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Madonna - Our Modern-Day Magdalene

Updated on February 7, 2012

Madonna and the Western Form of Stoning


He/She Who Is Without Sin

For the past several decades Madonna has been our modern equivalent of Mary Magdalene.

When you peruse her body of work, you will find a lot of eroticism in her videos and lyrics, but nothing that seems particularly vulgar. Nevertheless, from the beginning of her "Material Girl" period to the present, she has been a magnet for stones of every kind. And I have to ask why?

Similar to when Elvis Presley entered the scene, there had been nothing like him before. He had no one to emulate, and neither did Madonna. Over the years Madonna has had to suffer the slings and arrows of an anal-retentive society, and she's been called every derogatory term in the English language, and yet she managed to work through the criticism and forged ahead -- reinventing her look/image with each new CD release.

The establishment simply dismissed her as a slut, but young girls saw something new, daring and individualistic about Madonna and began emulating her styles. Madonna took incredible chances to push the limits, and as much as the establishment disdained her, she kept succeeding. The power brokers made sure she didn't win the Oscar for her portrayal in "Evita," even though she clearly earned the award. Thus, for the Hollywood, Jewish establishment, she could not be separated from a fine performance and the IDEA of a woman without morals.

Her resiliency and fortitude are things to be admired. She invented herself again and again, and, thus, always seemed cutting edge, fresh, interesting. Her will to succeed enabled her to leap over some big obstacles in the entertainment industry. Madonna's opinions sometimes sound fantastic or manufactured (who can tell), but even here her statements gave her a tremendous amount of free press.

Madonna has certainly paid her dues by the costumes she wore and the risque lyrics she sang. Other newer artists will receive their acclaim, but in that period of time following Ludwig Van Beethoven's death, the predecessors always felt like they were living under his shadow -- Robert Schumann, Franz Schubert, Johannes Brahms -- even until the time of Gustav Mahler and Anton Bruckner. We have new mimics today, but they are just that -- mere shadows of the artistry of Madonna.

Whether it is classical music or pop, it's daunting to try and measure up to the giants who proceeded an artist. Madonna's career has spanned some thirty years. Who will be able to match that? Who can hold the number one spot for three decades? Most of the people reading/writing in the arena area cannot imagine how long a period of time that is in the world of show biz.

I never witnessed Madonna crossing the line, i.e., she never became pornographic -- just highly suggestive and as sexy as she could muster. I don't see anything wrong with that. After all, with such performances, it was always easy to switch from MTV to another channel. In my mind she made the subject of sexuality almost comedic (at times).

Yes, even to this day she gets stones thrown at her. Some may think her a harlot, but even if she were, what right do you have to cast aspersions in her direction? Is your own soul so pure that you feel free and justified to condemn others. If so, write me an email, and if you're open and willing, I'll point out where you have no right to judge. If Jesus could protect a public prostitute, the least we can do is form a protective ring around a woman who has committed no sins (unless you are of the most prudish of mind).

If you like her music and performances -- fine. If you don't, that's fine too. But, don't pretend that you know what is inside her heart. Don't pretend that you stand so far above her that you can pick up your favorite stone and cast it in her direction. If so, the action says everything about you, and nothing about Madonna. If you want to get at Madonna, you will have to come through me first, and I will find stones heavier than yours to hurl back. You can bruise me all you wish, but I will find a way to open up your skull and let in some heavenly light.


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    • aslaught profile image

      aslaught 5 years ago from Alabama

      Interesting hub!