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Mainstream Media sometime only wants to make a buck. But I for one will stand up for Jackie Chan.

Updated on August 22, 2014

Peace for Jackie Chan

People are human.

As in my life and the Jackie Chan community, we know much more about Jackie Chan than most of alot of people.

We have lived our lives where Jackie has given us much entertainment filled with hope and inspiration which has helped to push us in our own path and our own dreams.

When a celebrity is huge, mainstream media loves to make a "buck" off of times when people are being human and want to tear down that person and have no consideration for the feelings of the individual who is the celebrity.

Guess what? That is wrong.

I won't go into detail but in the news lately his son did a "mistake" and the media is having a field day but we all have made mistakes in our lives and we live and learn. We grow as human beings.

But with a celebrity, mainstream media will take something all the time and blow it way out of proportions to big, huge, extremes.

So Jackie Chan has been apologizing profusely over and over and over again in the public's eye, saying "i am so sorry" over and over again.

How many times can someone apologize without the feeling of being worthless?

If someone is willing to go out of their way about apologizing and how people talk about forgiveness then people need to let things go.

Jackie will be there for his son and still he is going to get alot of slack and know what?

For every one of the people that is in the mainstream media there will be more than a thousand fans who will still stand by Jackie Chan's side.

For myself, I will not let the mainstream media persuade me in my thoughts and what I think about Jackie Chan because frankly they don't know anything real about Jackie Chan, and yes once again, all they want to do is to make a "buck" off of someone's mistake and take and twist it.

It may seem crazy that an ordinary person or people want to stand up for a celebrity but think about it?

When they are doing well, everyone is out there and want to be around a celebrity, but if someone does a mistake or does something that is human error people will stray away from that celebrity and let the celebrity fend for themselves.

Well many times the mainstream media has tried to tear down Jackie Chan and once again I have never let that ever persuade me in what I think of Jackie Chan.

I will be happy to stand up for Jackie Chan and will do it in a peaceful way.

I'll try to keep supporting him everyday.

The Mainstream Media is very vicious when it comes to tearing down someone in the limelight but guess what?

For us, the fans and the friends of Jackie Chan, we may not be as big as Mainstream Media, but we have more heart in our little fingers than the mainstream media has in their whole being.

We have always cared for Jackie Chan and you think in this world where people say how brilliant and smart they are but sometimes can total misunderstand things about Jackie Chan.

Now myself, I'm just maybe not a rocket scientist, but indeed how come I can totally get Jackie Chan?

Maybe what it is, is caring about someone and caring about the "human condition", while others are so much thinking about how smart and intelligent they are, they have no room in their brains to learn how to keep "patience" that one simple word, to be part of their big, huge, vocabulary.

Whatever anyone ever thinks or says, I don't have to be someone that rides the limo all the time with someone because quite frankly when the chips are down I would rather be taking the bus along side with them.


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  • Shelly Nun-Chucks profile image

    Shelly NunChucks Ninja 3 years ago from worldwide

    thank you for that and thank you for the support it is so much very much appreciated.

  • jtrader profile image

    jtrader 3 years ago

    That's how the media is. Voted up and beautiful.