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Make it Or Break It -- Mixed Doubles

Updated on April 3, 2012

Coach Mcintire gives the girls a 4 am wake-up call. Then he announces he's going to mix things up a bit. He's going to change people's roommates and these roommates are going to be their partners for an exercise on how well they can choreograph a routine to their partners best strengths.

Kailey and Payson are upset that they get split up. Coach puts Lauren with Payson and Kailey with old frenemy KP. While Jordan gets stuck with perky Wendy Capshaw. To say Kailey and Payson are not happy campers about this new arrangement is an understatement. Coach thinks Kailey is the glue that holds Payson and Lauren together and wants to see what happens between the girls when Kailey is removed from the equation.

Payson is still mopey about her ex bisexual boyfriend dumping her and Lauren is trying to hide from everyone she's still having dizzy spells. Lauren cons the coach's wife into believing she hasn't had anymore dizzy spells, which gets her out of having to have a full-body scan, while secretly she does research on the Internet to try and figure out what's wrong with her.

Meanwhile, despite Kailey's warning not to do it, Lauren decides to find a new boyfriend for Payson to perk her up. After going through the whole campus she settles on a guy name Brad who is more a Lauren type than a Payson type. Lucky for Payson, Rigo a guy Lauren has been giving a brush-off but who is interested in Payson sandbags Brad and meets Payson, himself. He does some stunts on his bike that catch Payson's eyes and she has a good time with him.

However, when Payson realizes Lauren set her up, they have a make-up fight. It's like a food fight only done with make-up. Then Payson runs into Rigo who explains that Lauren set her up with Brad, but he just wanted to meet her from the moment he saw her, so all is well between Payson and Rigo. Payson returns and makes up with Lauren.

Lauren is pleased that Payson created a routine for her that brings out the best in her and they rank high on the boards after doing their routine.

Things aren't fairing as well for Kailey and KP. KP is too butt-sucky with Kailey. She even goes in Kailey's bag [I thought she was up to no good, again] and gets her measurements so they can wear matching leotards, but Kailey hates half-sleeves and doesn't end up wearing it. Austin, Kailey's boyfriend, also whispers in her ear she should trust KP and when KP creates a routine Kailey feels is too simple for her skills, she suspects treachery. So did I, especially with Jordan whispering in KP's ear trying to sabotage Kailey.

As a result their routine is a mess. KP's routine is too advanced for her to do and Kailey doesn't do the routine KP choreographed for her. Coach calls Kailey on the carpet for not doing KP's routine for her, saying it was perfect to highlight her strengths. As a result, KP and Kailey rank low on the score boards and are lucky they're not the team that gets sent packing home.

Afterwards, KP and Kailey talk and vow to put the past behind them and make a fresh start of things.

On the boyfriend front, Austin wanted Kailey to take a broadcasting class with him. She was about to tell she couldn't when he revealed he got dropped from his spot on the team. Unfortunately, while Kailey proved a natural in front of the camera, he sucked big time. Kailey assured him what a great athlete he is and things seem to be okay between them for the moment.

Jordan and Wendy also manage to get along. Jordan, at first, was refusing to do the routine Wendy choreographed for her, but she eventually relented. And a good thing, too. By doing what they were supposed to do they place high on the scoreboard.

The big question mark is what really happened in the past with Jordan and Kailey. Kailey says she and Jordan were best friends, then Jordan sucked up to the coach to the point, the coach concentrated on her and ignored all the other girls. It was at this point Jordan froze her out. While Jordan kept trying to undermine Kailey with KP.


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