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Make It Or Break It -- Is There Hope For Lauren?

Updated on May 1, 2012

Austin and Wendy show their true colors

First off, I just learned this week that ABC Family cancelled the show. I thought it was just coming to an end because the girls had gone as far as they could with their dreams about to come true. This is really a good show; a lot better than The Secret Life Of An American Teenager. I guess the ratings aren't good. It's too bad, because this is a good show.

A lot of the action turns on Lauren, who is facing open heart surgery. Coach tells her there's no way for her to get back into training and Lauren feels the dreams she's had of Olympic gold since she was six are gone. Lauren's father brings Summer to see her. It took awhile to realize that was DJ from Full House fame. Anyway, she appears to be a member of the God Squad. Lauren says God has never given her anything she wants.

Payson learns from Lauren's father that there's a Dr. Walker who had a less invasive surgery that might enable Lauren to return to training and possibly make the Olympic team, only he refuses to do it on Lauren. Payson decides to track the man down and convince him to change his mind.

Wendy's quite the manipulative little beyotch. She sets off the sprinklers in her and Jordan's room so they'll have to move in with Kailey and Payson. Kailey is number one on the board and Wendy wants to replace her in that spot. She figures that Kailey being forced to live with Jordan will affect her performance. She even tries to fuel the fire of animosity Jordan has for Kailey.

Meanwhile, Coach tells Jordan she needs to work on her social interaction skills. So she and Kailey finally hash things out between them. Both feel the other is the one who wronged them. Kailey says she didn't want to share Coach Keegan with her and Jordan says Kailey ran away and abandoned her because Coach Keegan wouldn't let her come out with ice cream with them.

I was actually kind of disappointed. I thought there was more to it. I thought there was more to Jordan and Keegan's relationship. I wondered if maybe he'd sexually molested her or something. There just seemed to be more than that.

Payson learns Dr. Walker is at a retreat in Santa Fe and intends to go there. She needs Kailey and Jordan to cover for her so Wendy the rat doesn't rat her out to coach. Jordan lays in Payson's bed so Wendy won't realize Payson is gone. Jordan gets more than she bargained for when Wendy, thinking Jordan is Payson, starts trash talking Jordan and saying she's only there out of pity. Later, when Wendy starts trash talking Kailey to Jordan, Jordan tells her to grow up.

Rigo agrees to take Payson to Santa Fe on the back of his motorcycle. They have to spend the night together in a tent. Payson tells Rigo she's a virgin and she wants to stay that way until she wins good. He respects her decision and they sleep in each other's arms.

Meanwhile Austin is worried he may be cut from the team, so Kailey tries to help him. He vows no matter what happens he'll never stop loving her, when she gifts him with a page from her diary saying she loves him. As it turns out, to quote Mary Poppins, "That's a pie crust promise. Easily made; easily broken." When he gets cut from the team, he blames Kailey for it. His resentment of people only being interested in him because Kailey is his girlfriend comes spewing out and he declares he doesn't want to be Mr. Kailey Cruz. When Kailey goes to his room, she finds it cleaned out. He left anything she gave him behind; including the diary page she gave him. It turns out Kailey's reluctance in telling Austin she loved him was a good think, because he wasn't worthy of it in the end.

When Payson arrives at the retreat she learns she's not allowed to enter and even if she could, she wouldn't be able to talk to Dr. Walker, because there's a silence policy. She gets Rigo to help her vault over the wall. Then she tracks Dr. Walker into a sweat lodge. Breaking the vow of silence, Payson makes her pitch to Dr. Walker to take Lauren's case, but he refuses and Payson is shown to the door.

Jake, the guy that's been taunting her about Otis the mascot ever since she arrives, comes and visits Lauren and brings Otis with him. He tells her she can run Otis' head for good luck. Lauren finally prays to God to be able to accept what's happened to her. She then asks Payson to come and see her and also forgives her for ratting her out.

Just then Dr. Walker shows up and says he's willing to give it a chance helping Lauren. He doesn't know if it'll work, but he willing to try. So there's hope for Lauren her Olympic dreams may not be over, after all.

After her adventures with Rigo, Payson decides she doesn't want to wait to have sex. She gets Rigo to set up his tent, again, and they have sex.

There's only room for four members on the Olympic team. Can Lauren make it back on the team before it's too late, that is if Dr. Walker's treatment is successful. Or will Wendy the rat manage to make it to the Olympics, instead.


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    • profile image

      D. Harper 5 years ago

      Do you know the quote said by Dr Walker at the hospital? I know part of it but I can't understand the line after he mentions "in our hearts we find the bravery to go" somewhere.. I really like that quote. Thank you ahead of time for any help