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Make It Or Break It -- Parent's Weekend

Updated on April 17, 2012

It's Parents Weekend and KP's mother is coming, which may be more of a curse than a blessing.

Sheila's first move is to con Coach into thinking she can't find a hotel to stay in because all the hotels are booked for Parents Weekend. He buys it and offers to let him stay at his place, which is just what she wants. As soon as he's out of earshot, Sheila cancels her hotel reservation. Sheila's goal is to convince Coach KP should be the captain of the team when it heads to the Olympics.

Coach's wife is out of town for the weekend, so Sheila offers to make him a home-cooked meal. What she really serves up is a bunch of fast food she buys and pretends she cooked herself. Wanting a buffer from Sheila, Coach asks Jordan to be his guest. It's a very unpleasant meal as Sheila goes into stage mother mode trying to convince Coach how KP is the best athlete on the team. She even tries to pass off a past performance of Jordan's as KP's. Something both KP and Jordan call her on.

Once dinner is over, Sheila gets down to the nitty gritty. She knows Coach has money problems. He's got a face meant to be in front of the camera. She could make that happen for him. All he has to do is make sure KP is on the Olympic team and that she's the captain.

Lauren is still trying to dodge going to the doctor to find out what's wrong with her, but Payson isn't letting her. Lauren finally agrees, using a fake ID so no one will trace it back to her and she won't get thrown off the team. After the exam, Lauren lies she just has a potassium deficiency. Payson smells a rat when she comes into their room and finds Laura kneeling by her bed praying. Since Lauren won't tell her the truth, Payson calls up the doctor pretending to be Lauren and learns Lauren has an irregular heartbeat and she needs to have more tests to find out what's causing it.

Payson confronts Lauren who says this is her life and her choice and she's not going to lose the dream she's worked all her life for. She does a flawless routine for Parents Weekend and doesn't have any ill affects, this time.

Kailey is upset that things are still strained between her and Payson because of her part in digging up the truth that it was Lauren that released the picture of Payson and Sasha kissing to the media. While she's forgiven Lauren, she hasn't done so with Kailey, who she thought was better than that. If KP wanted to drive a wedge between Kailey and Payson, she's succeeded. It was KP who egged on Kailey to find out the truth.

Kailey's estranged parents come up for Parents Weekend and Austin offers to go to dinner to be a buffer. Things are strained until Austin gets Kailey's father to talk about his past sports career and then the ice is broken. Austin tells Kailey he loves her, but she doesn't say it back. KP helps her realize she's never told anyone that she loves them. After catching her parents in bed together and her mother explaining they aren't getting back together because they don't love each other anymore, Kailey tells Austin she loves him.

Payson's father also brings his own drama to town. Mark announces the family wants to move back to Minnesota since they've already sacrificed so much for Payson's Olympic dreams and now they feel since she's so close, it's time to put themselves first. Mark says Payson can stay with Kailey, but that isn't music to her ears, since things are so strained between them. Payson comes around when Mark starts rethinking the move to Minnesota and tells him she doesn't mind, but would prefer to stay with Lauren, instead.

KP finally has enough of Sheila's meddling and tells her having no family support is better than having Sheila. She goes and sits with Jordan and Lauren who had no one come to support them for Parents Weekend. Sheila also strikes out with Coach who won't cow to her blackmail. He tells her the only reason he's not throwing KP off the team is because he doesn't think she should be penalized for her mother's actions.

Jordan and Coach bond when he offers to be her support for one day when her old foster family that she invited up for Parents Weekend don't show.

Last week really seemed to break the ice between Coach and the girls and they're getting on a lot better. But how long will that last if he finds out about Lauren's health problems. And how long is Payson going to keep quiet about them? I really don't see her keeping quiet if she feels Lauren's life is on the line.


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