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Make It Or Break It -- Rotten Wendy May Be The Only One Left

Updated on May 8, 2012

Will Lauren Make It Back In Time To Make The Olympic Team?

Dr. Walker has a chat with Lauren before surgery. She thinks after the surgery she can get right back to the team, but it may not be as simple as that. While she can go home right after the surgery, since it's isn't invasive like open-heart surgery, they need to monitor her heart to see if she's still having an irregular heartbeat. When Lauren begins to exert herself on the treadmill the monitor shows her heart beating irregular. The magic number is five irregular heartbeats which will bring on a fainting spell.

Payson has the idea to hook Lauren up to a wireless heart monitor and see what happens when she's going one of her routines on the balance beam. Her heartbeat stays under the danger zone as she does a short routine on the balance beam. She later to admits to Payson she for the first time she was scared up on the balance beam.

Jake, the guy whose been teasing Lauren since she arrived, has been visiting her a lot lately. He tries to help her get over her fear with mental techniques to keep herself calm. Lauren denies anything romantic is beginning to develop between them.

Payson is having her own problems. She's being considered for the lead-off position on the Olympic team and that's a position that never wins any medals because all the other girls on the team always outshines the lead-off position. She realizes they think she's safe and won't give her any more challenging routines to try. Rigo encourages Payson to come up with her own routine to show them what she can do.

If Kailey didn't have enough problems trying to get over Austin's betrayal, Rotten Wendy is targeting her, because she's in the top position and Rotten Wendy wants that spot. Coach's wife tells her what drugs you can't have in your bloodstream to pass the drug test and she quickly purchases one of the drugs and laces it in a smoothie she gets Kailey to drink.

Finally, it seems I was right about what I thought in relation to Jordan and her old coach, Coach Keegan. He shows up to help coach the girls and Jordan makes whatever excuse she can find not to have to be alone with him. When she's alone in the physical therapy room he comes to see her, talking about her jealousy about him giving other girls attention. When he leaves, she turns over the examining table. When she learns Keegan is giving Rotten Wendy private coaching lessons she fears Keegan will molest her, too.

No offense to Jordan, but the last one that needs protecting is Rotten Wendy. If Keegan promised her the top position I'm sure she'd be more than willing to put out for him. After all, she's willing to drug someone to get that position. Look at all the other things this rotten piece of work has done. So, I don't think having sex with the coach is something she'd have to be forced into doing. If she thought it would work, she'd probably be the aggressor.

Anyway, Jordan finally confessed the truth to Kailey. She explains she tried to keep Kailey away from Keegan so he wouldn't molest her, too. Kailey encourages her to come forward with what he did to her, but she doesn't believe anyone would believe her. He's already got Coach Mac convinced she's jealous and possessive of him. Exploding in anger, she smashes the headlights and windows of Keegan's car. Then she and Kailey run for it as the police chase them.

As things stand, Rotten Wendy may be the only one left on the team. When Kailey has the drug test, she'll fail and possibly be kicked off the team. Lauren may not be healthy enough to get back on the team and even if she is, not she's grown afraid of performing on the balance beam because she doesn't know if her heart will act up while she's performing. Ff Payson's new routine doesn't impress the judges, she could jeopardize her own standing on the team. And the show ended looking like the police were about to catch up with Jordan and realize she smashed up Keegan's car.

Considering, I believe there's only four members on the Olympic team, someone's going to have to take the lead-off position Payson doesn't want. If somehow the girls can prove Rotten Wendy drugged Kailey, since she's so good, I don't see her being stuck in the lead-off position. Lauren is supposed to be the Queen of the Balance Beam so I wouldn't think she'd be stuck in the position. And Jordan is also good so I doubt she'd be in that position, either. So the question is, who would end up in that lame duck position?

As for Rotten Wendy, the girl must have talent, or she wouldn't have made it as far as she has. Unless she's sabotaged all her competition up to this point. Although if she wasn't good, Mac would have sent her packing some time ago. So it's kind of sad if she has real talent but she's so loathsome she thinks the only way she can get ahead is by sabotaging other people.

Next week is the series finale that the showrunner didn't intend to be the series finale. So I wonder how well the stories will get wrapped up. Hopefully none of the stories will be left hanging for next season when there isn't going to be one. Realistically, the girls making it to the Olympic team seems like the perfect end for the series, since the entire series was about them training to make it to the Olympic team.

I guess we'll find out next week just how satisfying the finale episode turns out to be.


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