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MUSIC- It's role and Evolution

Updated on August 3, 2011

A Gift

Can you imagine your life without music? No lullaby, no romantic songs to inspire your heart, no pop songs to make make you lively, no symphony- life for sure is so boring.

In many ways, music affects our emotions. Like me, and some people I know, music calms their emotions. It can also make us happy or make us sad or emotional. Music is in our hearts. Why? Simply because music is a gift from God. That is why we need to value it and make it pleasurable to everyone.


People started listening to music thousands of years ago. Researches in Archaeology show that before our modern generation, tribes in Africa used drums, maracas and improvised stringed instruments. Ancient Chinese used panpipes and an old model of harmonica . Egyptians, Indians, Israelite, and Mesopotamia used the alpha, another stringed instrument.

In the Bible, it stated that King Solomon was very fond of music. He even imported the best kinds of woods for the production of alpha and other instruments with strings.


Before, ancient people times, for them to be able to hear a music, they must know how to play instruments or listen to someone playing. But nowadays, people can listen to any kind of music that they want to hear with just a button of a player or a click in a mouse. This is because any kinds of music can now be recorded or downloaded and be played to gadgets like ipod, mp3 and mp4 players, cellphones, etc. These are the ones that can be conveniently carried to anywhere. 

A survey shows that in the year 2009, kids between 8 and 18 years of age spent more than 2 hours everyday listening to music and other recordings.

This trend today is the reason why music and modern technologies used in music are becoming ones of the largest industries in the world. Yes, music is big business. But have you thought how a song/music becomes a big hit?

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