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Lovely Feeling

Updated on August 27, 2010
love her
love her

Let me the be one you want to see

hold you very close to my heart baby

ignore the rumors that the haterz make

let's take alil walk by our favorite lake

Shawty you my girl till the very end

you so beyond perfect more than just a friend

an when my heart is down, I simply see yo smile

it brightens up my day for more than just awhile

let the summer sun set till it's night

ask you 20 questions till the feelings right

this opportunity to give love a chance

will subdue all the bad when we slowly dance

and run through the halls like maniacs

love crazy people with this prize on they backs

we lovers all day and huggers all night

let's do it baby my wifey


And when my love is down

(All I gota do is)

take a turn around

(baby help me through it)

baby you the sound,

to my love, to my heart

;) oh B...


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