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MY Blood Is Type-O

Updated on March 15, 2011



Tis my blood type,
it was what Poe
was tied up with often,
thus the drinking
the drugs,
and the raving,
which became
The Raven.

It is even found in
the word poetry...
POeTrY contains TYPO
less the er
which is human.

It turns editors
into predators,
as they pore
over all those
missing letters
like some twisted
wheel of fortune,
when fingers fly
faster then the brain
over the keys
to poetic bliss.

There is a spell check
to cash in on,
a bank full of corrections,
one can draw from.

But one can still go
bankrupt in the castastrophe
of the apostrophe
and just how it's deposited
in *it's* accounting of words.

So beware of the typo,
the typHoID
of most poets thats hid,
in plain view for all to see,
when the poem is done,
but not yet ready
for prime time.



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