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Magic Guide : Learn Fire Magic

Updated on September 30, 2010

Learn Fire Magic Magic tricks have always fascinated kids and adult alike. The beauty of magic tricks is that once you have practiced well and got the hang of it, you can perform in front of any audience and make some extra pocket money. You don't have to be like the very famous Houdini or Copperfield or learn fire magic to be a magician. Just make a pick of magic tricks that would attract adults and kids, maybe some street magic and throw in some illusions too and you have your magical act ready.

The biggest advantage of magic tricks is that you can easily create your own individual style and tricks and not be a duplicate. You can create your own tricks by merging tricks and create a unique trick. Keep your magic tricks always as per your target audience. If you are doing a magic show for a group of kids remember to keep the tricks simple and intriguing. Kids love the disappearing acts and lots of pomp and show.

Keep your attire too as per your audience. If performing for kids dress colorfully and add a dash of humor to your performance. The laughter will make the audience love you and also help you when you wish to divert their attention. If performing for adults, you can take up magic tricks that are slightly more complex. Dress up according to the ambience you wish to give your event, be it serious, sarcastic or family oriented.

You may try and turn your magic tricks as a business proposition for yourself and have revenue coming. You have to meticulously plan how to advertise and maximize returns from your tricks. A sure shot way for promotion is to tie-up with birthdays and get-togethers in the near vicinity. Advertise your services as an event that can be included in any social gathering event. You may promote your services more during the vacation periods too. Festival periods like Christmas, Halloween, Easter are ideal for having a magic show for the kids and families.

You can also target bachelor parties, office parties, conventions etc to include your event. Tie up with the local club on commission basis to include one event of yours in any gathering in their premises. Always carry your visiting cards with you and distribute them to all the people you come in contact with. Who would be your prospective client is something you can never foresee. Give free demonstrations too to showcase yourself at events with big gathering. Get some pamphlets and flyers printed that can be distributed in large numbers too all the invitees.

Enhance your knowledge on magic tricks by using online resources, DVD's and books. They share various magic secrets no magician would tell you. Various illustrations make learning extremely simple. You can also purchase your props online. Try to use distinctive props never seen before. They will help make you famous. Simple tricks are all that you need, you don't have to learn fire magic to be a success. Be good in what you do, is all that is needed to be a successful magician.


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