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Updated on April 14, 2014

Album Released June 28th, 2013

Mr. Ivory Snow vividly personified the complete essence of resilience; proclaiming his hungrily desire to obtain nothing shy of greatness, as he took us through the heart-felt battle of his latest Album Entitled “Rugged”. The word Rugged itself emphasizes severe hardship and trouble encountered by one’s experiences; and describes the outcome of him who is strong enough to endure those obstacles; making one almost unstoppable, and undeniably determined to Succeed. The Album was a gold-mine. It veered into the overall struggles of life which is something we all can relate to; emphasizing that through perseverance and faith one is able to reach their ultimate goal. Mr. Ivory Snow exemplified that crucial theme and even symbolized it on his captivating cover art wearing a black hat with piercing eyes glimpsing over the American Flag.

The 17 track LP, which includes the Bonus song “Down” (Band Camp Release Only), started out with the song “Rugged” which touched on the bomb going off in Boston, with prayers for those who lost their lives. It is Reflective of the incredible Ups and downs in this world and expresses how desperately we need God. Snow covered the catchy track with the lyrics “it’s a Rugged World we living in, I hope the Lord come and save us”. Each track that followed, far from disappointed. The second and Third track “Raw” and “Drug Dealer Lexus” gave its own feel and draws you in with its upbeat-tempo’s, where Mr. Ivory Snow rapped in Drug Dealer Lexus about the trickery of America’s opportunities and getting money. Many looked at the fourth track and automatically thought the next track was strictly X-rated, but once the beat dropped on the 6 min and 52 second track “P.O.R.N (patience Over Revolution Now)” we all felt the compelling universal action of starting a revolution. From a critical standpoint, the beat for a minute had you feeling like you took foot into a Kanye Concert but the track expressed something we most definitely all could feel. The song carried “The Interlude of Sloth” at the end of the track which was most profound and well needed. The poetic piece by Brianna Hope; left you engulfed with the careless nature of a sloth, which is usually one whom is idle and slacks in movement or action, Sucking all of the life and energy out of another. Leading to the next song “The Song of the Sloth”, after listening to it, there is no way you couldn’t hear it just once; you had to replay the song back to back. On the track, was the real trial of not having enough, barely surviving with pass due bills, unemployment and eviction notices, but the hook carried the careless nature of the “sloth” of not worrying. “I just wanna smoke my weed and sip all day”.

Lyrically the Album was sick; it is definitely one of the realest Album's out there, because it presented a versatile flow and gave you something that most rappers couldn’t even bring to the table, true music. The Album was filled with beats that felt somewhat familiar and others that had you recognizing the artistic talent involved in making Snow’s Album a clear standout. The second half of the Album went steadily hard with Snow throwing out his full aggression. Mr. Ivory Snow made it very clear he is “the best”. He rapped about how hungry he is with no deal, stressing while these other rappers were just soft. He pushed the envelope; letting you know he was on the Edge, but that Purple Kush got Snow feeling High, cause he’s feeling low. Almost self-expressive the songs “Suicide”, “Leave me alone” and “The Edge“ left you in chills, letting you know just how real it is in the streets, how he’s dying to Live; almost at the verge of suicide, and reiterating in the song of how he is trying figure out why his father left.

The track “Slow it down ft The kid Daytona” took us back with a familiar sound. The sensual slow vibe made you feel right at home. Which opened to the next song “May em Say”.

The song “Criticize”, magnified how people don’t really know the artist, always having something to say, Ivory Snow rapped about people being all in his business, trying give him advice when their lives aren’t even together. “Talk like God” had a beautiful hook by Durand Bernar, which exemplified “that at the end of the day im just doing me”. The MC rapped about his love for the city and his respect for those who came before him. “The Song Forever” was immense with its unforgettable hook “I’ve been Writing this song Forever, and Ever, and Ever”. The track filled his inner most feeling about a broken love that gave him the death blow, eagerly asking if this love was truly real; the MC raps about how he cherished the time he had and now is letting it all go. Closing the LP was the Bonus Track “Down”.

I guarantee that anyone who listens to this Album Rugged” will be thoroughly pleased, Mr. Ivory Snow is an Artist that will truly take the whole Industry by surprise. - Sarah A.


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