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13. My girl 2 1994 USA colour PG

Updated on March 8, 2013

Romantic Comedy Drama


From this sequel to my girl comes a coming of age tale about Vada's life and how she has blossomed from a young child to a young teenage women. It's 1974 and Vada margaret Sultenfuss (Anna Chlumsky) has hit her teenage years, and like most teenagers she's not quiet grown up, but she is no child either. Vada has to cope with puberty, misinterpreted and misunderstood language from her friends, adjusting to new situations in her life like changing bedrooms, and gaining a baby brother from her stepmother Shely Devoto Sultenfuss (Jamie Lee Curtis) is hard on anyone let alone a teenager.

When Vada gets an assignment task to write about someone she has never met, she chooses her mother. After having a heated discussion with her father Harry Sultenfuss (Dan Aykroyed)she sets off for Los Angeles to do her homework on her mother she never met because she died giving birth. Vada stays with her uncle Phil Sultenfuss(Richard Masur)and his already made family Rose Zsigmond (Christine Ebersole) Nick Zsigmond (Austin O' Brien).

The research did not get off to a good start due to the fact that Nick was complaining about having to waste his vacation by accompanying Vada on her journey, then Vada found out that the high school that her mother use to go to was no longer there because it had been burn't down.

Tracking down her mother's old school friends was no easy task,but when she did Vada wished she hadn't because she was told things about her mother she did not want to believe because Vada had conjured up a perfect image of what her mother was like. Vada felt like her world had shattered all around her once again,and that she felt she did not belong.

In the end all well that ends well; positive feed-back was given to Vada about her mother,so she completed her homework,Vada and Nick managed to stop arguing as their friendship blossomed into a romantic night out on the tiles,around china town where Vada had her ears pierced. Uncle Phil throw a jested remark to Rose his live in lover and business partner whilst covered in grease, and Vada just got home in time to see that her step mother had the baby.

My girl 2 is a romantic comedy,suitable for people who enjoy having soppy and emotional moments. This likable coming of age drama contains some emotional & sentimental scenes, some romance, learning how to cooperate with one another and working through issues, heartaches, disappointments, and being honest no matter how awkward it is.

Directed by: Howard Zieff

Written by: Janet Kovalcik (written by) Laurice Elehwany (characters)

Ashley Lauren JudyAykroyd Dan Harry Sultenfuss Ball Angeline Maggie Muldovan Benson Cindy Esther Beymer Richard Peter Webb Bradley Lisa Katie Butler Megan Wardrobe lady(uncredited) Chlumsky Anna Vada Margaret Sultenfuss Cowles Brendan acting troupe Curtis Lee Jamie Shelly Sultenfuss Donnelley Alex acting troupe Ebersole Christine Rose Zsigmond Fleischer Charles cab driver Graham Gerrit Dr. Sam Helburn Gummersall Devon rich boy Hildebrand Dan Hari Krishna Jones. R. Anthony Arthur Jupiter Mark acting troupe Koprova Misa acting troupe Markell Jodie Hillary Mitchell Masur Richard Phil Sultenfuss Morris Aubrey Alfred Beidermeyer Murphy Elizabeth Mary acting troupe Nevil Alex acting troupe O' Brien Austin Nick Zsigmond Olson Ryan Kevin's gang Olson Tamara wedding guest (uncredited) Parkes.R. James Lenny(as James Parkes) Purdham David mr Owett Richardson Beau Kevin's gang Schaal Wendy Emily Pommeroy (uncredited) Sifuentes Kevin Julio Souther .D.J Jeffrey Pommeroy (as John David Souther) Stein Ben Stanley Rosenfeld Sumner Bart Harold Thomson Roland Kevin Wagner Rachel Nancy Wallace George Gnarly old man (as George D Wallace) Wedel Renee beverly hills matron (as Renee Wedel) Young Keone Daryl Tanaka


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