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MY Love For Music -- Among The Musicians -- Van Morrison….

Updated on January 16, 2017

MY Love For Music -- Among The Musicians -- Van Morrison….

My beloved mom once reminded me about the import of music… opining that even children, before some of them could talk, find themselves dancing to music; and it is true that those of you who know me know that the late Minneapolis musician, Prince, is my favorite musician -- not so much because I like everything that the purple genius has done -- but for his sheer, Christ Jesus’ given manifold gifts. Yet, my album collection, or moreover, my taste in music is akin to the many countries that make up the United Nations. To that sweet, toe-tapping, auditory end, I thought that I should pay homage to one of my favorites, still living musician, Van Morrison. It was in Concord, California, when I followed a friend to the record store to look for a Pablo Cruz album and I inadvertently heard Van Morrison’s music playing overhead and having the store clerk explained who he was, resulting in my subsequent purchase of many of his albums.

When one hears a Van Morrison song, it comes alive in one’s mind… so much so that whatever the green-eyed soul musician was going through at that juncture in his storied life… one share with him. Mr. Van Morrison is no different from the great song writers/musicians like the Biblical Moses, King David, and King Solomon, who among them, authored most of the Psalms and Proverbs, singing and recording poetry verses of the conditions of life and its vicissitudes… and in the end making contrition to some deity, and for I and Mr. Morrison, it is Christ Jesus.

As a boy, growing up in Saint Kitts/Nevis, with my young mind often teeming and pondering the wonders of God -- as manifested in the purple grapes that grow on our beaches; the goliath coconuts trees, accompanied with their sweet, thirst quenching nectar; the breadfruits -- the Eastern Caribbean version of the Irish potato; the visually stunning custard apple that is baby-tonsil-pink when ripe; the perfumed guavas; and the juicy sour-sop… so it is too that many of Van Morrison’s songs mention the beauty of his country, Ireland, and its Eden-like nature.

Mr. Morrison himself pays/plays homage to American music and in interviews he would speak glowingly about how he loves the late, Ray Charles; there are even classic duets that show his love for American music, especially with the pioneers of Bluesy-Soul music… like John-Lee-Hooker, Muddy Waters, and BB King. Mr. Morrison writes his own songs and is adept at playing many instruments -- as many have dubbed, Green-Eyed Soul -- and lest I forget that ‘voice’ that captures the emotional ups and downs of life.

We are told in the Gospel of John that everything one sees and every that cannot be seen was made by Christ Jesus before He donned mortal flesh… so as to enable our Salvation’ and in the Bible, in the Book of Ezekiel 28:13, we are told that Satan was, apparently, a walking musical instrument and the Bible implied that one of Satan’s duties was to be the Heavenly worship leader, who, in his haughtiness and arrogance, then, convinced one third of the Angelic hosts to betray the Lord - such is the lore of power, whereby, even music can be corrupted. Incidentally, if, in this mortal coil, I so enjoy music, I cannot even imagine what it is going to be like for my glorified ears to hear the Heavenly melodies to come.

I have obviously used songs from Van Morrison to show-case his genius… so if you have some leisure time, drill down into the hyperlinks scattered across this blog and enjoy the lyrical, musical master that Mr. Morrison is and enjoy the alphabet soup of sounds one can glean from listening to his music. The Van Morrison songs chosen are: Take Me Back; The Healing Has Begun; Sometimes We Cry; and a duet with John-Lee-Hooker of his classic, Gloria.


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