I had the same feeling as with the "Inglorious Basterds" copied by Tarantino, which was a LOT WORSE than the original "Inglorious Bastards" made in 1978 by some noname italian guys. Of course, those who have not seen the original Passengers or the Inglorious Bastards the "new" stolen ideas might seem brilliant.

      Oh kmon, they should have put a Lo(s)t more effort in there for the ending, in fact, if I would be the writer of Passangers I would sue this guys tomorrow.

      Yes, I would say: the ending is Lost, the story was Lost after season 2, and our time was Lost watching the big nothing, because we could have simply watched Passengers in 80 minutes wrapping up the whole story and making more sense.

    • profile image

      Elizabethrae 7 years ago


      I agree with your last post. I feel dismayed and confused. I paid such careful attention to this show, checking details in the scenes, having fun coming up with theory's. It was like a wonderful puzzle, so intriguing. Then it was like "there really was no point in all that silly, we're just going to end it with a feel good show where everyone is smiling and happy at the end, isn't that special!" Really? Really?!? What about the Egyptian tie in, the statue, the exit to Tunisia, the numbers, healing properties, the Dharma research, time travel, Whidmores obsession to return, what made Jacob/MIB special, what was the smoke monster and why, the whispers and weird noises, who installed the wheel, what was "the sickness," where did the island go when it disappeared??? "No, no, that wasn't the point, it's everyone sings Kumbaya and goes into the light" say the writers. Come on! What was that? I guess they were trying to say "nothing matters, there is no point to anything" Cheesy and sappy. Should have been on Lifetime...

    • profile image

      Unsatisfied/Still Lost 7 years ago


      I agree with your sentiments. There's an amorphous incompleteness to the end of "Lost".

      The problem in my view is that the writers attempted to end "Lost" with an entirely new "sideways world" world story that isn't tied into the original "Lost" story in any real or logical sense. It isn't tied to Jacob, the Others, the Bomb, the Light, or to the Island in any way. It is a tale that could be told about any characters and their interactions.

      The story of a "sideways world" in which souls accomplish a final step of spiritual purification is a good story in its own right. But that story is not the story we followed for five years. It simply doesn't work to end one story with a new story brought into the original at the last minute.

      So the "Lost" story we watched all those years feels incomplete. The incompleteness goes beyond the issue of whether every last detail was wrapped up by the ending. The "sideways world" was a substitute, a gimmick, for the ending the authors wanted to create.

      The authors, and particularly the actors, do deserve a great deal of applause for the emotional completeness of the characters and the character arcs. The characters were well written and portrayed. But beyond that, classical elements of all good stories are the characters' journeys and how the journeys change the characters. The elements of character journey and character growth were well portrayed, and felt authentic, in the world of "Lost".

      With a bit more work, the character journeys of "Lost" and their endings, could have been accomplished within the same story, and would have given a feeling of completeness to "Lost".

      Joe DiMaggio was right about the fat lady; you know its over when she sings even though she's singing in an entirely different language and you can't understand a word of it. But you also know it when she doesn't show up. Explanations and arguments can't fix the feeling that something is missing. My gut keeps telling me that the fat lady was stuck on the subway at the end of "Lost".

      There are rumors of an alternative "Lost" ending... in some sort of an alternative sideways world... According to the rumors the fat lady still sings in that ending.

    • profile image

      lozzie  7 years ago

      perhaps its to tell us not to go through life looking for answers "to accept the things we cannot change and change the things we can". there are never answers to everthing e.g.why do bad things happen to good people,why me, what if, if only. have we all not said these things at some point.just accept,move on,forgive,forget and to turn the other is just that its not a script its not always fair and perhaps we all have our own fate which we cannot change. just a thought.

    • profile image

      timothy 7 years ago

      A few episodes back, Jacob's mother said that if the light goes out, everybody dies.

      Well... They uncorked it and the light went out for a while. Did the whole planet die at that moment? Did everybody just collapse like unplugged robots?

      Were the Flash sideways happing at the same time they were still on the island? For example, we see Jack working in a hospital, but he is not dead yet ( on the isalnd).

      I could understand if we'd only seen sideway flashes with the caracters who were already dead (charlie, juliet...)

      What really happened after Juliet made the bomb go off. She said it had worked. Did it?

      Also, If the pilot was able to restart the plane with duct tape, why didn't he do it when the plane crashed? Why did they wait so long to leave?

      The Finale didn't explain anything. I feel silly to have invested so much time in that tv show. I feel as they would need at least another whole season to explain all the plots they started and never finished.

    • profile image

      lozzie 7 years ago

      i have just found this on wikipedia "According to the various Indian religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism, beings that live in accordance with Dharma proceed more quickly toward dharma yukam, moksha or nirvana (personal liberation). The antonym of dharma is adharma meaning unnatural or immoral."

      perhaps this explains why the dharma institue were on the island yet again it is all about religion.hope this helps

    • profile image

      lozzie  7 years ago

      loving reading all the theories/explanations.i think the message is simple,try to live a good life do good not evil forgive and forget,and when your time comes you will move on and not be left in limbo with regrets and if not religious myself though had to attend sunday school for a long time.i do believe that there is life after death but in spirit nothing more. i have also read somewhere in a book by a medium/spiritualist that there is a belief that to move on to the eternal plane you have to have learned your lessons in life to be able to move on otherwise you are continually reborn until you learn from your mistakes or seek forgiveness for them, but i suppose until the time comes that someone actually comes back and tells us all that there is something there we will never know.

    • Amanda108 profile image

      Amanda 7 years ago from Michigan, United States

      I agree completely with your explanation. It's surprising how many people are having trouble understanding the ending, but I love the different interpretations.

    • profile image

      hooded god 7 years ago

      I think that evrything that happened on the island happened,

      jacks dada said what happened, happened and also jacks tims on the island was the most important time of his life. he also said everybody dies sometime meaning those people we didn't witness die on the island ie hurley, ben ppl on plane died also after the death of jack shown as the end

      what was percieved as flashes sideways where actually the place everyone created to remember their lifes together on the island after they died.

    • profile image

      Dejan 7 years ago

      @ Lizzy54

      I agree with you...

    • profile image

      Nick 7 years ago

      I think the whole series took place in Jack's head. He was in the same place in the first shot of the series. Everything flashed before his eyes from the first plane crash.

    • profile image

      Lizzy54 7 years ago

      I agree with Lozzie regarding the 23 Psalm and the names, Jacob and even Christian Shepherd. I believe that everyone is disappointed in the fact that the series is FINISHED not that the ending was not good. I think it was wonderful and more that anything hope that who has watched this series will have learned something from it about caring about others and not being concentrated only on ourselves. Hurley was such a great example of a great human being, a little frightened but full of love and caring for his friends. Six years is a long time to follow a series and it will take everyone a while to get used to the facr that it's all been explained and that it's a story, like many great stories, to learn something from. The island was a fantastic, wild, scarey place but somewhere everyone has grown to love, and the cast of Losties were all so unique, as people are in life. The scene where Jack, Hurley and Sawyer cried after surviving the boat explosion told us everything, how they had become better people and cared for each other they were crying for the friends lost. Lets hope the writers start work on another project soon, cannot wait for that.

    • Bill Yovino profile image

      Bill Yovino 7 years ago

      And what about the screen going black just as Tony sees Meadow coming into the restaurant?

    • profile image

      Mr. Anonymous 7 years ago

      Everyone looking for an explanation to every detail is completely missing the point of the series. What happened on the island was real, that was explained by Jack's father at the end. All of the mysteries and wonders of the island is what made the island itself special and the perfect spot to tell a great story. The story isn't about the island though, it's about the characters who had to survive it. The whole point of the series was to show us that everyone makes different choices in life, and those choices make us who we are.

    • profile image

      Joan 7 years ago

      At the most fundamental level, the “sideways world” of season six — the world in which Oceanic 815 landed safely at LAX, was the “afterlife.” Or some imagined experience, or told only from Jack’s perspective, or whatever. Point being, the experiences on the island were the “real” world. And the moments of recognition that took place in “sideways world” were the sudden remembrances of one’s life.

      As with everything else in “Lost,” there are statements and then there are layers. For instance, most of the “recognition” moments took place when two people in love encountered each other in the afterlife. And in the afterlife, everything always seemed to work out. The couples that were supposed to be together ended up together. Love won out. Hurley was the “luckiest man in the world.” Locke was cured of his paralysis. Things just always seemed to work out. For everyone. That’s the afterlife.

    • profile image

      Adam 7 years ago

      Walt wasn't there because the time on the island wasn't the most important time he spent in his life.

    • profile image

      Unexplained/Still Lost 7 years ago


      Perhaps the best way to look at Lost is that it was a more of a process than a single story.

      According to numerous reports, Ben was initially hired for three episodes. But the producers liked his character and his portrayal that they added Ben as a permanent part of the story.

      Ben's evolution tells us a great deal about Lost. Apparently the story was a "write as you go". You have a broad generalized plan. Write a few episodes at a time. Look at the "daily films". Keep what works. But stay sufficiently flexible in the story to evolve forward with what works well on screen with the actors you have, and flush "down the toilet" (to use your apt characterization) those parts of the story that aren't working in real time.

      A situational drama, if you will, which evokes the freedom of science fiction and fantasy to accommodate an evolution of the "situation" as the story progresses.

      Many of the comments posted here as to the meaning were undoubtedly correct if applied at the time the episode of group of episodes was aired. But the process employed by these producers focused on flexibility as a means to keep the series interesting. And by all reports they did just that and also changed the nature of television drama series in the process.

      The Dharma project; the mysterious numbers; they were a great ride while they lasted. Apparently the number 108 has a great significance in Buddhism. The large number was composed of smaller numbers that added up to 108. Most intriguing until it played out. Then apply the rule of flexibility to evolve the story based on those characters that are currently working well.

    • JoeWalmsley profile image

      JoeWalmsley 7 years ago from Detroit, MI

      Thank you everyone for your comments. After reading all of your takes on the end of the series, I think I'm going to write out a new explanation. You'll all get credit where it is deserved. I'll let you know when it's ready! Thanks again!

    • profile image

      I agree with Elliot  7 years ago

      Robbie don't know what he is taking about

    • profile image

      Elliott Avenue 7 years ago


      The idea of dying in the plane crash and then dying on the island is a little off? Nobody dies twice. And as for the ghosts on the island and stuff, I believe that happened. I mean, in our world today, people believe/seem to come in contact with ghosts and stuff, so why wouldn't it happen on that island. It's like someone dying in their house, and now they haunt it. I'm guessing for Michael, his purgatory took place on the island. He was stuck there because of what he did.

      The flash-sideways thing wasn't a place for them to fix their problems. It was a place they all created where they could find each other again, remember again, and move on together. The time they each spent on the island was important to them because of the bonds they formed with each other. They didn't want to be without each other, even after death. Desmond found a way for all of the to be together, so he went out of his way to make that happen.

      I want to know what happened to Walt.

    • profile image

      Robbie 2010 @ Elliot 7 years ago

      @ Elliott Ave,

      That's a good point, but if the island is not apart of the afterlife how do we explain the ghosts,- or being stuck there (Michael), the light on the island, the smoke monster, etc. What if the island is the connection between our world and the afterlife, hence all the weird and crazy stuff?

      Do you think that once you died on the island you moved on to the flash sides afterlife world? And you stay in that world until you are ready to let go or be awaken in the flash sideways world, and then move into the light? When Jack was on the island he died, and then in the flash sideways he realized he was dead at that point and then he could move on?

      What if they dead in the plane crash, and began at that moment of death a new life on the island, then die on the island at a current point, to be reborn again in the flash sideways world, to eventually move on to the final stage which is uniting with the light? Similar to reaching enlightenment? Everything is real because it moves you closer to unity with the light?


      Maybe all the crazy island stuff happened, it is what it is, a place where miracles happen, and when you die on the island your life is over, what happens next - fix on the problems you couldn't in life (flash sideways) and then move on?

      Anyone else what to comment, this is great.

    • profile image

      Elliott Avenue 7 years ago

      Robbie 2010, everyone did not die when the plane crashed. This is true for a number of reasons.

      At the end of the series finale, Jack's father said to Jack that the time he spent on the island was the most important time of his LIFE, implying that he was alive during that time. Christian did explain that all of that really happened.

      Also, take Juliet for example. She didn't crash on the island. While she was alive, she was taken there on a sub, so how could the island be hell?

      At the end of the finale, Christian said everyone in the church was ready to move on. Ben didn't go inside because he couldn't forgive himself for all of the bad things he had done, so he wasn't ready to move on with the rest of them.

      Finally, in regards to Hell, once you go to Hell, you are there for all eternity. So your theory doesn't make sense to me. Also, you cannot die in Hell. Dying in Hell would imply that they were alive, which contradicts your theory that they died when they crashed on the island.

      I'm not saying you're wrong, because this show is open to so much interpretation. I'm just saying that I think it's an incorrect theory, just my perspective of everything.\


    • profile image

      Still Lost 7 years ago

      A message from The Writers...

      To those seeking answers. Perhaps you didn't notice the series title was "Lost". Not "Found". Not "Lost and Found"

      We promised "Lost". We delivered "Lost". As in, we're Lost, you're Lost, the plot was Lost... It was always about being Lost. How could you not have known that?

      You joined the "Lost" club. We gave you "Lost".

      Hope that clarifies things.

    • profile image

      lozzie  7 years ago

      did nobody else not notice all the religios connections that kept coming up? read my previous comment about the words of the 23rd psalm or the hymn the lords my shepherd.also jacob, in the bible jacob was a twin, he fought with his twin brother esau, he dreamed of a ladder to heaven(jacobs ladder) he went to a land with an egyptian temple.finally he had a son called benjamin.the clues were there the religios theme could not be missed.don't get me wrong this still does not explain dharma,the numbers or why jack suddenly had a son but it certainly gave me a clue as to what it was all about several seasons ago.the only thing that ifound a revelation was the explanation that the time flashbacks/forwards were just an imaginary place that they needed so as they could all meet up and continue to the afterlife/ heaven call it what you will.the light was the most obvious clue of all that they were dead/dying and needed to find the light.don't they always say that when your time comes you will be guided to the other world by a loved one, jack by his father,sawyer by juliet,sayid by shannon etc.just my ramblings/opinions but the end had few surprises for me and i was left a little disappointed,however have enjoyed working out the meaning of the series in general and will miss it greatly.

    • profile image

      Robbie 2010 7 years ago

      When the Plane crashed in season one everyone died.

      The island is hell - as stated in the show.

      Once you die on the island - you move to purgatory(includes flash forward and side flashes) some people were going back to the island because they were not ready of the final stage of their afterlife journey., until you are able to let go of your life - to be free of sin / mistakes. Some were ready - others where not (Ben)

      Christian leads the way to have heaven.

      The previous stories were not meaningless, because it was what these characters had to go through in order to be pure.

    • profile image

      Carin 7 years ago

      I continue to feel a sense of frustration with regards to Lost, not that I'm at all surprised, mind you. Did anyone actually ever think that all questions were going to be answered at some point? To be honest, I don't believe there actually existed 'answers' to a lot questions as I suspect many things and plotlines were simply made up as they went along for shock value and sensation, and, let's face it, ultimately we were all in this for the ride, and not the destination. With this twist of an ending now revealed I think this tale could better have been told as a short story, instead of a mammoth 6-volume set of novels.

    • profile image

      Terry 7 years ago

      If you look at it as a near post death experience it is similar to the film "Jacob's Ladder", where you see a Vietnam vet severely injured and then jump to him returning home to a different life, where he is haunted by demons and the memory of his dead son. At the end you see it all took place in his mind as he lay dying in Vietnam and we see him moving on with his son.

    • profile image

      Disappointed Dave 7 years ago

      I like what Matt said;

      The flash sideways rules out the possibility of the island being purgatory - which makes the rest of the story ridiculous.

      I think the ending could still have been good had they simply made the island purgatory. But if the writers really didn't want to do that they could have come up with a much better ending than simply saying "it happened".

      Leaving that many unanswered questions is such a cop out.

    • profile image

      Matt 7 years ago

      Ok, so they ended the show with a reveal that was well acted and well produced and neatly wrapped up with a sense of finality...


      Does it not stink like it's all been one massive re-write to anyone else?

      After the first season everyone loved this show and all the theories started soon after... The most popular of which was the purgatory theory... Something tells me that that was the original ending to this show.. and not the adjusted "created purgatory/most important time" ending.

      Here's my take on it all...

      If you imagine the island being purgatory wherein people are seeking what they need to move on, season by season we got a new take on (what we can only imagine) the questions, the feelings involved around accepting that they were dead...

      Season 1: We had the initial shock and awe of a strange and unfamiliar place and basic survival instincts took precedence over the more meaningful questions. The season had lots of definitive questions with no definitive answers given. The flashbacks were used as device to reflect on life (if you imagine them from each character's thoughts) to break away from the feelings of frustration, fear and desperation from being on an island inhabited by various people (and monsters).

      Season 2: After finding the hatch (which is the first definitive discovery for every character) the characters search for scientific explanation of where they are and how they can get out. The "tailies" are introduced as an empathetic tool to show the main cast that their questions are not the only ones being asked - adding a sense of acceptance to proceedings (and their environment). "The others" are introduced as a catalyst for the islanders to find answers, due to the fear and confusion they invoked: which is then further explored by more detailed flashbacks.

      Season 3: This season is largely the same as season 2, however the desperation/frustration at no definitive answers being discovered and the desire to find at least one answer takes over the central plot of most of the characters. The "rescue team" finally arrives to provide another catalyst for an escape, spurring the characters to actually believe they are going to leave the "island" and return to their normal lives.... However, it's not Penny's boat, ergo it's not the way out. Which in turn provokes hostility and anger in individuals..

      Season 4: Uses flash forwards (which are filled with failure, remorse, guilt and sadness) to give the characters a motive to leave the island and do it differently. The season is filled with themes of angst and longing to move on. Widmore's people act as another catalyst to explore different solutions to the overall predicament of being stuck on an island by using hostility and provoking action. As a result, what they were exploring "disappears" when they eventually leave and they are ultimately left justifying this action (or, version of themselves in the flash forwards) and find this ultimately unsatisfactory.

      Season 5: Uses the time shifts to allow most of the characters to understand other people's plights. How people tried religion, science and hostility to find answers throughout history... This provides momentary peace to some characters and the arrival of flight 316 allows the characters to search for answers together (or almost accept that there is no real answer), rather than individually as before. This triggers a vastly sped up escalation of events to a point where one definitive solution (the H-bomb) seems the appropriate action for the main characters in lieu of more existential answers.. Ergo, if they change their past they can move on.. time travel 101. However the introduction of a physical manifestation of Jacob and the MIB suggest that the solution to their collective problem may be more spiritual than scientific.

      Season 6: Explores the "what if's" via the form of the flash-sideways...And in a stark contrast to season 4, where the events of "what might have been" are filled with hope, love and acceptance. These themes (along with Jacob and MIB/FLocke and the temple people's stories) enforce the idea to for the main characters to forgo logical reasoning (we stop hearing the characters question what the hell is going on all the time) and search for a "spiritual H-Bomb" and thusly the island's "source" appears from thin air. The characters suddenly have purpose and by overcoming the metaphorical hurdle (Flocke) and what he represents they are able to accept love, loss, responsibility and ultimately death.

      In short... It's almost like one big exploration of a 6 step program on how to deal with your own death. They explore reason and doubt, science and faith, imagination and fact, as well as (ultimately) denial and acceptance

      If we are to view it from the perspective that the island WAS Purgatory, we can allow the smaller (and weirder) questions to be left untouched as we can try to relate with what might be going through someone's head whilst in purgatory.. and can forgive the sudden inclusion of a polar bear, or a pirate ship, or a murderous plume of smoke and assume that a "christian sheppard" will turn up as a guide before the end (if you assume faith is the answer that is!)


      IN terms of the actual finale... The most important thing I noticed from the show (in terms of answers, meaning, resolution etc) was the end credits.. where we saw the wreck of Oceanic 815 on the island and we were to presume that everyone died in the crash, regardless of how/why it crashed. And, by that logic, that makes the island Purgatory and the entire show made sense (for the most part)


      We were told by "christian sheppard" The island was real and that everything that happened, happened...

      So that includes the weird island, the smoke monster, a non aging man, polar bear research, dharma, time travel etc... and we are left without any overall answers about why these things exist and are to just assume that these things actually happened to a doctor, a criminal, a rocker etc.

      TO ME, it seems that this ending was a direct result of the audience wising up to the writers at a very early stage... The first season was such a success (and planted all the seeds of self-exploration after death/purgatory) that they could not go back completely on the purgatory theme, so instead they tweaked the ending with the flash-sideways as a created purgatory ending... and to me, it doesn't quite fit.

      It seems like a cop out from the writers on the basis that they've always prided themselves with knowing more than we (the audience) do at all times... however.. it kind of turns out we might have been correct right from the start... or half correct... or... fuck it, it's over...time to watch The Wire instead.

    • profile image

      claire 7 years ago

      im from scotland and got up at 5 this moarning to watch it so i was a bitty groggy

      but what i took from this amazing program was

      They crashed on the island and at one point or another each of them died its been said the show is about the characters and i think its was about the bonds they made that's how there was only certan people in the church at the end and the sideways time line was there limbo where they can wait intill they figure out there dead and all move on together

      just my theory :D .

    • profile image

      simonbutler 7 years ago

      Is it a coincidence that 'Lost' and 'Ashes to Ashes' (i'm British) finished the same week with very similar reveals...they were all dead and waiting to realise it?

      Admitedly the Americans do it with more style and more parallel plots to confuse

    • profile image

      Unsatisfied 7 years ago

      From a plot standpoint the ending made no sense whatsoever. One example; the season started with Jack having a 12 year old son we've never seen or heard of. That raised a lot of questions among the audience. So what do we do with the 12 year old son? Simple. John Locke remarks that Jack has no son. And Poof! Son is gone. Never existed. Was just an out-of-work adolescent actor who needed a job and the writers happened to need some filler for the season...

      And then there's Penney. Never set foot on the island. Didn't know a soul at the soul's funeral, except Desmond. No problem. After all, that time on the Island was the best time of her life even though she wasn't ever there.

      And Ben remarks to Hurley that Desmond can't leave since the rules are that no one gets to leave. Hurley says we'll change the rules. All's fine except that it was the very same Ben who forced Widlock to leave the Island. That allowed for quite a bit of good drama as Widlock plotted to get back to the Island and have his revenge on Ben. But no attempt whatsoever to square the rule that no one is allowed to leave with Widlock's being intentionally kicked off the Island.

      And it goes on and on... No attempt to have any coherency or explanation for any of the mysteries the viewers were attempting to explain.

      Great acting. Good and intriguing characters and character development. But an ever changing, and ultimately incoherent story.

      Let's have a funeral. The End.

    • profile image

      Chris 7 years ago

      The island wasn't exactly empty during the credits... there was a burning plane. Which could've either been the original flight 815 or the plane that they flew to get off the island at the end