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Magic Sets For Kids

Updated on June 16, 2011

Kids Love Magic

 It's as simple as that. The first time they see a trick they can't explain they want to see it again and again.

Magic forms a core component of the imagination of a child - the success of the Harry Potter books is the perfect example. They love the freedom and power magic enables in their make believe world.

Sooner or later, they will want to try a little magic themselves.

Magic - Where to Start

Card tricks are considered classical magic and are a common starting point for beginners. They range from simple mathematical tricks to sleight of hand requiring a high level of skill and years of practice.

The key things for kids when learning magic is to have step by step instructions and an achievable trick. From this starting point, gradually more difficult tricks can be attempted.

If you are after a specific trick or magic product, visit the website of Ellusionist, one of the more comprehensive magic supply retailers.

The other option, and a great gift for any child showing an interest in magic, is a beginners magic set. Most come with a selection of card tricks and other simple prop related illusions. Before you know it you will be treated to a complete magic show in the comfort of your own home.

A few examples are listed below.

Deluxe Magic Set

 This popular magic set by Melissa & Doug comes attractively packed in a wooden box that transforms into a performance table and even has a secret compartment.

The props are well constructed and able to put up with plenty of rough handling. There is a good mix of magic tricks and easy to follow instructions. This magic set would be a guaranteed hit as a gift to any aspiring magician.

100 Magic Tricks with DVD instructions

 The DVD instructions with this set are a great feature. They allow older kids to learn the tricks themselves not 'spoiling' the show for Mom or Dad.

In any magic set that has 100 tricks there are bound to be a few that aren't too amazing. Having said that on average the tricks are clever and there is more than enough here to keep the junior magician busy for many hours.

The Simple Card Deck for Magic Tricks

 The simple starting point is a quality deck of cards and magic trick instructions. This Svengali deck will have you doing tricks in minutes. At less than $10 it is a great choice if you are not sure if magic is going to be a winner when choosing a gift.

Great for older kids, give them the deck, instructions and off they go.

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    • alextsui profile image

      Alex Tsui 7 years ago from Malaysia

      Some good info you have here.

      I'm a part-time magician and from my experience doing kid shows, only older children can understand card tricks. For younger kids, it's better to use picture cards.