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Making Twilight Bearable - What Ever Happened to The MST3K Guys - Rifftrax

Updated on January 12, 2012

A little RiffTrax cover art for you.

Twilight:  The only way I can bear to watch this.  Twilight fans have also found it highly amusing.
Twilight: The only way I can bear to watch this. Twilight fans have also found it highly amusing. | Source
Ah, good old bad SF movie.  Truly MST3K like you remember.  Without the heads at the bottom.
Ah, good old bad SF movie. Truly MST3K like you remember. Without the heads at the bottom. | Source
Captain America:  I'm sitting here watching this one as I write.
Captain America: I'm sitting here watching this one as I write. | Source
Ironman done right.  Well done, in fact.  Take that, Tony Stark.
Ironman done right. Well done, in fact. Take that, Tony Stark. | Source

Misty isn't dead, she just changed her name.

Back at the dawn of time, I remember going over to my friend Sean's house to watch Mystery Science Theater 3000, MST3K, called Misty. Misty was a group of guys mocking really bad movies. No, they were worse than that. They were generally movies that should have skipped the straight to video stage and gone straight to the garbage heap.

The movies were universally old. Basically things that no one cared about or things that were in the public domain. Manos: the Hands of Fate is one title that springs to mind. Manos, of course, would be Hands. Hands: The Hands of Fate. That's the high point of the film.

But the three heads at the bottom of your screen--two robots and a human--mocked the movies without mercy. They made bad movies good. And then they disappeared. I thought they were gone for good.

A couple of years ago, my wife found part of them online at a little site called RiffTrax. They got back together and started doing the same old thing, but with a new twist: they make fun of new movies. Especially those big blockbusters that deserve no pity or mercy, but you couldn't get near without getting sued.

How do they do it? They sell you the digital audio that you play while watching the movie. You simply have to sync it up. Periodically you may have to pause your iPod or DVD or whatever to make it sync again, but you get the same old mocking guys doing what they do best.

They not only make the Twilight movies bearable, they make them downright funny. Even people who enjoy the movies will get a laugh out of them a second time around with some gentle (and not so gentle) ribbing.

Think you have what it takes? Are you funny enough? You can submit your own Riffs to be featured. Honestly, though, most of the ones we've tried aren't nearly as good as the official grade-A RiffTrax.

Who's left from the original MST3K gang? Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy. They were Mike, Crow T. Robot, and Tom Servo, respectively.

A few titles you ought to check out? The Twilight Saga, Iron Man, and the Harry Potter series. And the Lord of the Rings series. And the X-Men. Heck, just find a movie that was a big hit that you thought needed a little air let out of it and they'll help you get your wish.


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    • Ray RedSpider profile image

      Ray RedSpider 

      7 years ago from Berkeley, California

      This is the ONLY way to endure the damned Twilight crap, and even with them I had to pause it a few times and scream, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME???" That is the worst movie series I've ever seen.

      And that means prime Riff material. Thanks, whoever wrote those pieces of crap. You gave my boys some exquisite slamming material, and it made me LOVE watching what Rifftrax did with it. I tell people all the time, Twilight is pathetic, but watching it with Rifftrax is the best fun you'll ever have.

    • Liz Green Berry profile image

      Liz Green Berry 

      9 years ago from TX

      Like any comedy, there's no way to produce something in such quantities and guarantee that it's consistently funny.

      Mysty was actually on forEVER in it's various Joel/Mike incarnations and you have just as much chance of drawing a dud (not funny episode) as one that makes you belly laugh 'til you cry (Manos was my first episode and I was instantly hooked purely on the Freddie Mercury reference.)

      Rifftrax are the same way - I checked my iTunes recently and I have something like 70+ items for them. That's the downloads you sync to movies ALONE. They also do public domain shorts like the weird old black and white reels they used to show in school: "Hygiene and You: Don't be Scared," etc (ok, I made that one up, but you get the idea.)

      Every now and then your local theatre may carry a live Rifftrax event (House on Haunted Hill, Reefer Madness, and Jack the Giant Killer were the most recent three.) It is at these times they will usually preface the movie with a couple of shorts like the one recently that asked the immortal question: Corn. Is it grass?

      The world may never know.

      (yes. yes it is. it's grass. there I said it.)

    • hush4444 profile image


      9 years ago from Hawaii

      I used to love Mystery Science Theater! It's good to know that they're still around.


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