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Love for Ginnifer Goodwin

Updated on August 24, 2012

She’s always the sidekick, the best friend, the third wife, the brunette on the sidelines--but she’s oh so much more.

The first time I saw Ginnifer Goodwin was on Big Love when she was playing as the character Margene. Lovable little Margene with her big smile and her haphazard ways. Over the years I’ve seen her in a lot more roles and I’ve fallen for her even more.

If there’s one thing I can definitely say about her, the girl has charm.

It did, however, bother me more than a little bit when she was said to have played the same role twice in the films He’s Just Not that Into You and Something Borrowed, when in actuality she played two totally different characters very convincingly.

In the movie He’s Just Not That Into You she played Gigi, a lovely loving love-optimist with one goal: getting in a relationship. She was all smiles during this movie even with tears in her eyes. She was endearing. In the movie Something Borrowed she played a recently turned thirty year old with some disturbing self-esteem issues. Not only was she best friends with a girl that emotionally abused her (and her character took it with delight), but instead of going after the guy she liked, she pushed him in the direction of her best friend who she thought was more worthy of his love and affections than she was. Not only that, but she also lived vicariously through her best friend and was a bundle of fake forced smiles throughout most of the entire film, totally unlike Gigi. How the hell were those the same characters? If anything, people should’ve been complaining about her costar Kate Hudson who plays virtually the same character (as her mom Goldie Hawn did throughout most of her career) in nearly ALL of her movies. Hudson was just coming off the heels of the movie Bride Wars in which she actually DID play the same selfish and emotionally abusive character to her “best friend”, another brunette, that time played by Anne Hathaway. In Bride Wars she had the more enviable relationship and was the blond haired fun loving girlfriend that everyone wanted to be around. Yet no one says anything about Hudson…hmm… And yet Goodwin, like Hathaway, actually does play a plethora of different characters.

This time around my beloved GG is starring in the TV show Once Upon A Time, a show that tells a series of remade fairy tales. Goodwin stars as Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard, a role in which I think she pulls off flawlessly.

I truly hope that in her next movie role we’ll get to see her play the lead instead of just the supporting actress because she definitely has the chops. But as Snow White, I have to admit, she absolutely shines, and I enjoyed her in the first season of Once Upon A Time, and I’m looking forward to her coming back to reprise her role in the fall.


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