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Who are the Top 20 Charitable Celebrities in 2017?

Updated on August 26, 2018

People have adored celebrities for many years. They are considered our royalty. We want to know what their wearing, what their driving, how big their homes are. We can become fascinated with every intricate detail of their lives. I love to keep track of celebrities too. I stand in line at the supermarket and read the latest headlines of my favorite celebrities. What I have begun to think about is with the state of the economy and so many people unemployed and homeless, what are celebrities doing to contribute to helping some of the less fortunate? Are they donating their time or money for this cause? Aren't most celebrities millionaires? Don't some of them have more money than they can ever spend in a lifetime? These are questions that have crossed my mind.

I have the utmost respect for the talent and hard work that goes into making a film, recording a record and touring the world to promote a record. My concern with celebrities is why don't more of them give back to the fans that have elevated them to the level they have achieved. Their fans support their favorite celebrities by buying the movie tickets and buying their CD's so why don't some celebrities do more to make the world a better place. Instead, I see a lot of them buying $500,000 cars and million dollar homes in several different countries, and shoes that cost more than some of us make in a year. How many families could you feed with that money, how many schools could you buy new computers for, how many homes could you buy for homeless families to live in? There is just so many things that celebrities could do with just their everyday spending money. I don't think they should give their fortunes away, but if they have made all of that money off of the backs of their legion of fans, they can't find it in their heart to share a small portion of that to help the less fortunate?

I think we should consider whether or not a celebrity is giving back. Are they at least donating their time to mentor a child or something that may not have monetary value, but doing something to show that they care about the fans that support them. So the next time you think about supporting your favorite celebrity, just check and see what positive things they are doing to give back to the fans that love them so much.

This is a list from DoSomething.Org of the top 20 most charitable celebrities of 2017:

  1. Chance the Rapper
  2. Colin Kaepernick
  3. Ariana Grande
  4. Rihanna
  5. Beyoncé
  6. JJ Watt
  7. Kesha
  8. Yara Shahidi
  9. Zendaya
  10. Bethenny Frankel
  11. Nicki Minaj
  12. Lin Manuel Miranda
  13. Lauren Jauregui
  14. Jennifer Lopez
  15. Shawn Mendes
  16. Demi Lovato
  17. Ava DuVernay
  18. John Legend & Chrissy Teigen
  19. Miley Cyrus
  20. Bruno Mars

I am sure there are other celebrities not listed that are doing their fair share of charitable work and we thank them for all of the work they do for others.



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