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MLDD has Just Invented a New Art Form, Posh Froth

Updated on April 27, 2017
movielardatadare profile image

This author has a Bachelor's in Psychology (Baylor University) and a Doctorate in Reso Froth (Resolamb Castle). He enjoys writing.

What is Posh Froth, dude?

The birthplace of Posh Froth is Texas.

If you are anxious to hear the first song of Posh Froth, you can check it out if you do your research very well.

The name of the genre is Posh Froth. The particular dances associated with it are mystery dances. Ooh la la! Influences on Posh Froth are Prep Froth.

There are strict rules to Posh Froth. There is to never be a single cuss word in Posh Froth. If a cuss word is present in a song, then it will NEVER be Posh Froth. There is to never be sporting connotations in Posh Froth. If a song has sporting connotations or talking explicitly about the opposite gender in vulgar ways, then that song will NEVER be Posh Froth. There is to never be violence in Posh Froth. If violence is present in a song, then it will NEVER be Posh Froth. There is never to be weapons in Posh Froth. If weapons are present in a song, then it will NEVER be Posh Froth.

Fun and high energy must be a part of every Posh Froth song. Prep Froth had super uber complicated beats. Posh Froth is the ascension of Prep Froth, so it doesn't need complicated beats. Simple uncomplicated beats make up many Posh Froth songs. Musical notes must pepper the landscape of a Posh Froth song. Large amounts of parody and comedy must be present. For instance, Like an Oven makes me laugh when I hear it. Also, one must be dedicated to bringing back the late 80's early 90's type of musical sound. See, today's music is crappy, stinky, stanky, stunky, full of cusswords, full of naughty things, evil, crusty, pointless, meaningless, trashy, um, did I leave anything out? Join me and let's put some cologne and some perfume in the music scene. Let's get all fresh like and bring people back to that 80's 90's era of music! The people of Posh Froth have spoken! It shall be done.

The following gives an example of how to explain the Prep Froth art form. When you feel ready, make yourself a couple of Prep Froth tracks. Who knows? You just might get millions of plays and become a Prep Froth legend! So far, there are only 3 Prep Froth legends.

Lyrics Explained of Parakeet (Prep Froth Mix)

I love parakeets. They have many different rainbow colors and beautiful hues. They relax me. It's also cool that some of them can be taught to talk. I've been wanting to make a song about parakeets for the longest time. And I've finally done so.

A parakeet in your living room is a nice decoration. Doesn't matter if it's alive or surgically manipulated by the taxidermist. This is a new music genre down here in Texas. It's called Prep Froth. If you taste Prep Froth, you'll find it's delicious like Candy Coated Popcorn. Prep Froth is associated with the Texan dance G Ward Step.

Prep Froth includes a bunch of comedy and silliness. Those of you who know me know that I'm a person who loves humor. Why wouldn't my music genre be the same way? The Prep Froth is also a Texan dance. When you're driving in your car around 3 A.M., feel free to play Prep Froth music.

The G Ward Step is also known as the Jee Steppe. The Jee Steppe is sometimes slightly modified.

There is no rudeness or vulgarity in Prep Froth music. Little kids can listen to it. It's about time I go on ahead and bus out Prep Froth music to the world. Those of us who are in my clique and my circle of friends will not be distracted.

My clique and I are working to emancipate Texan talent to the rest of the world. Right now it's chained down and not too many of ya'll know about us. I'm quite certain I'm probably the first dude you've heard of from Tha LJ.

Dr. Steward HK and Time Travel

When most people hear the term time travel, they think of someone actually physically going to the year 2050 (or whatever year) and then dwelling in that year. It's not about the physical, baby. I am physically in 2017. See, with the information that I've found out from my excursions into the future, I get to help shape society for better or worse. I can choose to help shape society in a positive way or a negative way. I choose a positive way. Why? Because I already know the future. Sadly, humanity is going to self-destruct. Wars and battles over religion is going to be humanity's destruction. You've heard it from me, baby. However, those who pay attention to Frothism will avert the future disasters. I will give you humans a road map all the way past 2050. If I tell you to turn right, you better turn right. If I tell you to stay in the middle of the road, you better stay in the middle of the road.

Thousands of you will believe what I have to say and heed my warnings. You are wise to do so. I am against the one eye society. Why? Because the one eye society is going to cause humanity's self destruction. Those sickos believe in order through chaos. What kind of stupid philosophy is that? The one eye society worships Lucifer aka Satan aka the Devil. I am a member of the ZionAncientz. We combat the evil works of the one eye society. We worship God and Jesus Christ.

I am a servant of God and Jesus Christ. I spread the Gospel. Christians understand that we have a calling to share the Bible with others. It's our duty to be Watchmen of this fallen world. Beestmeel is nothing more than a vehicle. It is a well designed tool that is utilized to cloak the real message. See, I knew I couldn't overtly go out and promote my Christianity. Why not? Well, I've had best friends who are atheists. That's right, not just friends, best friends. They'll confirm what I'm telling you, baby. So I know what the mind of an atheist thinks. How it works. What makes it tick. The mind of an atheist is a simple mind. I can see why they think they come from monkeys. I utilized my knowledge of atheists to then construct Beestmeel. Beestmeel was my bait. And what happened? Numerous atheists bit my bait. They got my large hook in their mouth. Wrapped around it, baby. Don't forget. We Christians call ourselves Fishers of men. I fish for both men and women. Think of it! Dr. Steward HK, fishing for cute widdle atheist fishies! So cute!

Like an Oven by Steward HK Lar Diligent


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    • movielardatadare profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Texas

      Wow! Thanks for the comments! Glad you enjoyed it! That's the key to my music: no swearing, no violence, no bad stuff. I know what you mean: I can't listen to any of the stuff out today. Lady Gaga and the rest of those types are people I steer clear from. I haven't listened to the radio for who knows how many years now. Thanks for your input, Michele!

    • Michele Travis profile image

      Michele Travis 

      6 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio

      Very interesting type of music. Loved it, no swearing, no violence. I would rather have my children listening to that then most of the music then pretty much anyone puts out there right now. Lady Gaga and people like her are pretty awful.

      Thank you for sharing this hub, it is very good.


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