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Madonna Photos and Videos

Updated on June 29, 2013

After upsetting both the Anglican and Catholic Churches now Madonna has managed also to upset the Russian Orthodox Church. The Russian Church refused to allow her to recently perform in the former Red Square. She has been told that she is not welcome to perform anywhere in Moscow.

Madonna was born in 1958 near Detroit and back then she still had a last name. She was Madonna Ciccone at birth. She went thru a really rough childhood. Her Mother died of cancer when Madonna was only six years old. She grew up having regular Piano Lessons , Ballet Lessons and Singing Lessons.

Since she started her music career in 1982 she has had many chart topping number one albums and records. It is an interesting fact that " The Guinness Book of World Records " lists Madonna as the most successful female recording artist of all time.

In case you don't know it Madonna has in her life had two middle names. They were Louise and Veronica. But it was not very long after her career took off that she became known as simply Madonna.

When Madonna came to New York City to try to make it big she says it was the bravest thing she has ever did in her life. When she got to New York City she had only $35.00 in her pocket.

She said she had little money for a long time. She cleaned Motel Rooms at one time in exchange for a free room and another time worked at Dunkin Doghnuts.

Her album " Like A Virgin " was her first big hit and with it Madonna never had to work for anyone else again.

And while you won't find any Madonna Rapidshare Videos on this page you will find some really great Madonna Videos and some great Madonna Photos below.

This Page Is All About Madonna

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Madonna Pepsi Commercial

Above is the Madonna Pepsi Commercial that Pepsi pulled after it was only shown a few times in the New York Market. Watch it and see what you think.

Madonna says that her Italian heritage and Catholic background are what influenced her career more than any thing. She says that she really does believe in the Catholic Church and that she is just simply misunderstood for the things she has done in her music videos.

Madonna opposes current President George Bush and the war in Iraq. She said that understood and supported the attack by the US on Afghanastan but that she got lost completely when Bush invaded Iraq and she thinks he did also.

Madonna says that she is an Italian American and is very proud of that fact.

And as we said above you won't find any Madonna Rapidshare Videos here but you will find lots of Madonna Videos and Madonna Photos and we hope you enjoy your visit here.

Madonna Video Slide Shows

The below three videos are filled with all kinds of Madonna Photos for you to watch and enjoy. We hope you enjoy these great Madonna Photos.

Madonna is a Singer / Actor

She Was Born: 16 August 1958

Her Birthplace Was : Bay City, Michigan

What Is She Best Known For : Pop superstar singer of "Like a Virgin"

You can find the Madonna like a Virgin Video above. Watch it and see what you think.

Name at birth: Madonna Louise Ciccone

She is from Italian American Back Ground in her heritage and says she considers herself an Italian American. Madonna used a mixture of talent, pulchritude and relentless self-promotion to become one of the most famous recording artists of the 20th century.

She released her self-titled first album in 1983 in the guise of a streetwise ragamuffin, and over time she kept one step ahead of the game by jumping from persona to persona: dance club queen, balladeer, cowgirl, channeler of the Mysterious East. She recently said that she wants to be taken more seriously and says you will see it in her new music coming out. Only time will tell.

Madonna said that at one time in her life she thought she was bisexual and was attracted to other women but she says she is over that now.

Her other albums have included Like a Virgin (1984), Ray of Light (1998, Music (2000), American Life (2003) and Confessions on a Dance Floor (2005). She has also acted in over a dozen movies, including Dick Tracy (1990, with Warren Beatty) and A League of Their Own (1992, with Rosie O'Donnell). No stranger to controversy, Madonna has long been a favorite of the tabloids on topics ranging from her racy videos and TV appearances to her sometimes-mystical religious beliefs to her marriages to actor Sean Penn (1985-89) and filmmaker Guy Ritchie (2000-present). Her daughter Lourdes was born in October of 1996, fathered by Madonna's personal trainer, Carlos Leon. In August of 2000 Madonna and Ritchie had a son, Rocco. In October of 2006 they adopted a a motherless 13-month-old child, David Banda, from the African country of Malawi.

Madonna attended the University of Michigan on a dance scholarship... Her daughter Lourdes is named for the site where Bernadette Soubirous saw visions of the Virgin Mary... A fall from a horse in 2005 left the pop star with a broken collarbone and three cracked ribs. She had drifted away from the Catholic Church but has recently been seen going to Mass on a regular basis. She said to some friends that she was surprized the roof of the church didn't fall in the first time she went back to the church.

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