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Make It Or Break It -- Lauren Gets Outted For Past Misdeeds

Updated on April 11, 2012

Payson is getting interviewed and a reporter asks her about kissing Sasha. This brings about the whole "Who really sent the picture of Sasha and Payson kiss?" to the media. KP doesn't think it was Ellen Beals and wants to know if Kailey wants her to get her mother to find out. Kailey says no, but KP secretly calls her mother to find out. When Kailey later changes her mind, KP acts like she didn't already call her mother about it. I really don't trust KP. She always seems to be looking for her main chance.

Coach Mac is a bit stung during Payson's interview when she rhapsodizes about how inspirational Sasha was as a coach, but Coach Mac...not so much. She makes it worse for Coach Mac when she goes above his head to Marcus and relates to him what a bad coach Mac truly is. Marcus was already concerned about Mac, since this is the first time he's coached girls. Mac is given 48 hours to get his stuff together.

Lauren is having more health problems at practice. She seems to be losing the feeling in her hands and her vision acts up. She's on the balance bar when this happens, but she tries to pretend it away and do her routine. Unfortunately, she falls off the bar and claims she hit her head, since it appears she blacked out for a few seconds. Payson isn't buying it, but Lauren continues to assure her that she's just fine.

Mac's ideas of bonding with the girls leaves a lot to be desired. He shows them video of their performances where he criticizes them and then wants them to watch Remember The Titans; a true dick-flick.

While Mac's out of the room, all hell breaks loose. Jordan overhears Kailey and KP talking about Lauren being the one who sent the pic of Payson and Sasha kissing to the media. She eggs them on to tell Payson, but Payson claims she already knew. When Lauren goes to confront her, she reveals she lied. Lauren says Payson had nothing to do with what she did; she was afraid of losing her mother. Payson basically wants nothing more to do with Lauren.

Lauren goes in and Kailey lays into her. Earlier, Jordan had warned Lauren that Kailey would turn on her, and now Lauren believes Jordan was right. She tells Kailey that to her face.

Coach returns wanting to know who ratted him out and Lauren cops the blame for Payson. This actually helps the other girls to open up and talk honestly with Coach. He tries changing his coaching method and when Marcus comes back it's a whole different team, thus saving Mac's bacon.

Lauren copping the blame for what Payson did seems to break the ice between them. When Payson says if Lauren wants her to trust her again, she has to be honest with her, Lauren finally confesses there is something wrong with her. Payson insists Lauren go to the doctor to find out, but she's still afraid it may cost her a spot on the Olympic team.

In other news, dating a fellow athlete has some disadvantages for Payson, as she and Rigo's schedules conflict. They have a hard time trying to figure out when to spend time together. Still, they both seem to want to try and work around their scheduling problems.

I know Lauren is convince Jordan is the mole who is ratting them out to Coach, but I'm thinking it might be KP or Wendy. KP is just a little too eager to please. She always seems to be looking for a way to stir up trouble. I really don't trust her.


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