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Love So Divine, Korean Drama, Starring Ha Ji Won and Kwon Sang Woo

Updated on August 18, 2016
Maria Cecilia profile image

Maria Cecilia loves watching Korean Drama. She is not just a writer, she is a fan of Korean Actress HAJIWON

Credit to Hancinema for the photos
Credit to Hancinema for the photos | Source

Deo Gratias

Love so Divine was shown in Korea, August 2004, though this is already a 7 year old movie, I consider this still a "must see" movie especially to those who just became "Ha Ji Won" fans. Just like me, I know they are also curious about their idol's former works, and the way she looks in her younger days. She played Yang Bong-Hee, a liberated, careless, gal who came from America to visit his priest uncle and to meet her fiancée.

The Leading man is equally popular Kwon Sang Wo, Korean novella fanatics must be familiar with him, he was Cholo in Stairway to Heaven, He played opposite Lee Yo Won in Bad Love, and recently opposite Go hyun Jung in "Big Thing" or Daemul, another Korean Novella airing in the Philippines.In love so Divine, he portrayed the role of Kim Kyu-Sik, a determined Seminarian expecting to be ordained as a priest.

For sure, reviews about this were written years ago, so I will not focus much on the story anymore, but more on what I've noticed about the film.

Deo Gratias, A Latin Phrase that means "Thanks be to God". The Seminarian Kim Kyusik always said this phrase. At the start of the movie when he woke up fellow seminarians, this is his opening phrase. I can't forget the part when he was telling Bong Hee about the phrase, He said "when you are too shy to express your love just say Deo gratias",

When Kyusik and Friend rode a bus to go back to the seminary for their ordainment, the school girl whom they met in the town where they had their punishment rode the bus too only to let Kyusik read the love letter she wrote for her crush, there was a part in the letter that the girl said "deo gratias" obviously she did not know the meaning of it. The girl asked him about the meaning of "Deo Gratias", because she heard Bong Hee said those words whenever he (Kim Kyusik) passed by, the girl even said she thought it was the a kind of curse. I guess this is the link that made Kim Kyusik more confused.

What a Twist

Kim Kyu sik is the more serious seminarian as compared to his naughty and curious friend played by actor Kwin in Kwon, Kim Kyusik got into trouble because of him. But in the latter part of the story he was the one who became a priest.

With fellow seminarian best friend played by Kwin in Kwon
With fellow seminarian best friend played by Kwin in Kwon | Source
Confessing his growing hatred to Bong Hee
Confessing his growing hatred to Bong Hee | Source

Bong Hee as Lamb, Kim Kyusik as her Shepherd

One of the tasks assigned to Kyusik is to convince Bong Hee to get baptized. But it was not easy dealing with the careless, outspoken girl... at times when he wants to give up, his friend shundal always reminded him that Bong Hee is his Lamb that losses her way so he must lead her.

Working together in the orphanage and trying to be with her always to keep her safe, Kyusik just found himself falling in love with her. but he felt that he can't tell her about it.


The Story of Kim Kyu sik's locket

Kim Kyusik has a very interesting and touching story for his locket. He told this story to Bong Hee, he said when he was younger, his father gave him this locket, As expression of his love for his parents, he put their picture inside the locket. When his father saw it, his father said "you should only place your greatest love's photo here". the father removed their picture and replaced it with the photo of Mama Mary.

At the church, after the announcement that Kyusik and Shundal will be going back to the seminary for their ordination Kyusik gave the locket to Bong Hee, but he did not give it directly to her but just placed it on top of her handkerchief. Bong Hee did not attend the ordination.

At time of his ordinatiion, Kyusik decided not to pursue with it, at that time, Bong Hee was at the airport, with her ex boyfriend, she did not accept his proposal but they remained friends. At the airport too she decided to look at the locket that Kyusik gave her, when she opened it there was no photo inside but a small mirror, enough for Bong Hee to see herself.... and it was then she realized what Kyu sik wanted to tell her, That He loves her, and she is now his greatest love. Bong Hee left the airport to go back to Kyusik

What I like about the movie

I Like the latter part, when Bong Hee returned to the church where her uncle serves, and found Kyusik there. It was actually where they obviously admitted their love for each other, but Kyusik was crying because of guilt maybe because it appeared like he chose Bong Hee over God. Both of them were crying, I love the part where Bong Hee was consoling him.

The ending talked about loving God, Kyusik though decided to have Bong Hee instead of becoming a priest, still remains God's faithful follower. He even became a Shepherd to his Lamb that is Bong Hee.

Again I love Ha Jiwon here....I am maybe uncomfortable with her character here as liberated and exaggerated american girl, still it means when you are affected you just got immersed with her in her role..LOL.. and she's really doubt about that...

© 2011 Maria Cecilia


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    • Maria Cecilia profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Cecilia 

      9 years ago from Philippines

      oh yes it's word I don't use often and I guess I read the word ordainment in one of the reviews so I thought it was right to use it. I will try to edit though..

    • giopski profile image


      9 years ago from Oakland, California

      This seems to be a very interesting movie as I'm a fan of Korean telenovelas myself. In fact, I've just finished watching "Pink Lipstick" - a heavy drama where the main actress was actually awarded for her excellent acting. Some things to consider: when you said "ordainment" you actually mean "ordination," right? Just be careful coming from the clerical state myself, you could be misinterpreted. Also, there are several spoilers mentioned in the review so make sure to give the readers a heads up.

      Over-all your hub is a great help. Read some of mine for Koreanovelas which might interest you too.


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